SSCC #76-81: Philomath PD

On or about September 12,2009, Benton deputies visited the Holcombe residence at 24577 Ervin Rd. in Philomath due to a noise disturbance. Deputies found Danny Holcombe and Jane McWilliams naked in their hot tub. They compelled them to exit the hottub and invaded their privacy watching them leave naked. Benton officers pointed tasers at Mr. Danny Holcombe and Jane McWilliams while they were naked in their hot tub. Deputies also pointed a weapon at the unarmed 20 -year-old son Jon Holcombe. Deputy Gavatosky and Officer Doe wrongfully detained, arrested and charged Jane McWilliams, who never committed any crime and was trying to hold her robe closed. In the course of arrest, they exposed her nakedness and laughed about it, expounding how that is how they do it in Philomath. She spent a night in a filthy jail cell subjected to verbal abuse. All charges were dropped. 

Jon Holcombe sustained no charges. Deputy A Hardison tasered a half naked unarmed Danny Holcombe, with hands in his pockets, and dropped him to the ground, kicking his knee out from under him, hit him in the head with a solid object, resulting in bleeding, resulting in facial lacerations and a skull laceration and an aggravation of his former work-related injuries to his shoulders, right hand, left wrist ,back and neck. Danny Holcomb sustained Taser wounds to the chest and torso. He later treated at the hospital for left wrist subluxation, right shoulder and arm radial nerve damage, issues his right hand and thumb were crushed in the fall.

Yeah, you totally needed to taser a half naked man who was unarmed.  Then again I could see the individual being quite pissed off considering you were verbally degrading his wife.  Even if that’s the case I still don’t see a need for the taser or any of this incident at all.

Noise complaints to me are nothing more than the excuse cops use in most cases to go harass people.  Most people have never really heard something that would qualify as a noise complaint.  Try living in a college town some time, believe me if you can’t hear it 4 blocks away it doesn’t really count.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 81, Deputies Aaron Gevatosky, James Hardison, D. Iverson, Ed Nowak, and Officers M. Moser and John Doe (If you get a name please let me know)

Because when you’re a cop and bored, what better way to entertain yourself than harassing citizens in the privacy of their property and assaulting them while disrobed.

Bacon And Boomsticks

The wife and I were able to do the bacon today, not so much the boomsticks though.  That didn’t hold us back though.  As always we were packing, and we felt that we would put a little extra on the whole idea of bacon and boomsticks.


We went not only with bacon, but bacon baked beans, and then to add some extra icing on the cake kosher beef franks.  We all know how much those turban wearing asshats love the Jewish so I made sure that I was also sending money in a direction I knew would totally piss them off.

Then we totally violated the kosherness of the franks by wrapping them in bacon strips.



Then we went to the BBQ grill, and grilled those babies up.


We put more bacon into the baked beans.  Seriously Bush’s only two hunks of bacon for that entire can!?


Then we ate!


It was a great meal and the upshot was it added yet another opportunity to remember what today is and what we’ve lost.

A More Free America

10 Years ago today I woke up in the morning astonished as to what I was seeing on the news.  I woke up that morning to head to class, it was my senior year of high school.  As always I watched the news while getting ready and at first I thought it was an ad for some new movie.  Then I watched the second plane crash into Tower 2 live.  I collapsed on my bed and yelled to my mom to turn on the TV down stairs.

We knew that nothing would be the same, sadly as my dad seemed to be able to do, he called what would happen.

A friend of mine nailed the correct response to the question, “Where were you 10 years ago today?”

His response, “A more free America.”

He’s right, everything has been done in the vain of security but the result has done nothing but destroy the freedoms and liberties we have.  My dad was right in his call because after that morning, we have done more damage to ourselves than they ever possibly could.  If they hated us for our way of life and freedoms prior to that day, they needed to do nothing more than watch us destroy ourselves.

Not even a month before the 9/11 attacks I walked on to a plane carrying my pocket knife.  While I was a scout in uniform, I can tell you that A Security Theater would molest me and steal my property today.  With DHS deeming us Scouts nothing more than terrorists that are intent on a suicide mission.  Sadly though I think that’s the point, none of this has been for security, but instead to destroy the freedoms we had.  If the TSA was about security, explain this, this, or this.  (I could keep going but you probably get the point.)

