SSCC #537–Charlotte

A Richland County jail officer is being charged with killing his pregnant girlfriend and then setting her body on fire. According to police twenty three year old Tristan Gist was arrested Monday and charged with murder and death of a child in utero.

Even cops are capable of actions we only thought possible by monsters.  Due to the extreme circumstances of the crime, he makes the list.

State Sponsored Criminal #537: Tristan Gist

Because when you’re a cop and she doesn’t do what you want and you don’t like responsibility, kill her and light her on fire.

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Quote of the Day – Massad Ayoob (3/5/2013)

The gun allows the poor and powerless to protect themselves as well as the rich and powerful. It is axiomatic in our country that any citizen should be able to become President. A poor kid raised by his grandparents recently did so, and got re-elected.  He and his family are surrounded by Secret Service agents with high cartridge capacity firearms. Us ordinary po’ folks don’t have heavily armed security guards provided by taxpayer funding to guard us and our families like Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel, or Michael Bloomberg.  How sad and ironic that the poor kid who grew up to be President doesn’t want your potential-future-President kids to be protected as his own potential-future-President children are.

Equality. Freedom. Guns.

Yes, they all do belong in the same sentence.

(Emphasis Mine.)
Massad Ayoob – Guns And Equality
March 4th, 2013

[First go RTWT, it’s short and honestly worth the time.  Second I couldn’t agree more with his final statement.  Those three words belong together, the last word allows you to shield and protect the first two.

I am always amazed that some consider firearms as being an un-equalizer.  Often those who do have made a choice not to carry and look for an excuse for where to lay blame.  A gun is merely a tool and a quite effective one at that.  While some may use it for evil, many more use it for good.  The physical prowess of the operator though is much more diminished, while one could say that allows someone to more easily embrace a life of crime, the same could be said about allowing a small weaker person fend off a larger stronger person.

It’s all about perspective and our opponents focus on the criminal as if the gun causes the crime, completely disregarding all of those who would have been maimed or killed fending off their attackers.

One side wants everyone to be equal and have a choice in the tools for their defense.  Others want to dictate the choice of tools, last I checked, dictating terms isn’t a sign of someone who thinks the other is their equal. -B]


SSCC #536 – St. Louis

Suspended St. Louis Patrolman Charles Proctor disgraced the department and should be fired for striking a man with a baton, choking him and slamming his head into the bumper of a squad car outside the Lumière Place Casino last summer, a police department lawyer said Monday.

Evidently the department is looking at reinstating this officer like Officer Harless was.  To compound issues the officer was arrested for assault but the local prosecutor refused to file charges against him.

Bad news is for the Officer, the whole incident was caught on video… Maybe that’s why corrupt cops hate video so damn much, it doesn’t lie.

That’s not to say the victim in this case is a shining example of innocence.  But it is another example of an officer not controlling his monster and letting it get the best of him.

There are many other officers who do and he has no business with that kind of authority without self-control.

State Sponsored Criminal #536: Charles Proctor

Because when the guy really pisses you off, just choke him with your night stick and smash his head into the bumper of your car.  You’ll feel better after and that’s what matters right?

Quote of the Day – Russ (3/4/2013)

Politicians who don’t trust law-abiding citizens to own guns do NOT see them as equal members of a democratic republic. To put it bluntly, they see them as serfs. Or children who need to be protected from themselves. And that sort of attitude will NEVER get you the nomination from a Republican Party that wants to keep Conservatives inside the Big Tent. NEVER. The way he treats the voters of New Jersey is the way he will treat the voters of America. Take it to the bank. The Second Amendment is not just one amendment in the Bill of Rights: It’s the Founders’ message to the citizens of America – “We Trust You”. And if you fold on that amendment? You’ll fold on all the others. Guaranteed.

Russ – Chris Christie Won’t Be At CPAC This Year…and That Doesn’t Bother Me.
March 3rd, 2013

[If we the people elect “you” as our representative don’t trust us with  firearms, well that proves exactly how little we should actually trust “you” doesn’t it?

I consider the Right to Keep and Bear Arms a solid litmus test for the worthiness of an elected representative and how much they trust and respect my rights.  It seems some though don’t see the connection. -B]

h/t Sebastian

SSCC #535: Philadelphia

A judge says a veteran cop is not guilty of punching a woman in the face after last year’s Puerto Rican Day parade in Philadelphia. The incident was caught on video and seen around the world.

Here’s video of the incident:

I cannot believe any judge would truthfully consider that lawful behavior.  As usual the system is merely protecting it’s own.

State Sponsored Criminal #535: Jonathan Josey

Because by all means assault a woman for no real reason when there are other options of force available, doubly so given the number of officers around.

Over Dependence on the State…

The money quote again:

EMS Dispatcher: Or are we just going to let this lady die?

Nurse: Well that’s why we called 911.

And the woman died, why because the nurse refused to do CPR stating that they called 911 and that will save her… Much like people claiming 911 will save you from your rapist or other violent attacker.

I don’t know how that nurse can sleep at night.  Company policy or not, I’ll sacrifice my job if it means saving someone’s life.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, waiting for help isn’t a solution to your problem.  In this case, waiting cost this elderly woman her life.

Quote of the Day – Sebastian (3/1/2013)

Do our opponents still want to continue to operate under the delusion they are fighting the evil gun industry and some faceless “gun lobby” rather than millions of their fellow Americans? Do they still want to suggest we’re all the stereotype of the OFWG? Want to continue to pretend all this is manufactured when most of these people are carrying homemade signs?

If yes, I understand. The illusion is important to you. Because the alternative is that you want to take something very important away from millions of people who care deeply and passionately about it, and that, well, kind of makes you a monster, doesn’t it?

SebastianNew York Rally in Pictures

March 1st, 2013

[And we’re not talking about the cute monsters from Monsters Inc.  No, were talking about monsters that look like this bastard here.


Remember one ugly monster who lives in congress considers your rights nothing more than a “unnecessary personal pleasure“.  It’s obvious what they think of you and your rights and what they really are. -B]


SSCC #534 – LAPD

Los Angeles police officers bought and sold guns from the police armory for profit, and told the lieutenant in charge of the armory to “watch his back” after he reported it, the 25-year LAPD veteran claims in court.

So the people of the state of California are screwed and stuck with a bullet button and magazine capacity limits, yet look at the behavior of the police forces.

Remember according to our overlords we should surrender our “unnecessary personal pleasures” for the betterment of the state.  Yeah lady and you should surrender your unnecessary personal pleasure of opening your fat mouth for the betterment of the rights of Americans.

To refer to the right to keep an bear arms as an unnecessary personal pleasure is to trivialize the significance of the right.  Being able to shoot your assailant  stop your rapist, and otherwise defend yourself is an “unnecessary personal pleasure”.  Which in her eyes might be true since the American people probably pay for her own armed security detail.

State Sponsored Criminal #534: LAPD

Because there are the laws for “our betters” and their servants and then there are the laws to enslave the rest of us.