SSCC #468 & #469 – DOJ

The details of the following case are quite disturbing and honestly the people on trial are state sponsored criminals in their own right.  That said, if the allegations by the defense are true, that behavior by the prosecution is unacceptable.  Especially since it provides an avenue of escape for the guilty.  Here’s the details though:

The defendants then filed a motion with Judge Engelhardt for new trials, claiming that the government attorneys had “engaged in a secret public relations campaign … [to ensure] that public opinion would be inflamed against the defendants, and that the government’s version of the facts would be well known before anyone set foot in a courtroom.” This was done through leaks to the media about “the activities of the federal grand jury, the identities of targets, the status of plea negotiations, and other sensitive confidential information that became widely known publicly before trial.”

Some of these leaks, particularly those of grand jury proceedings and sealed proceedings, violated the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure.

There were also anonymous postings on, the website run by the New Orleans Times Picayune, “both before and during the trial.” These postings “mocked the defense, attacked the defendants and their attorneys, were approbatory of the United States Department of Justice, declared the defendants obviously guilty, and discussed the jury’s deliberations.”

The two lawyers in question definitely should have known better and there was no actual ground to be gained by their behavior.  If anything this is like throwing a curve for the defense to hit on appeal.  No matter how I look at this, it stinks.

State Sponsored Criminal #468: US Attorney Salvador Perricone

State Sponsored Criminal #469: US Attorney Jim Letten

Because Federal Rules of Criminal procedure are for everyone else to follow.  Besides, they’re not really rules, they’re guidelines.  Especially if we’re trying to get our own out of a jam.

h/t Bob S.

Quote of the Day–Robb Allen (12/5/2012)

It’s not the caliber of the gun in the hand of the person, it’s the caliber of the person holding the gun. Or knife. Or sap. Or stick.

Robb AllenInsert foot into mouth.  Begin chewing.

December 5, 2012

[QFMFT.  Seriously I couldn’t have said it better my self. –B]

Ear Worm Wednesday–12/5/2012

Otherwise known as “This too shall pass”.

P.O.D. -  It can’t rain every day.

SSCC #467 – Hatboro

John Becker, 43, of Horsham, who had served as a Hatboro Police officer for 17 years prior to hisMarch 2011 suspension and his resignation in June 2011, was sentenced Friday afternoon following his guilty pleas in August to 18 charges, including 10 felony firearms counts, stemming from his arrest in May. 

15 days in Jail and a $1000 dollar fine is his penance for those crimes.  Given the firearms counts as well as the drug issues, I know that had at been anyone not involved in law enforcement, 15 years would have been the likely minimum.

But remember, they justice system is mainly upset he was dumb enough to get caught.  Otherwise everyone would have just looked the other way.

State Sponsored Criminal #467: John Becker

Because when you’re a cop, if you screw up and do something blatantly illegal, the system will make sure you don’t get a punishment like the rest of the population would see.  They will make sure to slap you on the wrist to make it look like they care.

Orwell Was Right on the Money…

So flying back last week I had to fly back commercial.  I flew out of Ronald Reagan National Airport (DCA) Terminal B, while waiting for boarding my coworkers and I grabbed lunch.  While eating one of them said, “TMM, look up to your right.”  I looked up and I sat there in astonishment and damn near devolved into a full verbal rant on the spot.  For you see, what did my wondering eyes see?  This pile of propaganda.


(fine print: In Madrid, smarter surveillance helped cut response times by 25%.)

And there was more than just that, around the entire terminal were these ads all relating to the same big brother type mentality.  What I find most ironic though was the company who the ads were for:


That’s right folks, the company responsible for that propaganda campaign was none other than IBM.  Why did I find it ironic that it was from IBM, well from their historical role with Germany during World War II.

That first picture though and it’s blatant propaganda is almost down right unbelievable.  Then I remembered that I was standing in an airport with A Security Theater at the front and everyone believes that they are actually accomplishing something.  Never mind that anyone with half a brain who can actually red team the issue knows that A Security Theater ultimately doesn’t really do anything to stop terrorism in the end.  It just makes us all live as slaves.

Nothing says free like being left to cower in front of someone who wants you dead and hoping that someone will show up and save you. I have a better idea, sling lead at over 800 fps and give the criminal a reason to choose a different profession.

SSCC #466 – McAlester

Don’t worry about the officer though, he will receive more training and a 10-day suspension.   I highly suggest that he learn to control his monster.  While the woman did provoke a response, it is his duty to restrain himself to the correct level of force, despite what his monster may want.

State Sponsored Criminal #466: Officer John Doe

Because when you’re in law enforcement, the government will shield you when you cannot exercise proper self control.  The fact that there are good officers who can do their job and do it well while doing so won’t be used against you.

The Canary is OK

I got an email last night from someone inquiring about the canary in the coal mine.  It seems he’s having hosting issues.  I figured I’d at least drop a note that the canary is alive, well, and is not currently sitting in jail.

What this means for you, it’s business as usual and the internet sucks!  Well at least Joe’s hosting does anyway.

*Irony is my website went down as I first attempted to post this.

Sometimes You’re Lucky

So I got a new toy over the weekend.  This one is specifically going to be geared for competition.



That is a shiny new XDm 5.25 in .40 S&W.   The reason it is bi-tone and in 40 is quite simple, “Because Race Gun”.

Now I have the title of this the way I do for a very good reason.  Especially for other USPSA shooters who may get a new toy.  I got to the range and showed it to a couple other shooters while still in the case before setup began.  In other words I showed it as pictured above.  Neither I nor the CRO I was talking to really thought anything about it at the time.  It was in it’s case, no one was actually handling it, all should be well.

Evidently not.  I got an email from the other RO after he was thinking about it last night and got a forwarded message from an NROI instructor on the topic.

The key is “was the trigger available”?  The answer for most cases is “yes” therefore DQ unless done at a safety table.

Currently I’m a bit lost because there is no rule in the rule book that would cover this that I can see.  The closest is 10.5.1 and 5.2.1, except the gun never left the case, it was just opened.  However according to NROI instructor if the trigger is visible you’re off to Dairy Queen.  I’m going to send an email off to get clarification on this one.  That said, be advised and be safe.  If you have an XDm and you leave it in the stock case to take to a match, don’t open it except at the safety table.  It could bite you.