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While at the Boomershoot site one of the visitors asked Joe what voltage the transmission lines are over head.  He guessed around 50 or 100kV then noticed I was there and said well there’s the person to ask.  I have the disclaimer and will adhere to it.  All I will say is I know a lot about embedded systems, power systems, protective relays, and communication systems involving power and industrial controls.

I had looked at the lines before but never bothered to really figure it out.  I took a look at it and let my instincts take over.  My estimate was around 230kV but I would count the insulators at home and come up with the actual number.DSC_0011

So from the photo you can see there’s 20 insulator discs.  Three discs are approximately 35kV.

Crunching the numbers comes out to be 233.3kV.  230kV is a standard transmission voltage so the approximation is reasonable since it’s not sitting in between two standard voltages and isn’t way off in the weeds either.

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