Quote of the Day–Joe Huffman(05/17/2011)

I just realized the CSGV disclosure of peoples real names makes sense if you have the correct world view. Perhaps they think of gun bloggers as superheroes and themselves as the bad guys.

Joe HuffmanRandom Thought of the Day

[I love this because from our point of view he’s right.  They are the villains and Heinlein had a very valid statement on the subject

Tango offered a olive branch last night and was frustrated by the idiocy that was put forth.  I would say in this case Tango has attempted to make them his friend.  He can now proceed to destroy CSGV without hesitation and without hate.  Making libelous statements while acting as the media director for an organization is a very dangerous thing.

I must say though, it’s fitting referring to gun bloggers as superheroes, especially since they fight for the rights of everyone not just themselves.  –B]

Quote of the Day – John Longenecker (05/16/2011)

Guns on campus may be a heated issue, but liberty purists can take the controversy out of the question when we remember that being armed in large numbers is just as shrewd as teaching CPR to everyone for the Café Coronary which can take a life faster and sooner than EMS can arrive. The entire purpose of an armed citizenry is how to resist violence in the absence of first responders, e.g. police. Not only do police have no duty to protect individuals from the criminal acts of others, but there simply aren’t enough officers anyway.

John Longenecker, Guns on Campus, Churches, Workplace, Bars and Restaurants

[This is what the anti-rights organizations refuse to see or understand.  They project their own feelings and behaviors on to what they would do if they owned a firearm and assume all owners are that way.  Believing that we are all hell bent on killing others ignoring the fact that we are trying to protect our selves and families.

The pacifist methods of the CSGV and Brady Campaign have proven pointless and a method to ensure one’s one demise.  Yet time and time again, armed citizens fight off their attackers and survive. This movement on their part towards self reliance ensures that they do not become a victim, yet the Brady Campaign gladly counts the criminal as a victim to inflate their statistics.  The Brady Campaign and CSGV has done more than any other group to increase violent crime overall.  They are ok with this outcome, because really they don’t care about crime, they just care about “gun crime".  The fact is though, the choice of tool doesn’t matter, the victim is still violated and I care about the victim, not the criminal.  -B]

What the Brady Bunch and CSGV really are

Often the CSGV and Brady Campaign claim that you should just give an attacker what he wants.  Nothing is worth taking someone else’s life over.  Well here’s the problem, what if all your attacker wants is your life?  Sadly this happened recently in Kansas City.

Bledsoe and the gunman “exchanged words,” police said. Bledsoe said something to the effect of, “You’re not going to shoot me,” police said, but then the gunman did just that.

Police said they don’t think Bledsoe resisted or challenged the gunman.

This man did exactly what the pacifists say he should do.  He offered no resistance, gave the criminals exactly what they wanted, and still ended up ventilated with lead for his troubles.  Unarmed this man was nothing but a cow being led to the slaughter.

He did exactly what the Criminal Occupational Hazard Reduction Organizations recommend and has been placed in a box to go six feet under.  These people value the lives of criminals beyond your own.  If you want to have the support of the Brady Campaign, CSGV or any other Criminal Occupational Hazard Reduction Organization, you need to commit crimes of violence against the innocent and law abiding. 

These groups support legislation and laws that would prevent the law abiding from obtaining one of the best means of self defense without due process of law.  Already innocent people are caught up by the no fly lists without legal recourse to correct the situation and now they want a specifically enumerated right to be limited just the same.  Their bigotry towards women, minorities, and the law abiding knows no bounds.  Their actions and support shows without limit they believe that a criminals life is worth more than your own.  That is why they count criminals who were shot while committing crimes by their victims in self-defense and “victims of homicide”.

If you support the CSGV or the Brady Campaign, you are a supporter of the Criminal Occupational Hazard Reduction movement.  Their goals are to make sure that criminals have the advantage in their trade of work.  Their goals include the following:

  • Ensuring rapists are not ventilated while trying to arrive at work or forced into returning home without working for the day.
  • Ensuring burglars are not shot as they arrive on the job.
  • Ensuring that witness can be dealt with at the mercy of the operator to prevent a unnecessary lapse in job vacancy caused by the legal system.
  • Ensuring that armed robbers are the only ones armed to making dealing with those witnesses easier.

The goals of the CSGV and Brady Campaign are simple, ensure that criminals can operate unhindered and violate women, minorities, and every other law abiding citizen in this country.  They are nothing more than Criminal Occupational Hazard Reduction Organizations.

H/T Patrick: Give Them What They Want, Even Your Life 

More Gun Porn

I’m doing some site maintenance and configuring the Drupal multisite configuration.  I was maintaining about 4 Drupal installs and was about to add one more.  I decided for my sanity I needed to move to the multisite configuration.  This blog is the main install but previously when uploading pictures I was dumping them into a non-site specific folder.  All old links will still exist, but from now on I’m going to use site specific locations and upload through the blogging service.  Here’s hoping it works.

