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I always find it interesting watching people push to the very edge of the limits.  Some master it, some pay the price, either way it is down right impressive.

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Quote of the Day–Paul Barrett (1/27/2013)

But only a small minority of cops practice diligently. “There’s this myth out there that all police officers are gun enthusiasts, and train like crazy and shoot all the time,” said Rutherford.  A dirty little secret of law enforcement is that many cops don’t take range time seriously.  And even in high-crime cities, the vast majority of officers go years, or even an entire career, without getting into a gunfight.  The average officer is a mediocre shot, or worse.

Paul M. BarrettGlock The Rise of America’s Gun

Page 55


Image by Oleg Volk.

[First up, yes I’ve been slacking.  I’ve had this book for almost a year and have been distracted by reading other books.  I do need to come up with an efficient way to store and save quotes from books.  I started reading it just after Paul gave me a copy.  But it ended up being set off to the side and I picked it up and starting reading it again.  I’m glad I delayed it to the current political climate.  I’m going to have a small stack of quotes by the time I’m done.

It is worthy of note that Paul doesn’t sit really on either side of this debate.  He is educated on the subject due to the research for this book.  A book he wrote merely because he thought the growth and economic success story of Glock was interesting.  He’s right, it is an interesting story but one that is intertwined in politics.

Yesterday there was a “debate” on twitter and someone was throwing around the highly trained police argument again.  My video was dismissed as being biased and was implied to be unscientific.  Which is interesting because I provided all the information necessary for anyone to be able to recreate it.  Including the stage descriptions, the alterations made, why, and how the stages compared the LAPD stages.

There are some myths that just wont die.  I’m sure that this quote would be dismissed as being “biased” by this same individual.  Except this is the Rutherford providing the quote and commentary in Barrett’s passage.  is it really biased when police officers admit the “dirty little secret” as well?

People argue this point and refuse to admit they’re wrong for a couple of different reasons.

  1. It is the foundation for calling 911 and waiting for the police.  More training means they are better equipped to deal than yourself.
  2. They want to believe that the police are a superiorly trained force which allows them to feel safer.
  3. Their knowledge of firearms is 0 so police automatically gain a superior place in the knowledge department.  Everyone else is just like them right?

I’m sure there are other reasons, but we all know that you cannot rely on the police to come and save you.  That was ultimately decided by SCOTUS in Warren v. District of Columbia.  Not to mention your average police response is measured in minutes, not seconds.

You elected your officials because you trusted them to faithfully perform their duty and adhere to their oath.  I trust the people I love, one more than most, and that’s why I went out of my way to give her a gift for our wedding.


Image by Oleg Volk.

Our elected representatives however don’t trust you and want you disarmed.   They want to deprive you of a basic human right.  They want to make sure you are defenseless and reliant on the state for assistance from criminals.  They want you dependent and unable to revoke your consent in case of the event you deem that action as necessary.

Don’t fall for the lie.  Don’t believe myths with no evidence to support them.  Believe history and the lessons it teaches about civilian disarmament by governments.  –B   ]

Why Would You Ever Need a Magazine With More Than 10 Rounds

Lately people have been throwing around the need argument.  It is an argument that honestly doesn’t really matter.  Drunk driving kills how many people every year and does anyone need to drive?  Why not just use public transportation?  Why does anyone need to drive themselves from point A to B?  But again, the argument doesn’t matter, it’s pointless.  Does law enforcement limit themselves to 10 rounds? What about the military?  But they’re different I hear you cry?  Are they?  Do they really need 30 round magazines that turns their guns into mass killing machines?  They should just reload like the rest of us!


Image by Oleg Volk.

As I am writing this I am coming down off a serious adrenaline dump.  I had wrapped my knee for the night and was dressed in such a manner as not to rapidly exit my door grabbing my weapon and having nothing more than was on the belt of my pants.

