Quote of the Day – DaddyBear (10/27/2011)

Yeah, the rich are getting richer faster than the poor are.  Anyone want
to admit that it’s not because of their race, or their family tree, or
their political connections that they got that way?  My guess is that
most of them got that way because they got up every day, worked
themselves to death, and got to bed late after putting everything they
had into their job or their business.

Blood is BoilingDaddyBear

[Seriously go read the whole thing.  There were numerous parts that I wanted to use as the quote of the day, I felt this one worked the best.  The bottom line is he’s right, these spoiled children think they’re poor and disadvantaged, yet they have iPhones, laptops, food, and water.  These people think they’re poor when in reality relative to the rest of the world they have life easy. 

My wife is working her ass off right now, and so am I.  When we’re not working on our day jobs that have a solid steady pay, we’re working on side work for extra income.  I am sleeping about like I did in college right now.  The reason being is I’m spending the rest of that time working on the blog or other web/software ventures, or working on products to tie to those ventures.

I haven’t had a chance to work on t-shirt ideas lately since I’m working on getting the shop back up and running.  My goal is to find a way to mass produce a couple things I have designed and built for my own personal use.  I don’t want anyone to hand me anything.  What I do want is for people to leave me to the results of my labor.  Saying someone should share the wealth when they are working 10 hour days, plus another 4 hours on pet projects at home is bull crap.  Why should someone who doesn’t work be paid for doing nothing by the person who does?

Leave me to profit from my labors and ideas.  Stop trying to redistribute my wealth! -B]

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