TSA Screws the Pooch Again

Seriously the TSA just needs to stop issuing statements considering it has become blatantly obvious they do not operate according to their own policies.  It is nothing more than sponsoring child molesters and pedophiles to prevent their arrest.  Don’t believe me, here’s TSA’s statement regarding pat downs of children under 12.

"After a thorough risk assessment and after hearing concerns from parents, we made the decision that a modified pat-down would be used for children 12 years old and under who require extra screening," TSA spokeswoman Kristin Lee said in a statement.

Pistole then modified that statement to the following:

Indeed, the only “change” to the TSA’s policy is that it now says it will “make every effort” to exempt children under 10, where as before it said all children under 12 were unequivocally exempt.

Don’t believe me, some TSA pedophile felt that a 6 year old boy heading to Disneyland on a surprise trip.  He got not one, but two pat downs, and did it severely enough to where he didn’t want to go anymore.

The better half saw two people in TSA uniforms in Pullman recently while filling up Lite.  I was a bit bummed I wasn’t there because I’ve reached the point where I have no issues with verbal harassment to make them feel uncomfortable.  If I’m not flying there is absolutely nothing stopping me from voicing my opinion of those jack booted thugs.  They are doing more than any other government agency to abuse the citizenry and turn this country into a police state.  If you see an TSA agent in uniform outside of an Airport, please make their lives as uncomfortable as they did to this little boy.  While you can’t get physical, you can make them feel ostracized.  They have created this us versus them atmosphere and it’s by time we start playing ball on our court.

Note: Do not get physical, just verbal, exercise your first amendment to cause them to be uncomfortable.  Now if while you are verbal, they resort to being physical, at that point feel free to defend yourself.  These ass hats want to spread to malls and searching vehicles while traveling, at that point they’re absolutely on our turf and it’s time to fight back.  When people who lived through the Soviet terror think that our country has turned into the USSR, it’s time to listen to those who have lived through the horror.

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