The Most Demeaning Interview Ever!

Today I had two scheduled job interviews and one impromptu interview.  The scheduled interviews went well.  The other one on the other hand ranks right up there with being fired for having a disability.

I found a few job listings for a Palouse Pets in Moscow, ID and decided to drop my resume off.  The jobs included a dog bather and a kennel technician.  So, considering my background in animal science and having 3 years of experience as, essentially, a kennel tech at the university I thought it would be a fairly easy job to land.

Well, that wasn’t so.  During the interview we discussed my qualifications and abilities, but soon the conversation started to focus on the fact that I have a disability.  Now, I have had this disability for over six and a half years and nothing short of extensive surgery can be done about it*.  I have no restrictions other than what I feel is needed.  The bitch conducting the interview had a real issue with my disability as it reduces usability in one hand, but does not limit functionality as a whole.  The disability is something that hasn’t stopped me from working with animals in the past, including horses.  This woman felt that I could not function well enough to handle a bunch of dogs and wants me to get permission from my doctor, whom I haven’t seen in over three years, so as to verify that I can indeed fully use my arm.  She felt I would be a liability if I were to be injured.  The disability in my right arm makes me no more likely to be injured than anyone else.  No other past jobs felt that I was a liability to the company.

This lady badly insulted me and my abilities by being discriminatory.  Furthermore she told me I had to be a dog bather before I could even think about being a kennel tech, despite my past experience.  She refused to look past my disability and let that make her decision.  Even if I were to jump through her hoops, I feel that it would be more of a hostile work environment instead of something enjoyable.  I SHOULD NOT need permission from anybody to do something I know I can handle.  Not only do I think I can handle the position, I worked for 3 years for a University taking care of kennels and managing the animals.  I have never had this problem with other job interviews, ever.  The only other place that took issue with my disability knew about it before hiring me and then decided after a month to fire me because of it.  If I had the means, I would hire a lawyer for not only wrongful termination, but discrimination and acts that go against the ADA.

Needless to say, I will NOT be doing business there ever!  If you live in the Moscow/Pullman area, I would suggest taking this issue under advisement if you have pets.  Discrimination deserves to be ridiculed and thrown aside, whether it be by sex, race, sexuality, disability, size, or any other manner.  It is despicable and those that partake in it should be rooted out and exposed for who they are.

*This surgery would take 3 months to do the basic recovery.  Note I said basic, it’s another 12-18 months to relearn how to use my hand in general.  Not including how to write, type, or most important to me playing my flute.

SSCC #37–Seaside Heights NJ

It appears that not only did they attempt to intimidate this individual into no longer filming in public, but the also beat him numerous times including while in jail.  They use false charges to arrest the individual.

As I have said previously, if you have a problem with the public video taping you while on duty, maybe you should reevaluate your behavior.  You know video’s of cops when they do something bad take off like wildfire.  Just the same they take off when they do something good as well.*

Because cops are exempt from having their behavior being documented in public.  How else would the public know about their abuses and misdeeds?

*I do need to send an email to the Oceanside Police department praising them for the actions of that officer.  It does provide me with a glimmer of hope seeing other officers who behave like that.  I just wish the good ones would help reign in the bad ones.

In America Self-Defense can be a Crime

Around these parts we have a saying, follow the three ‘S’s and you can’t go wrong.  For those that don’t know the three S’s are Shoot, Shovel, and Shut-up.  This was coined most predominantly in dealing with the wolf problems in the area.  Well it has now expanded to cover any defense shooting involving an animal.

Jeremy M. Hill, 33, pleaded not guilty in U.S. District Court to killing the animal with a rifle on his 20-acre property near Porthill, Idaho, at the Canadian border. He lives five miles from the closest grizzly bear recovery zone.

Why was the Grizzly bear shot I hear you ask.  It was the standard reason for any defensive gun use.

He said his son was concerned for the safety of his children playing outside when a mother grizzly and two cubs wandered onto his property on May 8.

The bears had gone after some pigs in a pen that the kids had been raising, Mike Hill said.

Heaven forbid you use deadly force against an animal that can kill a full grown man without thinking twice.  The debate about the wolf has been the biggest pile of crap I’ve ever seen.  Why?  Because every last complaint against hunting is filed by people who live out of state and are unfamiliar with the actual situation on the ground.

I can guarantee you that the next time someone has to shoot a grizzly in self-defense, it’s NOT going to be reported.  There is no such thing as winning a law suit, all you can do is scrape by.  Any and every law suit is best avoided.

Ultimately this man is being charged because his son acted in defense of his family and then did the right thing by notifying authorities.  We now see the reason the authorities wanted notification is so they can punish someone for being self reliant.  Or maybe that’s how they plan on closing the budget deficit.

SSCC #36–Grant County WV

10. At all relevant times mentioned herein Defendant Cooper was employed as a Grant County Sheriff Deputy and was acting in his official capacity.

21. Defendant Cooper then forced Dylan to perform oral sex and subsequently forcefully sodomized Dylan.

Seriously while reading it I kept thinking that this was going down in the back woods of Georgia and I kept hearing this in the background.  You know you’re in trouble when the cop pulls into a truck stop to have you piss into a cup that he just picked up at the hospital.

The case document doesn’t provide evidence, however I suppose when he pooped out a pile of white cream it would tie the officer to the crime.  Not to mention the injuries sustained in the event. 

Seriously read the sequence of events in the charging documents, it’s quite disturbing since that could easily have been anyone.

I’ll let it stand unless something comes out later at which point I’ll retract it.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 36

Because how else is someone to act out Deliverance for real?