My dad actually called me to make sure I wasn’t going to run and enlist, he knew exactly what I was feeling. In the end I felt that it would do nothing to help, and it would be far better for me to continue the existing plan of going to the Academy or doing NROTC.  I received an appointment to Rice University the following February. 

I have not forgotten, nor will I ever forget. 

I have not forgotten what happened that fateful day, nor will I ever forget what America once was and what it should be.  This is no longer America.

Like JayG I’m still angry.  I however am not just angry at the people who perpetrated this attack, but also pissed at my elected representatives who seized on the opportunity to squander away my freedoms and that of my children.  Those freedoms are NOT yours to take.

SSCC 75–Keene PD

Whole thing is compressed quite easily into the following.  Contempt of cop.  I don’t know all the details but it appears cop saw people having a party.  The officer stopped because he was bored and claimed someone called it in for a noise complaint.  Then tried to steal property.

The icing in the cake was the use of mace to get someone to enter a police car while handcuffed.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 75

Because if someone doesn’t do what you want when being illegally arrested, mace them and beat them until they comply.

A Security Theater and Illegal Aliens

Further evidence that TSA is really A Security Theater.

This month a federal audit reveals that, after nearly a decade, the TSA still can’t guarantee that agents working in “secure” areas of airports don’t pose a risk. That’s because the agency doesn’t always verify the identity of job applicants or even their legal status against a government immigration database.

This means that the TSA can’t account for agency employees with access to secure areas of airports, according to a Homeland Security Inspector General report made public a few days ago.

(Emphasis Mine) These are the same people who are given a free pass to sexually assault law abiding airline passengers, allows pedophiles to screen children, and overall is nothing but a group of individuals whose sole turn on is the abuse and molestation of the American people.

While claiming to act in the necessary methods to ensure security they have let unscreened unsecured persons into their own rank and file.  If I was a terrorist I would become a TSA agent, what better way to hide than in plain sight.  Especially considering these crap shoveling idiots couldn’t catch the clap in a whore house.

The TSA has never caught one single terrorist, not only that but they failed every last red team exercise.  They have however abused the very people who were responsible for stopping terrorist attacks in progress.  A security theater is nothing more than a ploy to make the ignorant and stupid feel safe.  Those of us with brains though carry the brunt of the burden by receiving the largest amount of abuse from agents.  Look how they treat anyone who opts out.

These piss swilling cheeba monkeys are TSA agents because of one of the following three conditions:

  1. They are too stupid to get a job any place else, including McDonald’s.
  2. They get off on
    physically molesting people

  3. They are wanting
    crimes of opportunity for theft


There are no other options.  While one would say maybe they just need a job, the bottom line is they sold their morals down the river and now are molesting people.  They are molesting people cause obviously they’re too stupid to get a job any place else.  If they just needed a job and didn’t like molesting people they would tell their supervisor to go fuck themselves because the molestation is unlawful.

The TSA is pointless though for yet another reason, it’s the equivalent of defensive fortifications.  If you play defensively you are playing a reactionary game.  The offenses goal is to find holes or methods around your defenses.  You are doing nothing to occupy them or distract them from attacking their goal.  It’s a pointless endeavor that will always end in failure.  How many people do you know that can actually win a game of chess by only playing defensively.  At best they can stalemate, however most like they they are going to loose since they will never take a piece from their opponent.

Anyone who claims the TSA is doing a good job is a mumbling imbecile who couldn’t pour piss out of a boot while reading the directions on the heel.  Day after day, month after month, incident after incident is found that shows just how pointless the TSA is.  Seriously, why do we put up with them and those that work for them?  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, ostracize those who work for the TSA, make them feel uncomfortable, and make sure to tell those dough assed shit hooks exactly what they are.  The Brown Shirts of the 21st century.  If you think I’m wrong remember “Terror must be broken by Terror”.  What else would you call their behavior other than terror?

