Finally Saw the Doc

Hopefully by this Friday I should start to feel better.  The sinus pressure last night was bad enough my teeth started to hurt.   Doc gave me 10 days of Augmentin we’ll see how it goes.  Pharmacy had it ready before I even got there, the internet is awesome isn’t it?

The wife and I have been spit balling some ideas for both upcoming articles as well as a running series along the lines of the “Dead Goblin Count.”  Our current problem is a title for the count that will be catchy and entertaining.  Depending on how I’m feeling later tonight I’ll try and do one of the single “commentaries” I’ve been wanting to write up but my brain/stuffed sinuses just wont let me.  So in the mean time, more porn! Well Gun Porn that is.


Look carefully at the dust cover.


If you don’t get it, watch this.  Yes that’s Ry, and that is the rifle he used to cook bacon with.

No Hope for Humanity

Hearing about all the suckers who believed that the rapture was yesterday was already depressing enough.  Then the heavy boot’s story spread closer than I would have liked.

I can some what understand how it could happen given unused knowledge and skills are lost.  How in the name of Zeus’s butthole is the concept of gravity so lost?  If gravity can pull heavy boots to the surface, why wouldn’t it pull down a freaking penHell Apollo 15 dropped a hammer and a feather to prove Galileo right.  The feather didn’t float off into space.  Those thoughts cause the minor depression, then I remember that these people also vote and I break out the whiskey.

At least the wife is about to finish “Unintended Consequences”, I guess that’s a glimmer of hope.  She also said the pen would fall to the surface.  Then again I am obsessed with the Apollo program.  While the cost was hugely immense, I cannot help but step back in awe as engineer and look at what all those young men did.  There is no limit to the possibility of human achievement other than the limits created by bureaucratic red tape.

H/T Ry Jones


So I was hoping to go to the “Rapture” party tonight some buddies from work are throwing but I just got a call and a friend from out of town is visiting this weekend.  I’m meeting up with them for dinner at the same time as the party.  We all know the rapture failed and this party is to basically make fun of the idiots.  I’ll try and swing by possibly after dinner, we have some other stuff to do in Moscow including shopping.

Because of this and my stupid stubborn head cold I’m not sitting in front of my computer too much today.  I’ve got a couple posts in process, but alas I’ve got other stuff to work on and do today.  Come back for ice cream tomorrow.

Here’s a pic Oleg took of David and his wife in 2010.  Yes that’s me to the right.


Friday Gun Porn–5/20/2011

Seen at Boomershoot.  Someone’s very nice Remington 700 chambered in 308. 


Why Self-Reliance Rules

This man did not rely on the government to save him.  Instead he, with the help of friends and family, saved his house.

It puts a serious smile on my face. 

H/T Alan.

Quote of the Day–Joan Peterson (05/18/2011)


[I discovered this after investigating a probable case of reasoned discourse involving CSGV lying yet againIgnoring the fact that it was Twitter that made the final decision to suspend the CSGV account.  Facts and the truth mean nothing to these people. 

I do not understand how the pro-rights side of this argument is scary.  You have absolutely nothing to fear from any of us.  There is claim after claim that we are just going to go and shoot people we disagree with, yet it has NEVER happened.  I subscribe to the same philosophy as Capt. Malcolm Reynolds:

"You don’t know me, son. So let me explain this to you once: If I ever kill you, you’ll be awake, you’ll be facing me, and you’ll be armed."

Again and again we are portrayed by them as nothing but maniacs who wish death upon everyone else but ourselves.  The facts though is that we wish for every person to be able to make the choice to defend themselves and prevent someone else from forcing death upon them.  We are not murderous, we are not short tempered, we do not want to see people needlessly injured or hurt.  Scary we are not, if you do fear us your fear is irrational unless you have behaved in such a way as to threaten us or our families.  We do not wish ANYONE harm yet again and again the other side has wished it upon us. 

Are we relentless, you bet your ass.  That is but one of the many reasons as to why we are winning.

