The Best Publicity in the World…

This has to be the biggest piece of publicity for an item ever created yet it didn’t even come from the company that created it.  Instead it came from our own government.

The Department of State, Bureau of Political Military Affairs, Office of Defense Trade Controls Compliance, Enforcement Division (DTCC/END) is responsible for compliance with and civil enforcement of the Arms Export Control Act (22 U.S.C. 2778) (AECA) and the AECA’s implementing regulations, the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (22 C.F.R. Parts 120-130) (ITAR). The AECA and the ITAR impose certain requirements and restrictions on the transfer of, and access to, controlled defense articles and related technical data designated by the United States Munitions List (USML) (22 C.F.R. Part 121).

The DTCC/END is conducting a review of technical data made publicly available by Defense Distributed through its 3D printing website,, the majority of which appear to be related to items in Category I of the USML. Defense Distributed may have released ITAR-controlled technical data without the required prior authorization from the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC), a violation of the ITAR.

It’s worth noting that there is an exemption that Defense Distributed falls under but the bad news, for the government anyway, this will have the opposite effect by causing more people to grab it than you desire.

If/When I receive a take down notice validating the position of the State Department I will have no choice but to pull it.  Tonight I will be burying it behind a page that will require you to state that you are a US Citizen to download it under penalty of perjury.  I’ve already added a line disclaimer stating as much.  You can still get the files through this post.

Honestly I think this is a bullshit call and is merely an attempt to instill fear in the people and only serves to delay the dissemination of information.  Doubly so when you consider the ATF and Eric Holder violated ITAR during Fast and Furious.  No, you can’t stop the signal.

Freedom of Speech and the Right to Arms…

I am morally aligned with the following quote from John Adams:

If men through fear, fraud or mistake, should in terms renounce and give up any essential natural right, the eternal law of reason and the great end of society, would absolutely vacate such renunciation; the right to freedom being the gift of God Almighty, it is not in the power of Man to alienate this gift, and voluntarily become a slave.

I also consider the right to self-defense and with it the right to keep and bear arms an essential natural right.  It is for that reason I am hosting the Defense Distributed file pack (by clicking this link you certify that you are a US Citizen within the United States under penalty of perjury) here(Upon advice from good friends, this has been removed, just see this quote for details.) (warning almost 500MB).  For details on why only US citizens may download these files, please see this post.

Many people seem to be lost on the real meaning of the Liberator Pistol.

That pistol is not meant to be a replacement for your standard side-arm.  I honestly don’t see 3d printing replacing standard firearms production.  The point of the Liberator is allow those to arm themselves that would otherwise be rendered defenseless by their government.  It is not designed to be used repeatedly over and over, it’s use is designed much the same as this pistol.

300px-M1942_liberatorYou have one shot.  It is not to be used at a far distance.  It is designed as a last-ditch when you have no other alternative.  One shot you think may not be effective, but that man you just killed sent by the state who was trying to kill you, he has a gun too right?  One much more effective than the one you just used.

The point of the Defense Distributed’s pistol is to at least give a tool to help better even the odds for the person being abused by the state and prevented from defending themselves.  It is not a magic talisman, it is merely a tool.  A tool which can help level the playing field and give a disarmed people a fighting chance to save themselves.

There’s a reason our federal tyrants are so afraid of something like this.  It guarantees that no matter what they do, the people will always have access to some sort of arm.

I will maintain that link and create alternate servers if necessary to do so.  It is a natural right of the people to be armed for their own defense.  Any person who opposes that right is not my friend, but my enemy wishing for my enslavement or death and I will fight back. As Linoge said, “You Can’t Stop the Signal.

In Which A Republican Betrays Us

So I mentioned previously something about a protest last Saturday night.  Well we turned out because the president of the Moscow city council has thrown gun owners under the bus.

