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The Truth About the TSA

So many of you saw my last rant about the TSA.  Well more information keeps coming out, and it just keeps getting better and better.  I’m going all Kevin Baker on this now cause I’m going from simply annoyed and pissed, to all out furious.  I have a feeling that I’m going to end up in all out JayG Hate-Rage here soon.

Organized State Sponsored Corruption

First up, a nice hustle:

Suddenly, a small middle-aged woman wearing a TSA (Transportation Security Administration) uniform moved along that line, pushing a wheelchair while asking, in a thick non-English accent, if anyone was in need of her help.

Zoom. Off we went, the four of us, circumventing roughly an hour’s shuffle line, until we reached the screening stations. Along the way, the woman in the TSA uniform said in her broken English, “I take care of you; you take care of me.”

The TSA has nothing to do with security and everything to do with providing a sandbox where criminals, thieves, and hustlers can attack their victims while they are held at gun point by their own government.  Don’t believe me that it’s government sponsored?

I reached into my pocket, selected a $5 bill from a fold, and conspicuously handed it to her. No moderately alert TSA or NTSB uniformed personnel in the vicinity could have missed it. It was clear: I was paying off a uniformed TSA worker officer for privileged access.

Every last person there working for the government was complicit in the behavior.  I have heard some say that if they were paid better they wouldn’t risk it by stealing or committing crimes.  I call bull shit and here’s why.

  • Anything they steal is extra income under the table.  Tax free, no snooping about, free to do with it what they wish.
  • They are immune even when they are caught.  Sometimes they’re fired, but that’s usually someone who I find probably should have won a Darwin award as a small child.  Instead due to all parents being so risk adverse their kid made it through childhood to steal and molest us, such wonderful parents wishing the pain of their offspring upon the world.
  • Why should they be paid more than the people actually paying their salaries?  I work my ass off, went to school, and most of those illiterate tree dwellers never even graduated high school.  Why should they be paid more just so they wont steal from me?  That argument sounds like the Barbary Pirates asking for tribute.

I could start to list all the other instances of state sponsored criminals but I have a series dedicated to that.  Here are some of the other incidents I have talked about previously that the TSA is responsible for. 

A Black Hole Consuming Money at Ever Increasing Rates

First we will look at the costs of training up workers.

It cost $1 billion just to train workers, which now number more than 62,000, and “they actually trained more workers than they have on the job,” Mica said.

Wait, they’re training more workers than they currently have jobs for?  Why in the Sam hell would they do something like that?

“As part of TSA’s ongoing efforts to ensure staffing efficiency, TSA requested a new authority to be able to continue to utilize early retirement as needed through 2013,” the agency said in a statement provided to The Hill.

”By lowering the age and service requirements, and increasing the number of employees eligible for retirement, TSA will be able to efficiently manage its resources as the agency stays ahead of evolving threats,” the statement continued.

Oh now it makes sense.  Get some people to work for you, then offer them early retirement on the taxpayer dime.  Lets not forget either about how the TSA has been allowed to unionize.  They are already robbing the private sector blind by over hiring, and then offering the excess hires early retirement.

This must be Obama’s job stimulus right? Hire people using the stimulus bill and retire the others currently working here?  Think about that, if a business ran their books and hiring practices like that they would be broke.  Oh wait, what’s the current debt clock count again?

They Create Even Further Security Problems

The TSA through their hiring practices have actually added problems to the one’s they’re supposedly attempting to solve.  For instance take the ability for unverified personnel to be able to access secure area’s in airports.  The TSA solved this problem right?  If you said yes, you’re wrong.

This month a federal audit reveals that, after nearly a decade, the TSA still can’t guarantee that agents working in “secure” areas of airports don’t pose a risk. That’s because the agency doesn’t always verify the identity of job applicants or even their legal status against a government immigration database.

This means that the TSA can’t account for agency employees with access to secure areas of airports, according to a Homeland Security Inspector General report made public a few days ago.