CSGV attacked Linoge and was attempting to intimidate and harass him publishing information that is no one’s business for no other reason than intimidation.  If that isn’t the case, then why would the CSGV, Joan Peterson, or anyone else on the other side of the aisle make exactly that claim if we did the same thing.  Names are one thing, listing information geared at locating an individual, tying him to specific employment, and other acts is intimidation.  Blogging under a pseudonym isn’t to hide, it is done to separate one’s professional life from their personal life.  Blogging is personal, tracing down employment is an attack on their professional life.  So why shouldn’t Linoge be relentless in this case?  Their behavior could cost Linoge his job if his employer supports the anti-rights bigots.  It’s happened before

We are relentless because to enjoy freedom and liberty requires eternal vigilance from those who would seek to destroy it.  The Brady Campaign currently is using the crisis of terrorism to attempt to deny people an explicitly enumerated right without due process of law.  We are relentless because to do otherwise would mean that we think the rights that we fight for are without meaning or unnecessary.  Ultimately we are relentless because we do not think that anyone should have the ability to force their will upon another by use of force.  Should someone attempt to do so, that person should have the ability to fight back with the best tools for the job.  The anti-rights bigots would disarm us by force without our consent, to then be at the mercy of someone else.  Forcibly disarmed to not be able to defend ourselves.  Relentless, you bet and we don’t stop until the threat has stopped!

One thing though my wife took direct offense at was that Joan Peterson referred to all pro-rights bloggers as men.  This side of the fence is not just men, it is full of women and frankly I find it down right sexist and offensive as well.  Never do the bigots make mention of the fairer (and much more beautiful) sex.  My wife thinks its because it’s known that all the good looking ones with great figures are on this side of the debate.  I think it’s much more simple than that.

They can not argue against them.  Attempting to argue against them shows what they really think about self defense.  It shows that they don’t want women to be self reliant.  It shows that they think they should be at the mercy of anyone stronger who would do them harm.

All of these facts, don’t matter though because the other side has made up their mind.  We are sub-human to them and unworthy of life.  For that reason we will relegate those bigots to the dustbin of history.


H/T to Weer’d on the citation for the hypocrisy.

Caught in Another Lie

CSGV had the twitter account suspended today after a complaint was filed by Linoge.  They then proceed to play the victim card saying that they were falsely accused.


The problem is Linoge was not false in his statement and Twitter made the final statement in disabling their account.  They felt that the information and evidence provided by Linoge violated twitter’s terms of service and in fact showed their behavior as harassment.  Not only that, but Linoge did not ask for the account to be suspended, but the offending tweets removed.  Twitter disabled their account after reviewing the situation.  This is why you don’t play childish games and act like an adult.

On a side note, I find Jason Tippitt’s comment is interesting since they suffer from Peterson syndrome while we argue facts and logic.  I call out Jason’s statement since the gun grabbers have admitted that lower overall violent crime rates are NOT their goal.  They have an artificial goal of lowering “gun crime”, what actually happens is that overall violent crime rates increase in areas of heavy gun control, while it’s not “gun crime” so it fulfills their artificial goal. 

Gun rights activists are not pro-murder and to claim such is to ignore your own volition in supporting the Criminal Occupational Hazard Reduction Organizations.  I did my own research comparing the Brady Scores to the actual 2009 FBI crime statistics.  The FACTS state that there is absolutely no correlation between heavy gun control and a decrease in violent crime.  In fact of the 20 states with the lowest per capita violent crime rate, only 3 have a score above 20.

Mr. Tippitt you wish to disarm law abiding Americans, and support and organization who has been harassing, threatening, and intimidating people who disagree with their position.  You obviously have not done much research on the topic otherwise you wouldn’t make such a horrible statement without presenting facts and logic to back up your incorrect and down right offensive statement. 

Not so much an Engineering problem…

The disassembled parts of a high-powered rifle have been placed on your desk. You will also find and instruction manual, printed in Swahili. In ten minutes a hungry Bengal tiger will be admitted to the room. Take whatever action you feel appropriate. Be prepared to justify your decision.

My Answer:

Assemble the gun to the best of my knowledge, disregarding the Swahili manual since all firearms operate on the same basic principle and can usually be easily and intuitively assembled.  If the hungry tiger is admitted into the room before I am finished, pull my side arm and kill said tiger.  Then continue with the task at hand.  Also, there is no mention of ammunition being provided with the rifle, so, to err on the side of caution it is assumed that there is none. Therefore,  my side arm would be used, PERIOD.


Self defense.