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So, take a quick, deep breath. Write, call, show up. But for Browning’s sake, clear  your head, focus your mind, and do not give an inch. We’re in the right, we are the good guys here, and there’s no room to compromise. Let them break against our wall, don’t preemptively open a door or two for them.

Robb Allen – You’re getting sunshine rammed down your throat whether you want it or not
December 20, 2012

[Make no mistake people, we’re in a fight and we must not get complacent.  Just because there are valid points being made about how we will survive doesn’t mean that it’s a done deal.  The points being brought up across the board are good news.  There is a pile of facts that indicates that no, the sky will not fall on us overnight.  We can fight and win, there is no question on this.  The problem is we need to act in a manner to guarantee our victory.

Bug every last gun owner you can, get them to write, call, or even meet in person with their representatives.  This is serious folks, the more active we are up front the less work it will take at the final push.  We need to take the initiative, we need to take control of the conversation.

Getting a bill through will take time and the American public is worse than a dog when it comes to their attention span.  Another squirrel is coming and ultimately this serves as a distraction for law-makers to avoid the more pressing and serious issues of the economy and government spending.  The case laid out by Chris is a decent one as well.

So yes, there is good news on the horizon, much like I talked about last night.  We must fight, we must win, we must brush our opponents into the dust bin of history!  We can seal Joe’s wish in one fell swoop, do not back down, do not cower, do not get angry or upset, merely fight, the deck is not stacked against us like our opponents would have you think. -B]

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