Quote of the Day–Joe Huffman(05/17/2011)

I just realized the CSGV disclosure of peoples real names makes sense if you have the correct world view. Perhaps they think of gun bloggers as superheroes and themselves as the bad guys.

Joe HuffmanRandom Thought of the Day

[I love this because from our point of view he’s right.  They are the villains and Heinlein had a very valid statement on the subject

Tango offered a olive branch last night and was frustrated by the idiocy that was put forth.  I would say in this case Tango has attempted to make them his friend.  He can now proceed to destroy CSGV without hesitation and without hate.  Making libelous statements while acting as the media director for an organization is a very dangerous thing.

I must say though, it’s fitting referring to gun bloggers as superheroes, especially since they fight for the rights of everyone not just themselves.  –B]

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