Enforcement of existing regulations is crucial, but gaps and loopholes pertaining to the sale, trade, and possession of illegal guns and ammunition also need to be closed.  Law enforcement officials here recommend consideration of:

  • Mental illness in the issuance of permits;
  • Limiting multiple gun sales to an individual within a specified time period;
  • Requiring gun purchasers to have a designated extended waiting period and thorough background check;
  • Requiring all gun sales, including at gun shows and personal sales, to be federally-documented, traceable, and completed in-person through authorized Federal firearms licensees;
  • Increasing penalties for unlawful gun possession and use;
  • Limiting access to high-capacity gun magazines;
  • Controlling the sale of ammunition by:
    • Recording all sales and conducting on-site background checks for disqualification;
    • Prohibiting the sale of armor-piercing bullets and explosive rounds to the public

Among many other calls for infringements and attacks on an inalienable right.

This provoked a response from those who live in the community, especially since the Latah County GOP Lincoln Dinner was going to be held last Saturday.  Can you guess what my buddy Jefferson organized?

If you said a protest outside the building the dinner was being held in, you would be right.IMAG0484


These were the pictures I took before an additional group of miscreants spread the line down the sidewalk towards the intersection.  Overall I estimate the turn out probably about 30-35 at the peak and given there was only about 48 hours notice I don’t think that’s too bad.  Especially given the fact that the protest started at 1700 and it was about 32 degrees.  It ended at 2000 and it was much colder.

The night was filled with humor including a Canadian who seems to hate America and stated so by yelling “F*** America.”  I don’t think he expected an immediately reply before he finished of “F*** You.”  While one would claim my response was unnecessary as he was driving a Honda Element, it was worth it as he almost hit a car, cut another one off, and barely missed a light pole which all happened immediately after the response.

I do my best to remain civil and will remain civil as long as you return that respect to me.  While some would argue about being the better man, many of these people prey upon the fact of expecting no response.  Remember, many of these liberals are very violent and expect us to withhold our opinions in an effort as not to offend.

Screw that.   I restrained myself when I made my sign.


Image Credit: Dean Hare Moscow Pullman Daily News
It’s not about guns. It’s about Control.

You know what I really wanted to write for my sign?

Why do I need a 30 round magazine?

Because F*** You! That’s why!

Again I agree with Uncle and that’s why I didn’t do it… as much as I really wanted to.

I am a bit disappointed because my friend to the right didn’t let me know he was bringing his carbine otherwise I would have brought mine.  I didn’t want to be the only guy open carrying a carbine because honestly that’s a great way to end up in trouble.  It is worth noting I was standing next to a lawyer, but I’d rather not need one.  There is strength in numbers, especially at a political rally.  Further it ended up when I got there the Moscow PD had sent an email asking people not to open carry… given Idaho is an open carry state that would have made me want to just on principal.

Now some would also argue that carrying a carbine with a real can isn’t worth it.  I can tell you it was.  More than once I grabbed my buddies chest to turn him so it was right there as some little old lady looked like she was going to have a heart attack.

The majority of the people driving by honked in support.  There were a few hecklers such as the Canadian, though we did love the fuel truck that blew his air horn the whole way past us.  The best part of all the honking, we know they could hear it inside at the dinner.

The most entertaining part of the night though was the fact that the protest probably caused a divorce, either that or it was the last date.  A couple pulled up in a minivan and the driver gave us a thumbs up.  The woman was shaking her head and obviously said something negative.  He replied in the positive, she flipped us the bird at which point the light turned green and they drove off obviously in an argument.

We ended up on the front page of the local paper, sadly the print version used the guy who couldn’t spell inalienable, i before e except after c…  Overall though I think the protest was definitely worth it and hopefully we can finally get that tyrant Walter Steed out of office.

Quote of the Day – Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson(1/26/2013)

Had this protest been launched somewhere other than in the security-screening area, we would have a much different case. But Tobey’s antics diverted defendants from their passenger-screening duties for a period, a diversion that nefarious actors could have exploited to dangerous effect. Defendants responded as any passenger would hope they would, summoning local law enforcement to remove Tobey—and the distraction he was creating — from the scene.

Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson – Aaron Tobey v Terri Jones

January 25, 2013

[First here’s the background on the story.

A Virginia man who wrote an abbreviated version of the Fourth Amendment on his body and stripped to his shorts at an airport security screening area won a trial Friday in his lawsuit seeking $250,000 in damages for being detained on a disorderly conduct charge.

Now let me translate Judge Wilkinson’s quote for everyone.

