Quote of the Day – Alexthechick (12/3/2012)

I will not let you two demand that my blood be shed so that you can sit there and declaim your supposed superior morality to the world. No. You would rather I be dead. That is the logical conclusion of your positions. I will not die for you. No other woman should either.

AlexthechickAn open letter to Bob Costas and Jason Whitlock

December 3rd, 2012

[As I’ve said before this is why I get angry.  Our opponents can try and beat around the bush but the bottom line is they ultimately want to disarm people to make them easy victims.

The government wants to disarm the law-abiding because honestly, those are the only people who will actually bother to obey.  Criminals don’t, why would they?  They ignore all the other laws already what’s one more?

As Linoge recently said, they’re anti-rights cultists and fetishists.  Even more than that though, I think they have a serious hate for women despite their arguments to the contrary.  They merely use those arguments as a smoke screen to pluck at people’s heart-strings.

Ultimately though they would prefer a woman dead and raped in an alley than standing over the cooling corpse of her attacker.  Period, end of discussion.  If you want to argue that isn’t the case, explain how disarming women aids in accomplishing the latter and not the former. -B]

SSCC #465–Fort Worth

During a rash of incidents involving Fort Worth police officers and alcohol, chief of staff Paul Henderson summed up the department’s frustrations when he declared: "We are absolutely fed up with dealing with this off-duty behavior."

That was in April 2010. Eight months later, despite mandatory alcohol awareness training for all police employees, two officers were arrested in a five-day period on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. A year later, another officer faced DWI and gun charges. 

Early Saturday, Henderson himself was arrested on suspicion of DWI when a Department of Public Safety trooper saw him make an unsafe lane change near the Interstate 30/20 split in Parker County, a DPS spokesman said.

Nothing says law enforcement like, “Do as I say not as I do.”  You lead from the front and obviously this individual felt he could lead from the rear.  In retrospect at this point we now see why his officers were drinking and driving.  If their boss does it, why can’t they?

State Sponsored Criminal #465: Paul Henderson

Because in reality you just want the general public to think you care, when in actuality you don’t.

via Bob S.

One of those nights…

So yesterday Linoge responded to a tweet and I made a comment.  Well for some reason it got me involved in a Twitter battle along these lines.

We went around and around, literally.  He actually started re-tweeting his own comments he had previously made as if they were some how magically relevant.  What was most interesting though is he was your typical liberal.  By typical, I mean he fit with Joe’s analysis of the communist manifesto quite well.  What I did find quite interesting though was this tweet.


That’s right folks.  This guy actually believes that if you get rid of capitalism you will get rid of all crime.  Delusional doesn’t even begin to describe this particular individual.  His response regarding women and rape later on was just as epic.


That’s right folks, rape needs to be stopped by the honor system.  While I agree men shouldn’t rape women, I violently disagree that gun’s don’t equalize.  I did reply that he needs to explain how all these incidents weren’t an “equalization.”  He never did actually respond.  Overall he I don’t think he looked at a single link I posted.  He even disregarded the FBI UCR and called it NRA propaganda.  He argued that the tool did matter and that all these things were not related.  You see disarming victims would also disarm criminals and thus everyone would be on the same playing field.  He however did not accept my argument that it would reduce crime to a “Might makes right” scenario.

Overall it was a total waste of time.  Seriously I should have blocked him long before I finally did.  And last I checked he was still spamming me with replies.  What I will say though was I was humbled by this comment from Linoge:



Growing up I never did have a lot of patience.  Even know there are times where my patience wears thin.  I will note interestingly enough there appears to be a gradient to how much patience I am willing to exert with a person.  I make that comment because it appears that my level of patience with a person seems to be directly correlated to the level of intellect I perceive them capable of.

For example I’m much more willing to deal with the endless why’s of a small child than trying to explain something fundamental to some who should understand it or has the capability of figuring it out for himself.

Well obviously I felt he was pretty low on the ladder at the beginning but eventually it was obvious that he was suffering from Peterson Syndrome.  Eventually I just couldn’t take it and blocked him.  I will applaud the other individuals who then picked up and continued to try and get him to think rationally.  I personally think it’s a lost cause, he does not have the ability for rational thought.

I think I’m going to go spend time with the wife.  The wife that woman hating bastard would rather disarm to force her to live in fear than carry a weapon to conquer evil.  As A Girl said:


He seemed to think that anyone who carried a gun was living in fear.  He could not comprehend that fear for many of us comes from being forcibly disarmed and at the mercy of those strong than us.  For that he is evil incarnate.   The following concept from A Girl he most definitely couldn’t comprehend.

You, you who hate guns, you gave me nothing.

No hope.

No tools.

All that was offered me was a life of fear, of resentment, of bitterness, of dependence…

The gun community has offered me hope and strength, and courage.

They have taught me to have belief in myself.

That, that is why I am so willing to go to the mattresses.  It is that reason I am willing to exert time and patience in trying to force people to admit what they are and what they are attempting to do.  I love my friends and family and I will fight for them, even die for them if necessary.  I think I can spend 30 minutes on twitter expressing to the scum sucking coward how he actually hates women is time well spent.  Especially when I think about what it would mean for some of my friends.  Even more than that, those  who sadly end up walking that same path in the future.  By god I want this path available for others to help them move on.

I don’t want anyone to have to depend on the kindness of a criminal to survive, I just want them to be able to depend on themselves.