It Can’t Happen Here–St. Tammany Parish

In light of Columbine, people are more aware and pay more attention to the rumors and threats that float around about possible school shootings, especially among high school aged students.  In St. Tammany, a potential Columbine redux was stopped before it could be executed, thanks to aware citizens who took the threats seriously. The threats were credible to start with, not just rumors, as going off half-cocked could cause the harassment of the innocent or catching the guilty too early could make them look innocent. 

Last week, deputies with the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office arrested three 15-year-old Lakeshore High School students, each accused of plotting a shooting rampage on the first day of school, scheduled for tomorrow. The teens, two from Lacombe and one from Mandeville, allegedly were part of a group called “Day Zero” that both targeted specific students on the LHS campus and talked of random shooting.

We are very fortunate this group’s threats were taken seriously. Had they not been, the 2011-12 school year could have begun with a tragedy at the parish’s newest high school.

Remember, criminals are nondiscriminatory.  There is no area that is exempt and no magical zone is safe, it’s just like Pacific Playland.

Please note, both incidents occurred in a “gun free zone”.

Gun Free ≠ Safe

Booger Hook Off the Bang Switch

Klepic had been shopping for a gun with her husband, Robert Klepic, around 2 p.m. Sunday when she was shot in the abdomen and died after being flown to York Hospital, which is why the autopsy was performed in that county.

There are 5 basic rules to gun safety, the 2 most principal rules were violated in this instance.

  • Don’t muzzle anything you are not willing to destroy or part with.
  • Keep your booger hook off the bang switch until you’re ready to fire.

I feel for this man for having lost his wife because it is such a heavy punishment for a mistake.  That’s the thing with firearms though.  They are unforgiving, harsh, and require strict attention.  Often I see people get careless while handling a firearm using the excuse that it’s unloaded.  The bottom line is even when you know it’s unloaded, unless doing something such as cleaning, you should always be following good muzzle control.  It helps keep the habit solid and helps prevent allowing your brain to be careless.

If you’re handling a firearm and you’re not immediately disassembling it to clean it, treat it like it’s loaded even if its not.  Train your brain to think about where the muzzle is at all times.  Even when cleaning I avoid muzzling anything until disassembly has started.  For example in an AR, upper and lower is separated, a 1911 or XD has the slide and barrel removed, in a revolver the cylinder is removed.  As long as the hammer can find the firing pin, I treat the firearm as if it is “loaded”, since it has the potential energy in all the right places that if a round was in the chamber, it would go bang.  Same thing goes for reassembly, once that condition becomes true again, muzzle control is strictly enforced.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  The bottom line is you act how you train, if you train your mind to always know where the muzzle is and avoid things you care about it goes a long way to preventing accidents like this.  Your brain can recognize a condition and correct it without you even realizing it.  Make your brain know what you want to happen subconsciously.  The bottom line is form habits of good gun handling and stick to them.

For those who don’t know rule 5, here’s a reminder.  Don’t try and catch a falling gun.

A note: I hate doing posts like this cause I don’t like standing up and calling someone an idiot who just lost his wife over a stupid mistake.  I made a dumb mistake and almost lost my wife, it was with a car not a gun, but I know how the thought of the decision lingers.  Seriously, it lingers more than anyone could possibly imagine.  My situation was different but it still boils down to the following: it’s a lesson people can learn from.  The above is a perfect example as to why the rules are so damn important.  A smart man learns from his mistakes, a wise man learns from other people’s mistakes.  Learn from this mans mistake,  watch your muzzle and booger hook.

Every Sperm is Sacred

NoteEvery sperm is great. If a sperm is wasted, God gets quite irateNote

People flipped their shit over tanks that fell from a Greyhound bus.  Granted, gas was escaping the top of the canisters along with a foul odor.  The on-ramp to I-65 South in Nashville, TN was closed and Hazmat brought in.  The canisters contained liquid nitrogen and, you guessed it, semen. 

Coming from an animal science background, the bull semen contained in the canisters is most likely useless now that the liquid nitrogen escaped and a foul odor was emanating from them.  That is a lot of wasted money, not to mention a major set back to the breeding facility where they were headed.  Choosing sperm for such facility is not a simple task.  Each cow to be bred is matched with a specific bull for various traits to be passed on to offspring. The collection of said semen is also an arduous task and who knows if there is extra semen ready to go to cover such a loss.

It’s a shame for the poor guy that spent all that time collecting the semen.  All that time jacking off the bull just got dumped over the highway for nothing.  Hopefully the bull will still talk to him after the last venture cause it looks like they’ll be visiting each other again.

Reminds me of a lesson one of my instructors told us.  You only suck too hard once while mouth pipetting semen.  He was speaking from experience.

SSCC Honorable–State of MA

It appears that the state of Massachusetts decided that instead of doing their job they preferred to let a criminal roam free.

An immigrant from Ecuador living illegally in the United States, Guaman may face deportation by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency following his arrest.

That’s not surprising, but then look at his history.

Milford police arrested Guaman in 2008 on charges of assault and battery on a police officer and at least one public employee and of breaking and entering, according to the police and the Worcester district attorney’s office. The case was continued without a finding for one year.

They didn’t throw his ass out when the had the chance.  The result sadly is not unsurprising.

MILFORD – Nicolas Guaman, accused of dragging a motorcyclist for a quarter of a mile after a collision, showed not a flicker of emotion when police told him the motorcyclist was dead, a document filed in court yesterday showed.

The state has it’s hands in the blood of that motorcyclist.  Their refusal to punish the individual responsible for his crimes and lack of respect for society contributed to the cold blooded murder.  An active member of the state may not have committed the crime, but they aided and abided the man responsible.

Because it’s much easier to let the criminals roam free than do their job.

H/T: JayG