Wait, the TSA has provided a path to allow unsecured personnel access to secured areas!?  I thought these guys were big into security and understood the importance of validating people are who they say they are.

Couple issues like this along with lost uniforms and other identification materials.  And it further illustrates how the TSA is really just A Security Theater.  If anything they have increased the attack area for airports.

Not to mention the fact that the backups caused by their “security” actually provide an even better point of attack that taking down an airplane itself.  Instead of getting just a single plane, imagine getting a whole terminal?  That’s what happens when you create choke points where a lot of people are congregated at.  Moving forward from that though, how would you effectively defend against that?  You really can’t apart from screening before everyone gets stuck at that single choke point.  For example as you enter the airport, but honestly that isn’t entirely effective now is it? 

TSA Violating Common Health Practices Concerning Radiation

The TSA body scanners emit ionizing radiation in some instances.  What is disturbing is that the TSA will not allow employees to wear proper safety equipment that is normally required when working around radioactive material.  Not to mention the fact that the machines weren’t even certified by NIST like Napolitano claimed, but NIST doesn’t even do equipment safety checks like that.

It gets better though because many claim repeatedly how safe those machines are.  Yet there was an incident of the machines giving higher doses.  Not to mention the fact they detected a woman’s IUD.  While they may test the machine on a lower setting, it is obviously capable of a larger dose.  Remember that ionizing radiation is cumulative, the exposure meter doesn’t reset to 0 after you’ve been away for a while.  The more you fly, or are exposed to other sources through your work, the more your risk goes up.

So it is completely unsurprising I would see something like this in the news then:

After Union representatives in Boston discovered a “cancer cluster” amongst TSA workers linked with radiation from the body scanners, the TSA sought to downplay the matter and refused to issue employees with dosimeters to measure levels of exposure.

Unsurprisingly the TSA promptly began the game of cover your ass, trying to downplay the issue and suppress the significance of the situation.  They needed to continue the belief that the government could do no wrong and is as infallible as god herself.

The Parents Are Noticing 

It gets better though since the person responsible for the creation of the TSA stated the following:

“The whole program has been hijacked by bureaucrats,” said Rep. John Mica (R. -Fla.), chairman of the House Transportation Committee.

“It mushroomed into an army,” Mica said.  “It’s gone from a couple-billion-dollar enterprise to close to $9 billion.”

As for keeping the American public safe, Mica says, “They’ve failed to actually detect any threat in 10 years.”

There are many that believe that the government can solve our problems, and if it can’t immediately the solution is a bigger government.  That’s like saying your house is on fire and you’re going to put it out by setting fired to the other side.  Government just creates new issues, they don’t solve them.  Even more importantly they cannot solve a problem such as terrorism.

Previously it was mentioned how A Security Theater is doing nothing more than being reactionary and operating like a defensible position, I’m not alone in that connection since even Mica noticed.

One of the most important rules in the world is to never bite the hand that feeds you.  Well the TSA has a knack for doing exactly that.

The people who have been hired to do these jobs have the mental brain pan of a cockroach and the moral compass of a New Orleans pimp.  It appears that this was a government program that started with “noble intent” claiming necessity but in reality was nothing more than a wealth redistribution plan.  In the end that’s all government does.  It takes wealth from one group of individuals and gives it to another, whether or not that wealth was actually earned is irrelevant.  It has been the role of our political system to elect people to steal from others by the force of government.  While not everyone is this way, it has become the goal of the simple majority of the electorate.  It is wrong, it is immoral, it is despicable, and it has to stop.  How we actually stop it though I am unsure.