Accountability: Social Worker in Pittsburgh

Looks like I might create a happier post series to go along with the State Sponsored Criminal Count.  This one however will be much happier.  The bottom line is when you see a state official getting held accountable for doing something stupid, it goes in the series.

I posted earlier about the judge ruling that the owners of a dog who was killed by an officer during a B.S. search could in fact file civil suit against the officer.  Well this one is even better.

Social workers must stand trial for seizing a newborn baby without finding out whether a poppy-seed bagel could have caused the child’s mother to test positive for a trace amount of opiates, a federal judge ruled.

From reading the court filing the social worker only accepted the least credible information indicating “possible exposure to opiates.”  Disregarding all other evidence to the contrary, including other medical information that proved it the test to be in error.  Then after the social worker discovered her error, she continued to refuse to return the child.

Why would this qualify under the accountability series, this oh so wonderful series of words:

The caseworker, Chrissy Montague, claimed she was entitled to immunity
from suit because her petition for a court order to confiscate the baby
was done in furtherance of her statutory mandate to protect children
from abuse.

Cercone said that claim was “wide of the mark.”

“These allegations identify decisions and actions that are beyond the
petitioning and ministerial functions and are predicated on factual
assertions that do not establish entitlement to immunity as a matter of
,” Cercone wrote.

Emphasis mine. The thought of one of these baby stealing, moral pushing, doughassed pricks finally being held accountable like this makes me all giddy inside.  It’s not some jack booted thug on a no-knock, but it’s certainly a start and on a subject just as terrifying.

All I can think of is this phrase from The New Guy.

So, tonight I’ll work on creating a submission form for yet another series.  Hopefully this one will be better for people’s health reminding them there is still a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.  What I do need though is a catchy witty title.  If you have ideas, please throw them in the comments.  Seriously though if you see one, email it to me.  Common, these events are not.

Speaking of Puppy Killing Police

Linoge posted a blog yesterday on something a little happier than my average State Sponsored Criminal Count series.  I also know some of my more common readers are wondering if I own stock in Pfizer because the series is doing not so nice things to their blood pressure.

So I came across this and while the starting story is bad, I must say it’s nice to see that the family isn’t getting screwed.

Bandit, a “harmless and gentle dog” that was euthanized after the shooting, never attacked anybody, the family claimed in February.

But that didn’t stop Deputy Sheriff William Vernoski from opening a backyard gate and shooting the pup with a .45-caliber pistol from 10 feet away, according to the suit.

Ends up the cop was serving a 9 year old warrant for the ex-husband who hadn’t lived there for 7 years.  Awesome police work isn’t it, well it gets better!  Ends up he then tried to silence the family by filing a citation claiming the dog escaped and attacked a sheriff.  

Cops hate dogs, there’s no question.  Any time a cop shows up at someone’s house and they have a dog they seem to die.  Even if it’s in it’s carrier and poses no threat to the officer.

Thankfully the judge in this case said the cop isn’t safe from the civil suit.  It’s a small win, but I’ll take it.

SSCC #74–Umatilla County DA

A former district attorney twice sexually assaulted his secretary and threatened to get her fired if she told anyone, the secretary claims in Federal Court.

The next day, he forced her to "engage in sexual acts against her will under threat of physical force and retribution in the workplace," according to the complaint. Over the next eight months, the district attorney subjected the woman to physical, sexual and emotional abuse that "altered the terms of her employment," the lawsuit states.

Just to prove it’s not just total hot air:

At the conclusion of the investigation, the state attorney general "admitted that Defendant Gushwa engaged in sexual touching of Plaintiff during work hours through an unlawful exercise of his official duties. Defendant State of Oregon also admitted that Defendant Gushwa threatened Plaintiff with job consequences if she did not remain silent about the sexual relationship."

Honestly I can think of nothing scarier than a corrupt district attorney without any morals.  Then again that would be making the assumption that lawyers have morals.  The woman did evidently seek help from the proper agencies but was ignored.  Again who want’s to piss off the DA that can throw you in jail on his own personal whim.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 74

Because being a DA means you get your way or they get thrown in the hot box.