State Sponsored Criminal Count

Time and time again I am hearing about TSA agents stealing from airline passengers.  They’ve been caught stealing cash, electronics, organizing thefts with their coworkers, and some have even busted for child pornography.  Now with the addition of the “Fast and Furious Scandal” we are finding that the government knowingly gave felons a clear background check even though they should have been stopped.  Our government provided arms to disqualified purchasers.  Given all of this information when I received an email today of yet another incident with the TSA I felt it was time to create something similar to the Dead Goblin Count

The rules are simple:

  1. The person worked for the government, IE: TSA, DHS, FBI, BATFE, or any other part of the government, local, state or federal.
  2. The person committed the crime while on duty, or his job provided access to commit the crime under color of law (see the pedophile above).
  3. High level incidents such as the “Fast and Furious” incidents count.  Individual incidents involved in the same program can be counted separately.
  4. Must have accompanying documentation with the submission.

To submit incidents, please use this form.  You can also recommend any additions or changes to the rules, I may or may not accept them.  Even if you don’t think it will fully meet the requirements above, most likely disqualifying factor is rule #2, send it anyway it will at least get an honorable mention. 

So here’s the first entry in the list goes to the one that finally pushed me to actually do it.

A Transportation Security Administration officer has been accused of stealing $22,000 worth of watches from passengers’ luggage at Los Angeles International Airport.

It’s good to know that the TSA agent was so busy stealing jewelry there is no way anything else could have slipped past him.  Yet another example of A Security Theater.  He joins the list of previously uncounted TSA agents stealing from passengers.

Thank god the TSA is here to protect us, who else would rifle through our luggage, sniffing our underwear and stealing jewelry.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 1 + 5(examples at top) = 6

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