Because our TSA agents and federal government so dislike those who disagree with the government infringing on personal liberties and freedom.  People should no longer have 1st Amendment protections to their ability peacefully protest the behavior of the agents infringing on their 4th Amendment rights.

The fact that our paid government agents would pursue and harass a man for an extra 90 minutes because he was willing to protest is evidence he should not be allowed to voice dissent.  The reason he shouldn’t be allowed is because it compounds the ignorance and inability for the TSA to do its job thus making it more likely that an agency who has a track record of catching absolutely no-one to catch even fewer.

Instead the people should just silently undergo their mistreatment and act like good cattle and just get on the cattle car to the slaughter.  That way the TSA can continue stealing peoples private valuables to sell to others while under the protecting folds of working for the US Government.

Still think this whole thing is still really about making us safer?  The government does nothing but destroy and trample the rights and liberties of some to make others somehow feel they are safer.  When in fact the TSA guy just waves terrorists right on through because it’s merely an illusion and nothing more.

Just remember, Judge Wilkinson obviously despises the 1st Amendment as much as he despises the 4th Amendment.  Thankfully his opinion was the dissenting one.  -B]

Quote of the Day–Say Uncle(1/17/2012)

But Obama has now asked the CDC to study the link between video games and violence. Personally, I played a lot of Pac-Man and Donkey Kong as a kid so I walk around swallowing pills and swinging a hammer at any gorilla I see.

Say UncleNRA v. Obama

January 17th, 2012

[I laughed when I read both of those sentences.  First yet another example of a point made by the NRA and fearless leader has turned around to follow it.  Again, when I read it I heard exactly this in my head:

I know they will never come out like that and say it, but I can keep wishing right?

Except I don’t really think the NRA is right on this one though.  Our Narcissist and Chief hates the First Amendment until it is politically convenient and beneficial for him, otherwise he hates it like he does the second.  I am pissed at the NRA because I honestly feel like they threw video games and the First Amendment under the bus.

I grew up on Mario, last I checked I’m not running down the street eating mushrooms and jumping on Goombas

I played Duck Hunt and have yet to actually go duck hunting or even bird hunting in general.

I played Excitebike and I didn’t go into the extreme sports.

I played Super Off-Road, again I don’t find myself taking my truck into crazy off road courses*.

I played Doom, last I checked I haven’t had an urge to go to Mars and start killing hell spawned aliens because they killed my pet bunny.

I played Command and Conquer, the whole series, and I have yet to end up as a general in some war over Tiberium

I played Duke Nukem 3D and I still haven’t found myself running around saying “It’s time to kick ass and chew bubble gum and I’m all out of gum” while killing alien invaders.

I played Quake III Arena and have yet to find myself wanting to create a real arena death match and kill everyone else inside. 

I played Unreal Tournament in many modes with Capture the Flag and Football being my favorites.  I have yet to feel the urge to actually shoot someone during a game of capture the flag or football.

I played Rainbow Six and have yet to find myself wanting to run around shooting people thinking they’re terrorists who’re intent on bio-warfare.

I played Ghost Recon and have yet to run around killing people thinking they’re ultra nationalists planning on rebuilding the Soviet Union.

I played Soldier of Fortune and have yet to run around shooting the limbs off of people.

I played Call of Duty and have yet to feel the urge to run around killing people while dressed as a soldier.

So can someone please explain to me given all the different games I played, note that’s not even all of them, and my countless time spent playing them I somehow didn’t end up screwed up but it’s responsible for screwing up a bunch of other people?  Many of those games listed above were controversial at the time and used as a crutch to explain evil deeds done by evil people.

I’m sorry, but video games aren’t the problem.  I still play new games, hell I spent my Thanksgiving killing virtual people in new and creative ways, still don’t have the urge to do it for real.  I guess I’m defective. –B]

*That isn’t to say I haven’t gotten it stuck.

Thoughts on “Respectful Disagreements”

So I saw this story today.

Volunteers at the Warren County Democratic headquarters, just north of Cincinnati, were shocked and disappointed by a political prank unloaded on them early Tuesday morning – someone dumped a pile of horse manure in the parking lot of the headquarters building on US 42, just north of Lebanon.

