SSCC #51-DC police

The D.C. police officer accused of drunkenly shooting at transgendered people has been punished at least twice before for alcohol-related incidents, records and sources said.

Charging documents released Monday described how Kenneth Furr crashed his Cadillac into another vehicle early Friday morning, stood on the hood of the victims’ vehicle and shouted, "I’m gonna kill all of you."

While he wasn’t on duty, he did commit this act with his service weapon.  Tell me, do they allow concealed carry or open carry within the capital for civilians?  Given the answer to that question I find this issue state sponsored.  Doubly so considering the egregiousness, bigotry, and down right viciousness of the incident.  The icing that sealed my decision on counting it even though he was off duty is that his punishment is only paid leave.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 51

Because being a cop means you can assault anyone you don’t like and just get a paid vacation!

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