SSCC Corpus Christi

Officer Norman Morton seen in video recorded at the Corpus Christi City Detention Center was handed a two week suspension for using excessive force on a prisoner already in handcuffs and lying to internal affairs about what happened.
We learned this week that Morton retired, effective last Friday. However, the department isn’t saying what led to his retirement or whether there were any other active internal affairs investigations going on.

Here’s the video:

Think about that for a second… Beat a handcuffed man, then lied about it, and then goes into retirement.  The fact that last year 22 officers were disciplined internally last year.  As I’ve said before rarely does a single incident stand alone but usually is indicative of a systemic problem.

State Sponsored Criminal: Norman Morton

Because when you assault a man without actual cause, don’t worry about your job we’ll make sure you make retirement.

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