2011 Boomershoot Fireball Stills

This fireball was epic, it has created a flurry of traffic.  Rolf was kind enough to send me the pictures he took and I have uploaded them into my photo gallery.  The fireball stills start here (look at the bottom).  I’m posting the best images though in this post.

Boomershoot2011 320

Moment of ignition.

Boomershoot2011 324

Convection starting.

Boomershoot2011 327

Mushroom forming.

Boomershoot2011 329

Mushroom rising.

Boomershoot2011 333

The ball of fire rising into the air.

Boomershoot2011 337

Like the energizer bunny it keeps going and going.

Thanks for the pictures Rolf!

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