This is the same rifle the owner, pictured at bottom, let me test drive

Barrett M82A1

Barrett M82A1

Barrett M82A1

Friday Gun Porn (05/06/2011)

Bruce aka “The Squirrel Hunter” was smacking boomers out at 650 yards with his 25’06, mounted on his tank of a tripod.


I still don’t fully understand the obsession with the tripod, though I do admit it’s downright impressive.  It also makes it much easier to self spot.

Democrats and Race

Bob Parks did a wonderful article recently on the history of the Democrat part and detangling their web of lies.

This is the kind of BS spewed by Democrats on a daily basis, and unfortunately the media and other so-called watchdogs are so apparently ignorant of American history, Democrats continue to LIE through their teeth to their constituents, and via academia, to our kids. Despite the truth being out there for years, it’s probably not going to explode until some big shot news anchor gives us an “explosive expose” bringing us all those facts first, so he/she can proudly receive a Pulitzer…

He proceeds to cite examples of how the democrats have been bigoted since 1858 all the way up to the present.  Go read the whole thing, I applaud him for his effort and work since those are facts that are all to often ignored.

H/T Patrick

Sex, Drugs, and College Students

I previously wrote a response to someone who sent a letter to the editor of the WSU Daily Evergreen.  Given the events in Texas over the past couple days this has produced renewed vigor on the topic.  If you haven’t read my previous response regarding concealed carry on campus, go read it.

Yesterday, I don’t remember where I saw it first, but this doozy of a line has taken off like wildfire since Uncle posted it this morning.

When you think of it like that: giving guns to young students largely interested in sex and booze, I’d wager it seems less of a genius idea.

As everyone has already stated, but it bears repeating, no one is giving anyone guns!  All this bill is doing is allowing people who are licensed to carry concealed weapons to carry to class and other places the would normally go while obtaining their education.

This statement of students being largely interested in sex and booze is down right offensive to me.  I did not have the benefit of my parents being able to support me through my entire college career as my father passed away from cancer when I was 19.  Prior to that though I knew my job was getting that degree.  As that was my job, I did not drink, I did not carouse, I knew my goal and I worked my ass of for it. 

While many college students go on a “21 run” for their 21st birthday, I went to bed early.  Why, so I could be at the sheriff’s office as they open to file for my carry permit.  People who get their carry permits are an entirely different breed of person.  All these laws seek to do is allow someone who has a permit, which allows them to already carry elsewhere, to continue to carry when they attend their classes.

What is most disturbing is I see claim after claim of sex and booze, yet I do not remember seeing anyone drinking while attending a lecture.  I do not remember hearing about anyone having sex while in class.  I rarely if ever drank while going to college, certainly not on weeknights.  Yet these people say I was properly disarmed because of my “constant drinking” and “carousing”.  And I went to a school rated #18 by the Princeton Review for top party schools in 2002, in 2009 it was rated #16.  Please note I attended 2004-2008.  I and others like me went to college for an education, not to get drunk and have sex.  I don’t need to pay someone tuition to do that.  Most of my friends were either ROTC, or former military there on GI bill, none of them were out partying every night.

This statement is projection and nothing more.  This individual spent his college career drinking and carousing and does not see how anyone else could not have done that while in college.  I keep hearing statements regarding drinking and campus carry, yet actually on campus, where this discussion is centered, you rarely see people drinking alcohol, it is an educational institution after all.  How is there a magical line that a permit holder crosses and all the sudden he becomes a raving lunatic bent on killing everyone?  The fail to comprehend that a potentiality is not an actuality

Gun free zones and high Brady scores mean nothing to criminals, don’t believe me, look at San Jose State.

The only people who follow the laws are the law abiding.  By the gun grabbers own admissions, they would rather disarm people preventing them from fighting back to “lower gun violence” than have a lower violent crime rate overall.  Everyone who wants campus carry wants it because they don’t want to be disarmed to be an easy victim to make the Brady Campaign or Collation to Stop Gun Violence feel better.  Feelings have nothing to do with it, this side is fighting with facts and logic, but those are disregarded by the other side. 

Please: If you see any grammatic, spelling, or flow errors let me know. I wrote this while foggy headed from a head cold.

Me Sick = More Gun Porn

So I’m still fighting this bug what ever it is.  I slept most of the past 16 hours and still generally feel like crap.  I have a few ideas for write ups but I just don’t have the energy to write it up.  So instead here’s some more Boomershoot gun porn.

Springfield M1A, pictures courtesy of Oleg.