Thug Recruiting on Craigslist

Airport “Security” is now feeling the need to hit up Craigslist for new recruits to A Security Theater


Customs and Border Protection

Immigration and Customs

You are need in our Airport! You are a vital person to help keep we the public safe, from terrorist attacks,keeping weapon off the planes.

Your our law enforcer! You work with personnel, people, and US Secret Service, If you have experience in working to protect the law and keeping the public safe.

We also need help in Customs and Border Protection, Immigration and Customs.

We need your help Prevent terrorist attacks, reduce vulnerability to terrorism, and minimize damage from potential attacks and natural disasters.

We have great pay, sign on bonuses and we have training for the right personal. If this sound like you a job that you

can do… then Hands Down and apply!

Honestly, Pullman Airport was the last hold out that my hubby thought maybe he could use to fly.  Not any more, since I have seen TSA agents in our small town and now the Craigslist ad.

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