Let me start at the beginning.  My local neighborhood gun shop is a block away.  The owner is quite literally my neighbor.  I wave hi to him and his wife on my way to work every morning, we are literally on the same street.  I am merely an additional 100 yards from his business than he is from his house.  Due to my proximity, my willingness, and the fact I hang out and help because one of his sons is my age and he’s a cool guy I’m basically on the business roster.

Early this month they had to attend their buy show in Vegas along with SHOT show.  The shop owner closed up and he and the regular employees headed down for a “business vacation”.  While gone I was put on the alarm system call list, still am actually.  If any of the sensors goes off, they called the shop followed by my phone.

Tonight the alarm went off.  I missed the call and rolled out after my voicemail buzzed.  The shop owner was ahead of me and I texted his son immediately I heard the voice mail and head out.  They were finishing up clearing the building as I walked in the front door.  I had my side arm and a few other tools but I was brining up the rear so bad I wasn’t too worried.  We met up, did some debugging, notice that some of the sensors use batteries and we replaced all of them.  We reactivated the system and went home.

After the first adventure, I figured my night was over, went to a Robb life style of “Pants Free” and wrapped up my left knee.  Two hours later, my phone rang again.  I was out of the house in under 2 minutes, with my pants on, rifle, side arm, and knife.  I merely had the immediate possessions I was able to grab.  I went flying out of the house and flew down my road at about 60 mph flew into the parking lot and slid to a stop just before the front door.  I slipped past the front door, unlocked it, and proceeded to clear the building carefully and methodically. Nothing was out-of-place, nothing was wrong other than the alarm had gone off again.


Image by Oleg Volk.

I bring all this up because I want to emphasize a point.  I left the house with merely the equipment I could grab.  I wasn’t tossing on magazine carriers.  I wasn’t tossing on multiple weapons.  I grabbed one weapon that total gave me 61 rounds to put on target.  I grabbed one weapon that could I could accurately and easily manipulate in the variety of conditions seen within the shop.  I had my side arm on my belt which gave me an extra 13+1 should my primary weapon fail.  If I had not left my firearm clipped to my belt, it would have been left at home.

Now some would say, I didn’t need to go down there, or go inside.  Police response where I live is 30-45 minutes if we’re lucky.  Further the cost of a false alarm is expensive and best dealt with.  Yes it could be considered a high risk maneuver, so is letting the criminals inside steal firearms and ammunition.  I’m comfortable entering that environment, I’m familiar with it, I know the layout, I know where I can find cover and concealment, and I know the better ways to get around to avoid kill zones.

Even more than that some would say, it isn’t my business so it isn’t my problem.  To them I would say, stay in suburbia, stay in the city, and leave those of us who like rural life to live among our like-minded neighbors in peace.  I would help my neighbor as he would help me.  Our community as a whole would be shamed by an event like this, and I will be damned if I will let the, “Let someone else deal with it” and “Not my problem” attitude take over.  The owner felt bad it interrupted my night, but in the end I told him I don’t care, doubly so because if anything was happening I don’t care if he’s on site first or I’m on site, the bottom line is the security of the business and the weapons inside.  I would rather them call me so I can give immediate support than have him out numbered in a worse situation waiting for the eventual police arrival.

The whole point of this  though is I was limited to what I could grab and head out the door with.  In this case my AR-15 and my side arm.  In the middle of the night someone is limited to what they can easily grab by their nightstand.  Be it a XDm 9 with a 20 round capacity or an AR-15 with a 30 round magazine. The point is any citizen deserves to be able to take as much fight with them as they possibly can at the drop of a hat.  Criminals do not call ahead or provide advanced notice and they will not give you a chance to go get more ammo.  Why do people like normal capacity magazines, because it’s less you have to worry about when something goes bump in the middle of the night.  It’s less you have to fiddle with.  No one has ever come back from a gun fight and said, “Damn, I wish I hadn’t brought so much ammo.”

