Quote of the Day-Tam(08/31/2011)

Ten years after Pearl Harbor, we had reduced Japan to a glowing pile of radioactive cinders and then rebuilt it and were buying cheap Japanese consumer goods by the shipload. Ten years after New York City was attacked by foreign enemies, all I see as evidence around Indy are a maudlin memorial being erected downtown, TSA probulators and porn-O-scans at the airport, and the occasional young man with an empty sleeve or trouser leg.

Dude, where’s my country?

TamNational Hair Shirt

[I really wish I could still see a glimmer of the country I grew up in. That day did change everything, because believe it or not, despite the fact we got Osama, the terrorists won.

A great majority of the country felt that September 11th was the perfect excuse to sell their freedom, and the freedoms of their countrymen down the river. Only problem is that truthfully those freedoms aren’t negotiable or theirs to control. The correct response would have been to turn the middle east to a bed of glass while continuing on here at home like business as usual. Panicking the way our government and public did only served to make us slaves.

If you find Galt’s Gulch or a nugget of the country that was America, please let me know. -B]

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