State Sponsored Criminal Count

Time and time again I am hearing about TSA agents stealing from airline passengers.  They’ve been caught stealing cash, electronics, organizing thefts with their coworkers, and some have even busted for child pornography.  Now with the addition of the “Fast and Furious Scandal” we are finding that the government knowingly gave felons a clear background check even though they should have been stopped.  Our government provided arms to disqualified purchasers.  Given all of this information when I received an email today of yet another incident with the TSA I felt it was time to create something similar to the Dead Goblin Count

The rules are simple:

  1. The person worked for the government, IE: TSA, DHS, FBI, BATFE, or any other part of the government, local, state or federal.
  2. The person committed the crime while on duty, or his job provided access to commit the crime under color of law (see the pedophile above).
  3. High level incidents such as the “Fast and Furious” incidents count.  Individual incidents involved in the same program can be counted separately.
  4. Must have accompanying documentation with the submission.

To submit incidents, please use this form.  You can also recommend any additions or changes to the rules, I may or may not accept them.  Even if you don’t think it will fully meet the requirements above, most likely disqualifying factor is rule #2, send it anyway it will at least get an honorable mention. 

So here’s the first entry in the list goes to the one that finally pushed me to actually do it.

A Transportation Security Administration officer has been accused of stealing $22,000 worth of watches from passengers’ luggage at Los Angeles International Airport.

It’s good to know that the TSA agent was so busy stealing jewelry there is no way anything else could have slipped past him.  Yet another example of A Security Theater.  He joins the list of previously uncounted TSA agents stealing from passengers.

Thank god the TSA is here to protect us, who else would rifle through our luggage, sniffing our underwear and stealing jewelry.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 1 + 5(examples at top) = 6

Know Why I Run the State Sponsored Criminal Count?

Via Uncle we have a perfect example of why I run the this thing.

The city police officer fired for a pattern of verbal abuse and making threats is trying to get his job back.

Patrolman Daniel Harless is proceeding with the arbitration process,
said Kristen Bates Aylward, an assistant city law director.

Yes that is the same Daniel Harless, Officer Roid Rage, that can be seen in the count at #7.  This man had a history of behaving like this and it was documented on video in at least three separate incidents.  Even with that behavior though he is attempting to be reinstated as a police officer.

Here’s what this whole roid-rage incident teaches the public.  This behavior is acceptable as long as it does not end up being distributed to the public.  Don’t believe me?  If OCC had not obtained a copy of the video and released it do you think anything would have happened to officer roid-rage?  He had two previously documented incidents and nothing happened.  There was a city councilman that attempted to come to his defense trying to justify his behavior.

His argument to the arbitrator is going to center around the fact that his dismissal was due to public pressure, not because he did anything wrong.  Think about that for a second.  The fact we found this piece of black toxic mold and shined a heavy UV light on him is a reason for him to remain.  For you see if it hadn’t been for that UV light he would have never been dismissed.  Never mind the following fact:

The incident was reviewed by an outside prosecutor who concluded
Harless’ actions weren’t serious enough to warrant criminal charges.

If you or I had done anything like that we would have gone to jail and spent a bunch of time in front of a judge.  If we escaped without jail time it would have been miraculous given the fact that we threatened and intimidated and individual, while armed.  The only difference between him and us is the fact that he is sponsored by the state.

Still think the majority of police departments want to weed out the bad eggs?  For the most part they’re forced into retaining them, because unless you do something really egregious, you’re just a state hired thug.

The Problem with Stop and Identify – SSCC #21

There has been a lot of back and forth by me regarding this one and actually including it as a criminal count.  I finally decided that it is due to the following facts:

  • The initial contact was not by an identified LEO.  Sorry but a shirt that says public safety officer doesn’t count.
  • That individual in question made physical contact without proper legal authority.
  • The initial contact had no legal purpose as there was no suspicious activity to warrant investigation or the belief that a crime had occurred.

That said, the New York State Patrol I’m afraid is technically in the clear.  Note I said technically.  New York is a stop and identify state.  What is problematic is this law is most easily abused, much like the declaration of a concealed firearm was in Ohio.  The initial contact was in no way legal, as there was no reasonable reason to believe a crime had occurred.  This LEO then assaulted one of the people he was intimidating and then called in the state police.  The state police with what they were informed at this point had given them enough to reasonably believe that a crime had occurred.  The problem is the issue is circular.  Identifying is what is claimed as the obstruction and a failure to identify, and to the state patrol officers all they know is what they were told over the radio.

