SSCC #76-81: Philomath PD

On or about September 12,2009, Benton deputies visited the Holcombe residence at 24577 Ervin Rd. in Philomath due to a noise disturbance. Deputies found Danny Holcombe and Jane McWilliams naked in their hot tub. They compelled them to exit the hottub and invaded their privacy watching them leave naked. Benton officers pointed tasers at Mr. Danny Holcombe and Jane McWilliams while they were naked in their hot tub. Deputies also pointed a weapon at the unarmed 20 -year-old son Jon Holcombe. Deputy Gavatosky and Officer Doe wrongfully detained, arrested and charged Jane McWilliams, who never committed any crime and was trying to hold her robe closed. In the course of arrest, they exposed her nakedness and laughed about it, expounding how that is how they do it in Philomath. She spent a night in a filthy jail cell subjected to verbal abuse. All charges were dropped. 

Jon Holcombe sustained no charges. Deputy A Hardison tasered a half naked unarmed Danny Holcombe, with hands in his pockets, and dropped him to the ground, kicking his knee out from under him, hit him in the head with a solid object, resulting in bleeding, resulting in facial lacerations and a skull laceration and an aggravation of his former work-related injuries to his shoulders, right hand, left wrist ,back and neck. Danny Holcomb sustained Taser wounds to the chest and torso. He later treated at the hospital for left wrist subluxation, right shoulder and arm radial nerve damage, issues his right hand and thumb were crushed in the fall.

Yeah, you totally needed to taser a half naked man who was unarmed.  Then again I could see the individual being quite pissed off considering you were verbally degrading his wife.  Even if that’s the case I still don’t see a need for the taser or any of this incident at all.

Noise complaints to me are nothing more than the excuse cops use in most cases to go harass people.  Most people have never really heard something that would qualify as a noise complaint.  Try living in a college town some time, believe me if you can’t hear it 4 blocks away it doesn’t really count.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 81, Deputies Aaron Gevatosky, James Hardison, D. Iverson, Ed Nowak, and Officers M. Moser and John Doe (If you get a name please let me know)

Because when you’re a cop and bored, what better way to entertain yourself than harassing citizens in the privacy of their property and assaulting them while disrobed.

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