Am I Crazy Now?

So I got to work this morning and saw this on Drudge Report:


The immediate image and thought that went through my head was exactly this:


Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate law enforcement.  I don’t think there is any conspiracy regarding the ammo crisis either.  That said, LEOs should go ask DHS for ammo, they have a nice stockpile, put in an order for more, and are refusing to answer questions about it.

Personally I think the police should have to live under the same stress both economically and politically as the rest of us.  IE, if your state bans normal capacity magazines, that extends to law enforcement, that exemption for law-enforcement is merely hypocritical double speak.

Does this make me crazy?

A New form of Markley’s Law

A friend had this posted on his Facebook.


The stupid, it hurts.  I would say I expressed restraint in my response, because frankly that stupid exhaust filter pisses me right the hell off.

Quote of the Day–Sebastian (3/21/2013)

Likewise, the gun rights debate is actually not about guns, but is rather a personhood debate, derived from the fairly common and historically pervasive American notion that the right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental right of citizenship and personhood. The right to defend one’s home, one’s life, and one’s liberty is deeply rooted in our sense of personal autonomy, self-reliance, and in our relationship with those who govern us, or who would claim to govern us. It is just as much about a right to our own corporal integrity and dignity as it is to many who support abortion rights.

SebastianSome Thoughts on Guns and Abortion

March 21st, 2013

[Can I get an amen!?  Go read the whole thing.  -B]

Today’s Public Service Announcement

This applies to everyone but I was reminded by a post from a friend.  Which is a good post, the video is worth it, even though there’s the odd black bars on the left and right.  Just remember for next time. 😉

Voice for blogging, please… It’s Kevin Baker who has the face for radio and the voice for for print.  He stated it, I will not necessarily agree with his assessment, but A Girl is much more pleasing to the eyes and ears without a doubt, despite what she thinks.

SSCC #551 – Washougal

A Clark County District Court judge Wednesday convicted and sentenced a former Washougal police officer for attacking a mentally ill man restrained in the backseat of a police cruiser.

In a bench ruling, Judge Sonya Langsdorf convicted Robert E. Ritchie, 53, of fourth-degree assault for a July incident in which he twice punched 26-year-old Tyler Lampman in the face after taking the man into custody. Fourth-degree assault is a gross misdemeanor.

Initially I was going to make this an honorable mention, he was fired, convicted, although he had a lenient sentence.  Except I got to the end and saw that this man has had a history of not being able to control his monster.

It also wasn’t the first time Ritchie’s actions had come under fire for being too extreme.

He was demoted from sergeant in 2004 for shooting Olga Rybak 27 times with a stun gun for failing to comply with dog regulations.

When it comes to those on the count who do violent acts, I’ve found rarely is there a single incident.  Usually there is a history that the rest of us would refer to as “a clue”.

State Sponsored Criminal #551: Robert E. Ritchie

Because when someone starts acting out while restrained, beat their ass, they’re restrained, not you!

Quote of the Day–Kevin Baker (3/20/2013)

When dealing with the State, the citizen acts at his peril.

Kevin Baker“When dealing with guns, the citizen acts at his peril.”

March 20, 2013

[And as Kevin points out, that’s not how it is supposed to be.  I find this a much more applicable description.

I should not be fearful that someone is calling the state because I took a picture of my child with a firearm.  I should not be afraid that the state is going to come kick down my door because someone provides some false information for the “war on drugs”.  We are living in a police state.

I have an idea for a post but I’m just not sure how to write it or string the thought out completely.  The premise though is the meaning of the law is becoming worthless.  More and more laws are being created, laws the creators admit are unenforceable.  This leaves two different options:

  • The law no longer really matters and is nothing more than an empty symbol.
  • The law now exists as a tool to manipulate, scare, and intimidate those they deem undesirable.

Tell me, what good do these new gun control laws do?  How does that actually benefit society, especially given they admit it will not make a difference and innocents will be caught in the crossfire?  The actual effects will cause people to choose between being safe or committing a felony.

But that’s their goal, scare and intimidate law-abiding people into giving up their rights.  Cause them to have to be unsafe to adhere to the asinine laws.  I’m of the opinion if the law has degenerated to the point that it is criminalizing the free exercise of a right, that it’s sole action is to criminalize the innocent, I might as well just accept the fact they want to treat me as a criminal.  If that’s the case and I’m going to be punished for owning something or doing something that doesn’t affect anyone else, maybe I should actually do something worthy of being called a criminal.  If I’m going to be given a penalty anyway, why not actually do something to earn it?*

The law is loosing its worth and these people are rejoicing at it’s destruction.  They don’t seem to understand it’s perversion is being done in such a way so the state can consume them just the same as it consumes us. –B]

*I am not saying one should currently, but certainly this does factor into the tripwire question.

SSCC #550 – Lloyd

Sean McCutcheon, the resource officer who fired a shot from his service weapon in a hallway at Highland High School, has resigned from the Lloyd Police Department after an investigation concluded the incident, though unintentional, was due to “officer error,” the department said on Friday.

First, that’s what happens when you finger [email protected]#$ your weapon!  Seriously folks, just leave it in the holster, that’s where it belongs until you need it.  If you pull it out to clean it, by all freaking means strictly adhere to the 4 rules and remember the 5th too.

That said, tell me, in the land of the new SAFE Act, why is it these morons, who don’t even know how to use their weapons, be allowed rights that they then deny to their citizens?  Further, if any citizen had a ND in that type of location where it was the fault of the user, I am confident there would be some sort of charges pressed against the individual.

Remember though that these people are highly trained and would never take a weapon into the field they’ve never test fired or zeroed.

State Sponsored Criminal #550: Sean McCutcheon

Because when a cop finger [email protected]#$s a weapon, he needs a slap on the wrist.  When a peon does it, hang him out to dry and use it to trample the rights of others.

Ear Worm Wednesday–3/20/2013

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