Out of Commission, here’s gun porn instead

For some reason my body decided it was going to get sick today.  I actually took out of work early since I was falling asleep at my desk and my head was throbbing.  Since the ice cream machine is broken, here’s some gun porn for your enjoyment.


The other Dave’s (not whitewolf) 6.5×47 he had build from the barrel he won last year.  It’s a Remington 700 action.

Quote of the Day–Borepatch(05/09/2011)

You can’t expect to wield supreme executive power over a bunch of individuals just ’cause some aged Hippy  threw a degree at you!

Borepatch, I told you, We’re an anarcho-syndicalist commune

[Bore patch won the internets today with this wonderful piece of snark.  If you haven’t read it go read the whole thing.  It’s funny because it’s true and he’s saying what we’re all thinking.  Well done sir! –B]

2010 Brady Scorecard vs. 2009 FBI Violent Crime Stats

I stumbled across the 2009 FBI Statistics and figured I would update the comparison I did the other day.  Unsurprisingly even with using the newer data, the results for the different graphs look the same.


But the correlation dropped even lower to –0.015.  The previous correlation already indicated that the score didn’t matter, this shows it matters even less when used with current data.  The correlation for the upward trend of all scores above 50 decreased to 0.67.


What is probably the most significant though from looking at the new data is comparing the states with the lowest rates to their Brady score.  Again taking all states with a rate below 300 and plotting them with their score shows the following.


Again, only 3 states, 15%, have scores above 20, and those are all sitting closer to the higher rates.  For fun I normalized the violent crime rates (think bell curve), took all the data points within 1 standard deviation of the mean and plotted them relative to their score.  The normalized value is an indicator of how close the rate falls to the average mean. 


What is notable here is that higher scores are evenly distributed amongst the distribution, along with the fact low scores are as well.  It is yet another indicator these scores mean absolutely crap.  For reference here is the normalized curve as well as all normalized data with their scores.



Quote of the Day–Mike W. (05/07/2011)

If you only have one leg how the hell are you supposed to run away?  If you’re wheelchair bound how are you supposed to duke it out with someone ablebodied?  Anti-gunners don’t care.  In their world perhaps Americans with physical impediments don’t exist or don’t matter, but in the real world those people are frequently victimized.

Mike W., Gimp Hate

[Many have posted this already however this strikes a chord with me.  My father-in-law is a below the knee amputee.  My wife has radial nerve palsy which limits her use of her right hand.  Lastly I had the muscular equivalent of a total hip replacement after my auto wreck.  While I can run, I can not run far, fast, or for long.  Swimming is a different story, but the impact from running starts to send sharp pain through the area they cut up.

The CSGV, Brady Bunch, and every other anti-gun organization out there want to disarm the American public for their safety.  When in reality they are doing nothing but making sure people lack the tools and ability to fight back.  With a firearm my wife stands a chance to be able to fight back against someone who is considerably larger than she is.  She can effectively defend herself despite her disability.  I have been in fist fights, they’re not fun are extremely nasty and the winner is usually the person who is the strongest.  It is the ultimate in might makes right.  Just because you’re right doesn’t mean you’re going to win a fist fight, and if you have any disability, it is going to count against you.

The Brady Bunch is claiming their laws help make us safer, yet when you actually analyze the statistics, it shows that is anything but true. –B]

On the 2010 Brady Scorecard

So the Brady Campaign put out their new scorecard yesterday.  Normally I wouldn’t care but I got bored today.  So I took the 2006 Census data (latest accurate data available) and compared it to the score card.

Initially I plotted violent crimes per 100k versus the score given by the Brady Campaign.  What I got was lack luster to say the least.


From the above there’s a couple things worth noticing.  The top scores are all middle of the pack.  Of those top scores, those with lower values actually have lower violent crime rates.  Also notice the complete lack of correlation, 0.0314. 

So first I’m going to do a little fun with numbers and play the same game the gun grabbers do before I really dig into the meat of what this shows.

