Quote of the Day – Oleg Volk (2/21/2013)

Sharing skills that a prospective partner lacks makes them more independent. That, in turn, makes the relationship more honest. A person who doesn’t strictly need you for a meal ticket or protection but chooses you anyway is more likely a true love. By contrast, politicians need dependent voters and foster learned helplessness with their policies.

Oleg VolkIndependent Women
February 13th, 2013

[In case it isn’t fully apparent, let me also use the other way Oleg presented this.


Image By Oleg Volk.
A Picture is worth 1000 words.

We’ve had a pile of politicians lately showing their true colors towards independent women as well as their overall lack of respect for them, Jay G even has a nice list of different statements showing the truth and hypocrisy of their behavior.

All the women in my life are very independent and frankly, I’d rather keep it that way.

I’ve mentioned before why I get angry, that however didn’t even touch on the fact that I see that same type of behavior as attempts at enslavement and forced dependence.  When someone argues you or some class of people shouldn’t have access to arms, be them students, women, blacks, or any other discriminatory measure, know they mean to make that class dependent, not independent.

It’s all a matter of trust in the end and they don’t trust you. -B]

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