Bacon And Boomsticks

The wife and I were able to do the bacon today, not so much the boomsticks though.  That didn’t hold us back though.  As always we were packing, and we felt that we would put a little extra on the whole idea of bacon and boomsticks.


We went not only with bacon, but bacon baked beans, and then to add some extra icing on the cake kosher beef franks.  We all know how much those turban wearing asshats love the Jewish so I made sure that I was also sending money in a direction I knew would totally piss them off.

Then we totally violated the kosherness of the franks by wrapping them in bacon strips.



Then we went to the BBQ grill, and grilled those babies up.


We put more bacon into the baked beans.  Seriously Bush’s only two hunks of bacon for that entire can!?


Then we ate!


It was a great meal and the upshot was it added yet another opportunity to remember what today is and what we’ve lost.

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2 Responses to Bacon And Boomsticks

  1. JP says:

    I love wrapping hotdogs in bacon! Awesome.

    • Normally we’d used the big fatty dinner beef franks, but they were sold out.  Never the less they were still freaking yummy, and I had left overs for lunch!