*I have two 30 round magazines attached together like this in my rifle.  It was this that allowed me to quickly deploy with 61 rounds in hand.  I have a second set that will be taped up in the near future and relocated to quickly grab.

Quote of the Day – Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson(1/26/2013)

Had this protest been launched somewhere other than in the security-screening area, we would have a much different case. But Tobey’s antics diverted defendants from their passenger-screening duties for a period, a diversion that nefarious actors could have exploited to dangerous effect. Defendants responded as any passenger would hope they would, summoning local law enforcement to remove Tobey—and the distraction he was creating — from the scene.

Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson – Aaron Tobey v Terri Jones

January 25, 2013

[First here’s the background on the story.

A Virginia man who wrote an abbreviated version of the Fourth Amendment on his body and stripped to his shorts at an airport security screening area won a trial Friday in his lawsuit seeking $250,000 in damages for being detained on a disorderly conduct charge.

Now let me translate Judge Wilkinson’s quote for everyone.

Because our TSA agents and federal government so dislike those who disagree with the government infringing on personal liberties and freedom.  People should no longer have 1st Amendment protections to their ability peacefully protest the behavior of the agents infringing on their 4th Amendment rights.

The fact that our paid government agents would pursue and harass a man for an extra 90 minutes because he was willing to protest is evidence he should not be allowed to voice dissent.  The reason he shouldn’t be allowed is because it compounds the ignorance and inability for the TSA to do its job thus making it more likely that an agency who has a track record of catching absolutely no-one to catch even fewer.

Instead the people should just silently undergo their mistreatment and act like good cattle and just get on the cattle car to the slaughter.  That way the TSA can continue stealing peoples private valuables to sell to others while under the protecting folds of working for the US Government.

Still think this whole thing is still really about making us safer?  The government does nothing but destroy and trample the rights and liberties of some to make others somehow feel they are safer.  When in fact the TSA guy just waves terrorists right on through because it’s merely an illusion and nothing more.

Just remember, Judge Wilkinson obviously despises the 1st Amendment as much as he despises the 4th Amendment.  Thankfully his opinion was the dissenting one.  -B]

On Giving Blood

So it’s been making the rounds as of late as noted by A Girl, she does seem to be a conversation starter.  Here’s the post that started it all.

I figured I’d chime in since A Girl did mention me and my text to her.  You see I’ve had someone else’s blood going through my veins as well as the wife.  You see we had a pretty nasty wreck at one point with bad enough injuries that yes, blood loss was a serious concern.  My wife had no appetite and was a total, how do I put this nicely, equivalent of a cranky female dog.  After giving her 2 units of blood, her attitude and appetite shifted immensely and immediately.

Total I ended up getting 3 units of blood, two while in surgery and then an additional one a couple of days later since I was obviously a little low in the gas tank.  A pulmonary embolism did not help in that department.

But overall those two incidents pale in comparison to what happened with my Father-In-Law.  Let’s just say there was an industrial accident and just about everything below the knee on one leg was hamburger by the time it over.  Reflexes saved him overall so the damage was done to the leg and not the torso.  But he now had an open valve on the lower leg.  He was airlifted to the hospital and ended up getting 8 units of blood.  The human body contains 10-12 and loss of life occurs at approximately 5.  Yes, you should now understand the full gravity of that situation.

He even got some Edison medicine to keep everything going while en-route*.  Given the severity of the trauma and his condition, I can tell you with great certainty there was one particular blood type used in that instance.  In this case it was the universal donor and life saver, O-, without it the story would have had a much different ending.

Wedding Photos 203

This picture would have looked considerably different without blood donations.**

So, if you donate blood. Thank You! If you have never tried, think about it.  It doesn’t require any special skills or abilities, but quite easily you could save a life and not even know it.  It is most definitely worth it and more people are affected by it that most probably realize.