Now I laughed and chuckled, I would have still laughed if someone had done it to a Republican headquarters.  What got me thinking though was the following statement from the County Democratic Chair.

Goldenfield goes on to say, “It’s really unfortunate that people can’t have respectful disagreements… We’re not going to be discouraged by it. It’s just very disappointing. It will probably motivate our people even more but it’s also a very disrespectful thing to do.”

Respectful disagreements, lets talk about this word respectful.  Those on your side of the debate have been nothing but rude, bigoted, and down right evil.  How evil?

A 16-year-old high school student says she was mocked by her own teacher after she arrived to class wearing a t-shirt supporting GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

"Then a whole bunch of kids came in and a [teacher’s assistant] took a marker and pretended to draw on my shirt and then told me to take off my shirt," she said.

"People were telling me not to come to school, saying they were going to hit me and stuff like that," the teen said, referring to threats posted by fellow-students on her Facebook page in response to her political attire.

Have no fear for the teacher though because the school districts response?

The teacher who started the firestorm by criticizing Pawlucy’s Romney-Ryan tee-shirt is still out of school, pending an administrative hearing.

Now supposedly the union isn’t supporting the teacher but I think that’s mainly because it’s obvious how bad the teacher stepped in it in this instance.  Moving forward though we have the bus driver who informed a young man that his mother should have aborted him.

But when students on the bus started Romney chants this week, the driver started a political conversation with the boy, prompting him to point out that Obama is pro-choice, according to conservative blog Freedom Eden. The students attend a local Catholic school.

The driver allegedly retorted, "Maybe your mom should have chosen abortion for you."

Yup, that’s a real civilized respectful disagreement right there.  Especially since this man felt he needed to attack a 12 year old child for his families political views.  Bummer the bigot couldn’t pick on someone his own size.

But wait, there’s more!  This call for respectful disagreement is also coming from the same party who is so tied into the unions they conscript their support from union membership.

How is that for a respectful disagreement?  Force support for your party by holding a person hostage by keeping them from feeding themselves or their family by tacking on a fine.  Now some may claim that you don’t have to join the union.  That only holds true if you’re in a right to work state.  You could always go find a job elsewhere that doesn’t have a union, but often the union will do everything to get a monopoly on the industry to force membership.

Moving even further forward, lets do a quick look back into history shall we?

A 24-year-old arrested this morning on suspicion of smashing 11 windows at Colorado Democratic Party headquarters tried to conceal his identity while allegedly committing the crime, according to police descriptions.

While Schwenkler does not appear in the state’s voter registration database, a person by that name in November 2008 received $500 from a political 527 committee called Colorado Citizens Coalition for "communications," according to campaign finance disclosures.

The accountant for the 527 appears to be the same woman who handles the books for many other Democratic-leaning political committees.

So they did this to themselves, which works well when you can control the narrative and say it was the other side.  It fails when you’re minions get caught.  Now there was a window that recently broke in Alabama and again the Dems ran off claiming people were shooting at them, mainly the Republicans and independents that can’t have a respectful disagreement.  Lets look at what really happened.

Police say that a window that shattered at Mobile County Democratic Party headquarters in downtown may have done so as result of previous damage, Cpl. Christopher Levy, Mobile police spokesman, said today.

All the left knows how to do is claim “victim status”.  Lets also not forget the fact that the left is considerably more violent than the right as well

Finally lets examine two last items.  First up from OldNFO is the following:

According to the Pentagon, requests for military absentee ballots is down 92% from 2008!!!

At the same time I also had this bit of information come across the radar from Sebastian.

However, now there are reports that not only is the robocalling giving out false dates to votes, but an Obama door-to-door campaign targeting seniors in a county that went Republican is also giving out the false dates, I’m not so sure this is an accident.

Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three or more times is enemy action.  Well bad news for the opposition, I don’t believe in coincidence.  Even then the robocalls and door to door mistakes are truly two separate incidents for a count of three.  It is well known and common knowledge the date of the election and informing people in mass of a incorrect date, especially in a county likely to vote against you is just wrong, deceitful, and again not an example of someone engaging in a “respectful disagreement”.  Yeah, with regards to her use of the word respectful…

Then again, a party whose membership consists of people using the power of the state to rob from others to give to themselves wouldn’t really understand respect if it walked up and slapped them in the face.  Respectful would be letting people keep what they had earned.

