SSCC #190 – #191 – Seatle PD

Video and audio from the scene indicates the officers opened their car
doors briefly and shouted, “Hey. Stop moving.  Hey,” as Jefferson
started to  park his car. The officers shut their doors and drove
forward a few feet, while one officer told the other inside the case
“Just yank ‘em, right out.”

Without even fully assessing the situation they made the determination to use physical force.  Now before you say, “Well maybe it was necessary, he was hiding something.”

After finding no weapons or drugs in Jefferson’s car, SPD arrested him for “obstruction.”

Prosecutors later dropped that charge.

So let me get this straight the officers decided before even really making contact with the suspect to execute a use of physical force.  They then beat this man after pulling him from his car.  After beating him and searching his vehicle and finding nothing they trump a charge to justify the use of force.  Then the department comes and puts the icing on the cake.

“Had they shot him or something of that nature, I think we’d all be
saying that was excessive, but what they did was they took him into
custody, using physical force, no question about that, and he was
injured in the process. I think that’s unfortunate, but it’s not
unreasonable under the circumstances.”

This coming from the same department that did this little incident!?  How in the name of god is that even remotely justifiable.  They had no reasonable expectation to require the use of force at all.  No orders, no commands, just beat the hell out of the guy and we’ll fix it all in post.

State Sponsored Criminal Count:

190: Officer John Doe*

191: Officer John Doe*

Because in this day in age, go to full contact force first without reason or cause.  You can always make up something else later and the Seattle PD will back it up.

*As usual if you get a name please contact me.  I don’t care if they’re undercover cops, it’s getting posted.

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