SSCC #7–Canton Ohio PD

Incase you haven’t seen the video, here it is again.

This is getting a full mention again to be included in the count thanks to the idiotic words of the Canton City Council President Alan Schulman.

There is no question that the actions of that officer are unacceptable and totally irreprehensible.  Some have attempted to justify the actions of the officer as being acceptable including this individual.  I don’t know what planet these individuals live on that they can justify the actions of officer Roid Rage*.  Then again some people have so much blind faith in the government that they fail to remember that they are people as well, subject to the same stresses and emotions as the rest of us.  When they do remember that agents of the law are human they attempt to use it as an excuse, while the rest of us lowly peons are required to exercise self-control and self discipline.  If I exhibited behavior like that at my place of employment, bad day or not, my ass would be fired.  Why as an agent of the law are they granted a reprieve?  If anything they should be held to a higher standard as the trust and privileges they are given, including qualified immunity.

This is obviously a case of State Sponsored Criminal Acts, especially with the City Council President defending the actions of the individual.  An individual with a history of problems:

Canton’s internal affairs unit has investigated 16 complaints involving Harless dating back to 2000.

He was reprimanded in one 2003 case. Harless and another officer were exonerated of using excessive force, but were given a letter of reprimand for not activating the in-car video camera at the scene per department policy.

This man was obviously known to his superiors and department, yet they did absolutely nothing to restrain him or punish him.

State Sponsored Criminal Count : 7

*The name was coined by Weer’d, I find it a very applicable description of the officer.

H/T to Jay on the background info on the officer.

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