The highest Brady scores are all middle of the pack regarding violent crime.  What is noticeable though is the highest scores all have an upward trend. 


This still isn’t good enough so we will remove those three outliers at the bottom gave a very nice trend line with a somewhat decent correlation, 0.77784.  It also indicates that as the score goes up, so does violent crime.


This though is throwing away data points and not looking at the whole picture, even though that trend line is exactly the opposite what CSGV and the Brady Campaign claims it should be.  So lets move on to looking at the data as a whole and seeing what can be found.

Now there are a couple other interesting trends within the data, but nothing more significant than what can be seen in that first graph.  More specifically looking at the data from all scores under 20.


Notice that the violent crime rates are distributed across the entire field no matter what the score.  The trend line is almost perfectly flat, correlation sucks, and the three states who got scores of 0 are each in 3 completely different areas regarding the number of violent crimes.  Taking this into account it can be seen that the Brady scores do not really have an effect on violent crime rates.  Especially when the following is also noted:


Only three states have a Brady score above 20, of those with crime rates below 200 none have a score above 10.  The bottom line is gun control has absolutely nothing to do with safety, lowering violent crime, or protecting anyone.  There is absolutely no correlation to indicate such and there are strong indicators that it may be counter productive.  Gun control only has to do with control, and making sure the law abiding lack the tools and ability to fight back against anyone who would do them harm.

Quote of the Day–Kurt Hoffman (05/06/2011)

Perhaps, though, this kind of thinking explains CSGV’s insistence on referring to "our democracy" with such regularity, rather than acknowledging that our nation is a republic. Promoting the notion that we live in a society where the majority rules, meaning that 51% can legitimately vote away the fundamental human rights of the other 49%, fits right into CSGV’s agenda, especially when coupled with the VPC’s latest theme, of gun owners as a minority.

Kurt Hoffman, Down the Memory Hole with @CSGV

[One of my pet peeves is referring to our government as a Democracy.  We are a Constitutional Republic, a democracy is nothing more than mob rule.  A republic is supposed to prevent one group from controlling the other protecting minorities in the process.

As I have said previously there are certain rights that do not require recognition from the government.  Not only that, some rights may not be voted away or removed from the people.  Many of these though were specifically enumerated by the framers of the constitution to provide them extra protection.  The CSGV and Brady Campaign believe they’re in the majority, yet event after event is showing they are anything but.

The CSGV and Brady Campaign are waging a war of manipulation.  Just look at CSGV’s name, who could be for “Gun Violence”?  Just the same, they manipulate people into believing that we have a democracy instead of a republic.  Ultimately representatives should be representing all of their constituents and protecting their rights, even the one’s who didn’t vote for them. –B]

Friday Gun Porn (05/06/2011)

Every Friday I’ll try and post up some gun p0rn.  Either new toys I got to play with, toys seen at Boomershoot, or anything else that falls under “gun p0rn”.The guys who made the bowling ball mortars had some slick looking rifles out as I walked by during lunch.DSC_0352

TAC 338 (Norma Magnum?).


Lawton Machining 8500, 338 Lapua



Lawton Machining 8000, 375 Cheytac.

It’s a Beautiful thing

While gun grabbers have problems just raising money to fight their own battles on this side of the fence is a different story.

Last year I posted a comment regarding a story from SebastianJoe just reported the donation to Soldier’s Angels from the Boomershoot dinner. 

Not only have most of the people in that room probably donated to the NRA, CCRKBA, 2nd Amendment Foundation, or any of the other pro-rights organizations but they then turned around and shelled out more donations for our boy’s in uniform.

As Joe points out that donation was bigger than what was brought in from the raffle as Gene and another participant gave Joe extra money asking absolutely nothing in return.

The other side is still trying to show us as heartless idiotic redneck cannibals.  Yet the evidence shows that is anything but true.  Not only do we support our rights that we hold dear, we donate money to help those who need it more than we do.

A big thank you to Bruce for organizing the dinner and a thanks to Joe for putting the whole event on.