*I asked to double check, neither TMW or her dad can remember exactly.  I do remember hearing the story for the first time and promptly chuckling and saying, “And my dad wondered often if the work he did actually made a difference and there’s a reason he preferred to work on medical equipment.”  More specifically my dad worked on the Life Pack series of defibrillators from Physio Control. That sticks out enough I’m reasonably sure yes he was shocked, but it was a minor player in the story, because without the blood it wouldn’t have mattered.

**I realize I look like a grump in this picture.  It is honestly what happens if you take my sunglasses and put me in sun light and then face me towards the sun.  The act of squinting makes me look like a pissed off Gorilla… Not that I mind that look, it’s just yes, it was my wedding day, and yes I was happy… SEE!

Wedding Photos 169

Look very carefully in between us…. Kitty! This kitty actually.

If you look closely there’s something that resembles a smile across my face… It’s just not really visible in most of the photos.

SSCC Honorable Mention–Bexar County

The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education, known as TCLEOSE, has been investigating Parrish over the last year for allegedly reporting state mandated training for other deputies who never even attended the training. He allegedly charged for the courses, and pocketed the cash, while working as a reserve deputy constable with the Precinct 4 Constable’s office. Parrish resigned from precinct 4 in September 2011.

Remember this the next time someone tries to claim how LEOs are some how magically more trained than all their civilian counter parts.  Lets also no beleaguer the fact, he was basically stealing money.

State Sponsored Criminal Honorable Mention: Dudley Parrish

Because by all means bill for services that weren’t rendered and make sure to provide training credentials to those who haven’t earned them.

Quote of the Day – Jennifer (1/25/2013)

There is one thing and one thing only that has proven time and time again to stop someone bent on violence. A gun. And I promise you that no amount of gun control legislation will ever eliminate them, it will just change who has access to them.  The thing you need in that moment where the law has already failed you, will only be accessible to criminals and representatives of the government (some overlap). Or do you really believe the criminals will just turn them in? Even if they did, that doesn’t really offer me a whole lot of comfort if I am staring down a 266lb criminal (the observant among you have already noticed that is twice my weight; a big guy, but not freakishly so). My husband is nowhere near that size, but he could easily overpower me physically.

JenniferIn Is Not Gun Control; It Is Citizen Disarmament
January 24, 2013

[And that folks is the meat and potatoes of this debate. Criminals don’t obey the laws, and in a just world we wouldn’t even need laws. But we live in reality. The reality is that the laws work to constrain those who are good, while benefiting criminals who don’t care about the law as it is.

Anyone who cannot seem to understand this basic fact is disregarding how the law works.  They wish to do nothing more than criminalize those with opinions they disagree with.  They wish to criminalize those who would willingly defend themselves as others would wish to criminalize gay marriage or criminalize interracial couples.

Criminalizing those who have no ill intent towards society serves no purpose other than to quell dissent and remove those from society that you would disagree with.

And that my friends is their end game, even if it means sending us to camps in box cars, those who would take our arms have no problem doing that if that’s what it takes. -B]

SSCC #506 & #507 – Fort Deposit

This one goes up because by god, they actually do use that most underused law on the books.

Carlos Tyson Bennett, 37, pleaded guilty on Aug. 29, 2012, to one count of conspiracy against rights and four counts of deprivation of rights under color of law.

Bennett was accused of stealing money from motorists during traffic stops with another former Fort Deposit police officer, Jessie Alan Fuller, on Interstate 65 in 2009.

Bennett admitted that he and Fuller pulled over vehicles under the guise of legitimate law enforcement activity and stole cash from drivers and passengers in violation of their Fourth Amendment rights.

Only 3 years for the deed though, even with attempting to cover it all up.

State Sponsored Criminal #506: Carlos Tyson Bennett

#507: Jessie Alan Fuller

Because the reason we have full time law enforcement is so criminals can use that authority to abuse the law-abiding and steal from them.  They get a nice slap on the wrist though when they get caught.