This brings me to the second issue, as they were on foot, they have no duty to provide photo identification.  They government must supply identification should they be requiring it when no license is required for walking.  The individuals involved are at a loss when it comes to dealing with the mess that is the legal system and they knew none of the key words that should be used in a situation like this.  This further compounded the irritation exhibited by both state patrol officers.

If you are stopped on the street the conversation should go something like the following if you’re unfortunate enough to live in a stop and identify state*:

  • Officer: Sir I need to see Identification
  • You: Am I under arrest?
  • Officer: No, but I need to see identification.
  • You: Am I being detained?
  • Officer: No
  • You: Then you have no legal right to request me to identify (depends on state in this case it would work).

Another variation:

  • You: Am I being detained?
  • Officer: Yes
  • You: Why am I being detained?
  • Officer: (State’s a reasonable reason for being detained)
  • You: (Identify) State your name and address.
  • Officer: What are you doing here?
  • You: (State’s reason for being in area and what you are doing)

Third variation is much like the second but that’s if they say you are under arrest.  Again depending on the state they must inform you what you are being arrested for prior to the cuffs.  This is because some states allow you to resist an unlawful arrest, even by force.  If you pursue this route be careful and be sure you can win; it’s going to be a very tough fight.  Then again you might end up dead anyway, killed while handcuffed in the jail.

So on that final note: The stupid public safety officer is abusing the law to intimidate the public and twisting it to obtain the support of the state patrol.  The state patrol was acting within the law, but the law allows them too much leeway.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 21

Because the job of “public safety” is to harass law abiding citizens on foot to the point of arrest by twisting poorly constrained legislation.

Found here.

*Note: I am not a lawyer, do not take this as legal advice, do any of the following at your own risk.  Make sure you know the applicable laws for the areas you live and are traveling in.


Unpossible, TSA screener a pedophile?

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about the TSA.  The reason for this is much along the same lines as Dave talked about here.  What I came across tonight though damn near caused me to crack a tooth my jaw clinched so tight. 

The DHS and the TSA has been constantly claiming the screenings are needed for our own safety, even the full search of a 6 year old girl.  They constantly use fear mongering tactics claiming that the terrorists will use any exploitable advantage given them.

To every complaint leveraged though they claim that their screeners are thoroughly trained and are thoroughly screened themselves.  So it must be completely unfathomable that a screener was busted today for distributing child pornography.

Federal agents also allege that Transportation Safety Administration Officer Thomas Gordon Jr. of Philadelphia, who routinely searched airline passengers, uploaded explicit pictures of young girls to an Internet site on which he also posted a photograph of himself in his TSA uniform.

Remember these are the people who are searching violating your wives and your children.  This individual, if he operated a body scanner, had at his disposal numerous images of people disrobed by the force of government.  The TSA is an out of control monster who has again and again abused the American people under the guise of protecting them.  It is reasonable to suspect at this point that the government itself is trying to empower these criminals, especially given the fact that the TSA has never stopped any terrorist attack.  The have however stopped US representatives on their way home, cause you know those congress critters are totally terrorists.  So here’s a list off the top of my head of things the TSA has done to different American’s under the force of government.

There are countless more incidents, I probably should start making my own counter called the TSA counter, cause you notice when dealing with the TSA how it always starts with, “The Stupid Asshole.”  I know of a couple ways that we could shut down the TSA, but none of them are really legal and well I’d rather avoid that route.  Something obviously needs to be done though.  The government is using the threat of force to hand ourselves and our children over to sexual predators.  Failure to comply will result in your ass heading to jail at worst, at best your walking home. 