Now why would I bring this up, while I am currently doing my best to be respectful to those of differing opinions?  Their right to have me remain respectful ends when they’re no longer respectful to me.  Even more than that, they have no right to my respect when they are taking my property and work for their own because honestly, where’s the respect in that?

On Today

Initially I wasn’t going to put up a post regarding today.  Then I went over to Weer’d’s place and read his post.  I was about to write a comment but instead I realized it was growing into a post.  Here’s what I wrote before I pulled the plug.

I haven’t forgotten, I may or may not put up a post this year.

Yesterday I was embracing the suck and someone was all too unhappy about it. You see our Federal overlords have declared everyone and their mother suspected terrorists for things as innocuous as going about their daily business.  Things such as using cash for a transaction.

I do remember that day.  I remember it quite well.  I remember staring at the TV in disbelief as I watched what was happening live as I prepared to go to school.  I remember the freedom and liberty I had prior to that day.  I also remember hour our government reacted.  They have reacted to the point where they label me with the same title as those monsters.  By god if they’re going to stick me with that title, I am going to embrace the suck and drag the meaning of that word right straight down.

Thanks to the behavior of our modern government, in 2001 terrorists were responsible for that atrocious act.  In 2012, the best that can be said is it was done by evil.  By monsters who despise and hate us.  The title of terrorist no longer fits because according to our overlords, those who fight these monsters are terrorists as well.

Every year on this day I used to be angry at just those who attacked us.  Angry at those who took the lives of so many innocent people.

As the years progressed though I found my anger including others.  While I am still mainly angry at the men who started this snow ball, I am just as angry at the American politicians for exploiting this tragedy for a power grab.  At the same time I am angry because the American people have been complacent with it.

The biggest difference for the majority of America between now and September 10th, 2001 is that we have considerably less freedom now than we did then.  Some would argue that “it was necessary” and it keeps us safe.  The only thing is, it doesn’t do anything to actually make you safe, it just makes a bunch of sheep feel safe.

Today is a day of mourning.  Mourning for not only those we lost, but an ideology that is slowly being destroyed, all in the name of the “War on Terrorism.”  Most of the things on the above list are things that I do as well as many of my friends.  Hell, you can go through all the flyers for different types of flyer’s here.

When you start labeling normal behavior as a “potential terrorist action” why don’t you just admit that you think anyone who isn’t just a good little sheep a terrorist that needs to be put down?

I would further like to note, the mere fact I’m willing to voice this dissenting opinion probably gets me labeled a terrorist as well.  See, they don’t outlaw speech anymore, they just tell you what you said makes you either a racist or a terrorist.  Isn’t all this freedom we have nice?  Never mind that the government actually fits the real definition of the word terrorist.

*I think I need to get one of these T-Shirts to wear on September 11th every year from now on.

SSCC #403 – FBI and Secret Service

Mr. Raub, 26, a decorated former Marine who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, was arrested at his Richmond, Va., home Aug. 16 for anti-government statements and song lyrics posted on his private Facebook page. Secret Service, FBI and Chesterfield County police transported him to John Randolph Medical Facility in Hopewell, Va., for a psychiatric evaluation. Over the objections of attorney and Rutherford Institute President John Whitehead, Mr. Raub was then transferred to the VA Hospital in Salem, Va.

He was released and here is the determination from the Judge:

Mr. Raub won his freedom on Aug. 23 when Circuit Court Judge Allan Sharrett found his forced detention “so devoid of any factual allegations that it could not be reasonably expected to give rise to a case or controversy.”

(Emphasis mine.)  Think about that for a second.  These men unlawfully imprisoned an individual without due process and his only recourse is a civil suit.  None of the individuals responsible for this will be held individually accountable.  Instead the government taxpayer will pay for their mistake.

State Sponsored Criminal #403: The FBI, Secret Service, and Chesterfield County Police

Because when someone says something you don’t like and you’re in law enforcement, you have a free pass to throw them in jail, laws be damned.