Quote of the Day–Joe Huffman (03/23/2011)

“Choices”? What about the choices of the students that will be expelled if they choose to carry everyday self-defense tools which they carry off campus on a regular basis? Would they use the same argument if the bill were to allow mixed race couples on campus? Or allowing Jews and Muslims on campus? Or how about forbidding the university administration to expel students who obtained abortions? Would those be “choices” the administration should be allowed to make?

[I have always been amazed that people seem to think that allowing people to have a choice is some how forcing others into something.  People are not being forced into anything, the only changes being made is allowing people the choice to exercise their rights.  It baffles my mind how people twist the idea of allowing someone to exercise their rights becomes a violation of their rights.

People seem to love choices as long as the choices are things that they want access too.  All too many people are willing to piss on other people’s rights when they don’t like it or disagree with it.  The fact is though allowing people to carry arms for self-defense does not interfere with the rights of others, in fact it helps prevent others from interfering with your rights as well as the rights of others.  Just the same, rights need to be supported whether you like them or not.  -B]

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