The only thing I think we can do currently is to ostracize anyone who works for the TSA.  If you have a “friend” who works for the TSA, they’re no longer a friend.  Do not associate with anyone who works for the TSA, provide the bare minimum of interaction, and sure as hell tell them to leave you alone afterwards.  These are not your countrymen, these are not your friends, these are not patriots on the front line of the defense of liberty.  If anything they are the antithesis of the above.  A person who was any of those things would strive to defend your liberty, freedom, and safety from the government they are claiming to represent.

The bottom line is that the TSA is A Security Theater and all their claims about the strict professionalism of their employees is bull.  While some may remain professional, the bottom line is they still aren’t telling their bosses NO.  These searches are pointless, unnecessary and do nothing more than verify our subservience to the state.  To prove that point, if you voice your displeasure towards these practices you will receive special treatment.

Update on EPIC TSA Lawsuit

EPIC has submitted numerous Freedom of Information Act requests regarding the body scanners.  They have posted the information online for all to see.

These documents include:

Initially it was claimed that the TSA body scanners could not store or transmit images.  Then the US Marshal Service in August 2010 reported they had saved more than 35000 imagesThe TSA responded by claiming that it has not done so and the machines do not have the ability.  Some still believe the TSA, the smart one’s have distrusted them from the start.

One WBI system,  identified by  the Government, shall (26) have the capability, which can be configurable at the superuser level. to record  images for training purposes. The superuser password shall(27) be managed by  the TSA. The capability to retain  images at the superuser level will be disabled on operational systems

Later in the same document(emphasis mine):

Incorporate a three  level user and password scheme allowing supervision and “superusers” access and override capabilities

While they claim for it to be possibly disabled the fact that the feature is there means that someone can re-enabled it.  Some would claim that no one would possibly want it.  However there have been rumors about a “new fetish”.  The thing is though, it’s already happened.  That could be your one of your loved ones.  We know the types of people the TSA employs.

While reading through the Operational Requirements, you can find the following:


Normally one would avoid conjecture, however what could be considered critical to national security regarding the privacy capability of the device?  NMAB-482-1 can be found here, the section we really care about is here.

It appears that the tactic being used for airport security is to rule this search as being administrative.

Airport security searches fit quite naturally into the administrative search exception to the Fourth Amendment. Administrative searches are justified on the basis that they serve a societal purpose other than standard criminal law enforcement (Vernonia School District 47J, 1995, citing Griffin, 1987). After all, the Fourth Amendment cannot be construed to prevent the government from fulfilling a variety of other necessary functions, such as maintaining school discipline, preventing drunk driving, detecting illegal aliens, or even ensuring air traffic safety (Vernonia, 1995; Michigan Dept. State Police, 1990; United States v. Martinez-Fuerte, 1976).

Each of those examples though require some sort reasonable suspicion.  Randomly stopping cars for drunk drivers and testing everyone, until recently has never happened.  In the instance Florida’s new checkpoints, there will probably be a strong legal challenge.  When attempting to maintain school discipline they must be disruptive to begin with.  As for illegal aliens, detecting them is extremely difficult. If it is as they claim above, why isn’t Arizona’s law legal unquestionably?  Especially since it requires contact of a lawful nature, they can’t just walk around carding people.

With regard to the TSA though, they claim the right to do this to any person for any reason.  No reasonable suspicion is required of a crime having been committed.

Against the special need of the government, the court must consider the passenger’s expectation of privacy. This consideration involves the same analysis used in the threshold issue of whether a search has occurred, with one important difference. Deciding whether a person has a reasonable expectation of privacy for purposes of determining whether or not a search has taken place is a yes-or-no-question. Either one does or does not have a legitimate expectation of privacy in this context. On the other hand, expectation of privacy as a factor in the balancing test becomes a matter of degree. Thus, the court in Vernonia (1995) held that schoolchildren, because of the supervisory role schools have over them, have a decreased expectation of privacy at school. As discussed in the first section, airline passengers most probably have a legitimate expectation of privacy against being searched in an intrusive manner. Nevertheless, this expectation could decrease if passengers perceive the threat level to be high.

