Quote of the Day – Sebastian (3/19/2013)

The passage of SAFE in New York, the bills currently in Congress, and Colorado should be a wakeup call that they will pass whatever they can get away with. Gun control must go the way of the temperance movement.

SebastianMaking a Registry

March 19, 2013

[I couldn’t agree more.  It disturbs me no end that people are bitching about Google Glass and the dangers posed while walking around with their smart phone.  Yet at the same time they turn around and say we should throw more money and technology at something like this and then say with a straight face it could never be used for evil.

Yeah tell me, how many houses were robbed thanks to the database of gun owners created by that New York newspaper?  Tell me, how many houses will be robbed by the state when the state legalizes the theft of a particular piece of property by members of the state?  How many people will be killed in that process and in the aftermath as they try and create their “utopia”.  Thanks but no thanks, I’ve seen this movie before.   -B]


SSCC #549 – Chicago

Chicago police shot a store owner 11 times after armed gunmen robbed him, then handcuffed him to his hospital bed and harassed him to cover up their “gross misconduct,” the businessman claims in court.

No wonder the power that be are fighting so hard to keep their peasants disarmed.  With negligence like that it’s no wonder they hate the idea of their constituents being armed.  Especially with this follow on:

 “Plaintiff was shot and seriously wounded with 11 bullets to his hands, shoulder, legs, and hips. One bullet almost his plaintiff’s head but it passed by plaintiff’s head and hit the cash register. Plaintiff was bleeding profusely. Aruri was very scared and thought that plaintiff would die. Aruri ran to get something to wrap plaintiff’s leg because it was shooting blood everywhere. The police ran into the store and the plaintiff lying down in a pool of blood asked them, in an extremely weak state, why they shot the owner. The police did not answer, did [not] give any care, and they stopped Aruri from even touching Abdelal and providing care.

Yup, shoot an innocent and then refuse to allow them immediate treatment.  Don’t worry though, it wont be those responsible who pay, it will be the tax payers of Chicago.

State Sponsored Criminal #549: The Chicago PD

Because when you shoot an innocent, notify your department and have their detectives harass and intimidate the victim in the hospital.  Remember you’re the cop and you’re invincible.

Occam’s Razor…

I am so glad to know I’m not the only one who has watched that movie and had the same thoughts.

SSCC #548 – Las Vegas

 An officer with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is now on paid administrative leave, after being recorded during a traffic stop. 

The YouTube video, which has gotten thousands of views, shows the officer react angrily after rear-ending a motorcycle. It happened near Harmon Avenue and Koval Lane.

Below is the video of the incident.

I’m sure that officer and Officer Roid Rage would get along great.  Mr. Officer, you were following too closely if you couldn’t stop before hitting the bike.  Maybe next time you should respect the dangers that riders have from cagers like you.*

State Sponsored Criminal #548: John Doe

Because when you’re a cop and following too closely and it results in an accident, blame the guy in front who was trying to not be run over.

*It’s the behavior of cagers that really makes me not want to ride motorcycles.

SSCC #547: Pittsburgh

 A former Pittsburgh Police officer has pleaded guilty to charges that he tried to extort sexual favors from women in return for legal help.

Adam Skweres, a nine-year veteran, pleaded guilty Monday morning to several counts involving five women.

Reading the accounts of the different circumstances of the victims and the officers behavior makes me sick.  At least he’s going to jail for what he did but how many others are out there that get away with it?

Initially an honorable mention was considered but given these types of events happen more often than they should, it’s as if the system fosters the type of environment that allows it.

State Sponsored Criminal #547: Adam Skweres

Because when you think a woman is a cute piece of ass, by all means use your authority and power to intimidate and manipulate her.

Quote of the Day – Lyle (3/15/2013)

I will not step over the line into Crazyland just to make someone else’s politics easier, or to assuage their guilt. No, Young Grasshopper; there is just the one word that matters, the one that encompasses everything, and you’re either for it or against it – liberty.

Lyle Keeney“The economic AND the personal sphere.”

March 14, 2013

[First I recommend reading that post as it provides a solid reason why there is no difference between the two.

Second I find that line can be representative of more than just the difference in the primary referenced subjects.  It easily applies to any and all civil rights, including the right to keep and bear arms.

Our opponents live in an alternate reality where they cannot separate the truth from falsity.  Not only can they not recognize their own process failure, but they cannot even correlate their behavior of civil rights and their own hypocrisy.

As Lyle said:

No, Young Grasshopper; there is just the one word that matters, the one that encompasses everything, and you’re either for it or against it – liberty.

It is really that simple. -B]


Quote of the Day – Robb Allen (3/14/2013)

These are the people who consider themselves more enlightened than you or I and who think they have what it takes to rule your life. It’s like watching a retarded kid scream about how your tying your shoelaces wrong and then gets confused over the Velcro straps holding his sandals on his hands.

Robb AllenIgnorance can be deadly
March 14th, 2013

[And it isn’t just one or two people who seem to think like the person who wrote the provoking tweet either.  Look at this recent tweet that came across twitter.

Don’t worry I responded as my snarky self.

After which he couldn’t take it and promptly banned me.  Not unexpected given their prevalence for reasoned discourse.

Honestly I think Robb nailed our opponents with that analogy. -B]

SSCC #545-#546 – Cleveland

A federal jury awarded $13.2 million to a former housing authority security officer Friday after finding two Cleveland detectives fabricated or withheld evidence at his 2000 murder trial.

David Ayers, 56, who spent 11 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit, and several jurors wept as the verdict against detectives Denise Kovach and Michael Cipo was read in U.S. District Court.

Eleven years of is life lost all because of the actions of two officers.  Remember though, these men should be trusted implicitly and considered to be anything other than human and capable of error.

Even better though is since the city is self insured, tax payers are footing the bill for the negligence of those two officers.

State Sponsored Criminal #545: Denise Kovach

#546: Michael Cipo

Because when your gut says someone did it, don’t bother doing your job, you can control the inputs to the system to satisfy your gut.  Innocence be damned!