Sex, Drugs, and College Students

I previously wrote a response to someone who sent a letter to the editor of the WSU Daily Evergreen.  Given the events in Texas over the past couple days this has produced renewed vigor on the topic.  If you haven’t read my previous response regarding concealed carry on campus, go read it.

Yesterday, I don’t remember where I saw it first, but this doozy of a line has taken off like wildfire since Uncle posted it this morning.

When you think of it like that: giving guns to young students largely interested in sex and booze, I’d wager it seems less of a genius idea.

As everyone has already stated, but it bears repeating, no one is giving anyone guns!  All this bill is doing is allowing people who are licensed to carry concealed weapons to carry to class and other places the would normally go while obtaining their education.

This statement of students being largely interested in sex and booze is down right offensive to me.  I did not have the benefit of my parents being able to support me through my entire college career as my father passed away from cancer when I was 19.  Prior to that though I knew my job was getting that degree.  As that was my job, I did not drink, I did not carouse, I knew my goal and I worked my ass of for it. 

While many college students go on a “21 run” for their 21st birthday, I went to bed early.  Why, so I could be at the sheriff’s office as they open to file for my carry permit.  People who get their carry permits are an entirely different breed of person.  All these laws seek to do is allow someone who has a permit, which allows them to already carry elsewhere, to continue to carry when they attend their classes.

What is most disturbing is I see claim after claim of sex and booze, yet I do not remember seeing anyone drinking while attending a lecture.  I do not remember hearing about anyone having sex while in class.  I rarely if ever drank while going to college, certainly not on weeknights.  Yet these people say I was properly disarmed because of my “constant drinking” and “carousing”.  And I went to a school rated #18 by the Princeton Review for top party schools in 2002, in 2009 it was rated #16.  Please note I attended 2004-2008.  I and others like me went to college for an education, not to get drunk and have sex.  I don’t need to pay someone tuition to do that.  Most of my friends were either ROTC, or former military there on GI bill, none of them were out partying every night.

This statement is projection and nothing more.  This individual spent his college career drinking and carousing and does not see how anyone else could not have done that while in college.  I keep hearing statements regarding drinking and campus carry, yet actually on campus, where this discussion is centered, you rarely see people drinking alcohol, it is an educational institution after all.  How is there a magical line that a permit holder crosses and all the sudden he becomes a raving lunatic bent on killing everyone?  The fail to comprehend that a potentiality is not an actuality

Gun free zones and high Brady scores mean nothing to criminals, don’t believe me, look at San Jose State.

The only people who follow the laws are the law abiding.  By the gun grabbers own admissions, they would rather disarm people preventing them from fighting back to “lower gun violence” than have a lower violent crime rate overall.  Everyone who wants campus carry wants it because they don’t want to be disarmed to be an easy victim to make the Brady Campaign or Collation to Stop Gun Violence feel better.  Feelings have nothing to do with it, this side is fighting with facts and logic, but those are disregarded by the other side. 

Please: If you see any grammatic, spelling, or flow errors let me know. I wrote this while foggy headed from a head cold.

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