Emphasis mine.  Their method to get around this problem is to convince the public that a statistically rare event (you’re actually more likely to be struck by lightning) is actually more common than it is.  The comparison to school children also shows the view they have of the public in general of being children and the government has the supervisory role.  We’re the children in school and they’re the principal.

Further the NMAB states:

Thus, measures should be taken to minimize the appearance of nakedness, the number of people having access to and identifying the image with the traveler, the time the image endures or is preserved, the uses to be made of the data, etc., to the extent consistent with safety objectives. The next section deals with the concept of less versus more intrusive means.

The assumption though that is enough for some people regarding their privacy is false.  If it wasn’t why would these have popped up overnight?  Also the ability to store the images as I talked about earlier has been proven to be false.  While they may claim it is not “normally” enabled.  The machines do have the capability and there is no way for the public to verify that it does not store the image.  We must take the governments word, which at this point should be worthless to everyone. If you opt out of the scanner the TSA humiliates anyone who refuses to go through the body scanner.  They are doing a procedure that is highly intimate and detrimental to victims of sexual abuseThis scanner can also reveal however private medical information that may not want to be shared because it’s no one’s business but yours and your doctors.  This also ignores the health concerns regarding the radiation exposure.  What is disturbing is this is the only time I’ve ever heard of people working around equipment that uses radiation that do NOT wear dosimeters

These documents display a crafted, thought out, and planned destruction of our 4th Amendment rights.  Their justification to violate the 4th Amendment centers around creating the illusion of necessity.  A Security Theaters has yet to stop any terrorists.  Yet they claim that their infringements are necessary and merely administrative to stop this “common” threat.  They need to be rendered impotent to stop the spread of their idiocy and evil.

(Sorry about going all Kevin Baker(it’s a complement Kevin) on this post.)

SSCC 87-91: TSA, Florida SP, Westchester County

Authorities said that the TSA officers — two in Florida and one in New York — were paid to help drug couriers move pills and the stacks of cash they generated through airport screening systems. One of the police officers — a Florida state trooper — took drug money to travel to Connecticut, where he provided "protection" to a courier selling thousands of pills to a dozen or more lower-level dealers, authorities said.

This isn’t the first time that government officials have aided in drug smuggling.  The mistake in this case though was not getting your parents permission first.  You might notice the above only lists 4 people, what about #5?

The dealer said he made payments totaling $20,000 to a Westchester County police officer assigned to the airport there in order to be permitted to carry — without being questioned — large quantities of cash back to Florida, according to a DEA affidavit.

Ahh, there he is.  Pay the top for to ignore the pills, bribe the last guy to ignore the cash.  Whenever you see drugs and money, odds are starting to look pretty good you might see someone there also getting paid by the taxpayer.

Just remember that TSA agent who’s violating your wife is probably also getting a kickback from some criminal to ignore the stuff he should be looking for.  The TSA has nothing to do with security or enforcing the law.  It has everything to do with obedience and doing what you’re told if you’re a law abiding sheep.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 91

  • Christopher Allen, TSA
  • John Best, TSA
  • Brigitte Jones, TSA
  • Justin Kolves, FSHP
  • *John Doe, WCPD

Because you’re not allowed to run drugs unless you either bribe or are a state employee.

Via WizardPC

State Sponsored Criminal #500–Orlando

A former Orlando police officer accused of raping a woman while on duty has formally entered a not-guilty plea in Orange County Circuit Court.

Records show defense attorney Robert Nesmith entered a written plea on behalf of his client, Roderick Johnson, who is accused of raping a 22-year-old woman at a police substation on Oct. 16.

Johnson arrested the woman after he learned the car she was driving was reported stolen.

The woman said Johnson took her to a substation on Orange Center Boulevard, had unprotected sex with her on a desk, and gave her $40 before taking her to jail.

No Comment.

State Sponsored Criminal #500: Robert Nesmith

Because by all means, rape a woman you arrest and then pay her as a prostitute.  You’re a cop right!