It Can’t Happen Here–Lakeland, FL

In September, a former Deacon of Lakeland Church in Florida killed
his wife then shot a couple clergymen at the church.
  Parishioners tackled
the man after he started shooting and subdued him until the authorities
arrived.  What makes this an It
Can’t Happen Here
type of story is the following:

never heard of any problems there,” said Bryan Neely, who owns a motorcycle shop
about two blocks away.

Just because you haven’t heard of problems doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

trying to find out exactly what forced him to go into this killing rage on a
Sunday morning,” said Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd. “It’s sad because of all
the places you should be safe, you should be safe in your house of worship. And
you should be safe in your house of worship on a Sunday morning.”


we can’t feel safe in the church, where can we feel safe?” Johnson

One should be able to feel safe in their own home too.  Doesn’t mean that is
going to be the case all the time. 

Crime does not discriminate.  Just because it is a place of worship does
not mean it is exempt.

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