Getting Ready for Tomorrow

I’m finishing up the last of the prep work on the boat and am working on some MP3 playlists for the boat tomorrow while I cool off.  Any recommendations of must have music for the water?  I listen to just about anything but pop.  Forecast for tomorrow is 90s, water temps approaching 80, it should be a blast, just need a good soundtrack for it.  Drop your suggestions in the comments!

I picked up the tie’s for Joe for Mecca.  My truck bed is currently full of creosote packed timber.


DSC_0662That’s going to be dropped off on my way to the lake.  Hope everyone has an awesome weekend.  Send me any ideas you have for music for the boat.

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2 Responses to Getting Ready for Tomorrow

  1. Joe Huffman says:

    I hope it doesn’t take up too much of your precious weekend time. It could have waited for a month or two…

    Thank you.

  2. Barron Barnett says:

    I was headed out to Dworshak anyway. It took us less than 5 minutes to off load everything. The only real pain was all the dust on my boat from the gravel roads.