Clarity Has Come To That Childhood Question

So growing up when the question was asked and it always was, “what Star Wars character would you be?”  I always said Han but never gave it a lot of thought as to exactly what really drew me to that conclusion.  Maybe it’s because he was indepenedent and a smuggler.  My libertarian leanings run deep even to my childhood.  Then this week Phil posted something which Linoge commented on.


Han was calm and cool no matter what was going down.  Then I saw this comment from Wolfman:

Han Solo is remarkable in this regard throughout the storyline. Stormtroopers got you on the run? Scream in a bloodcurdling manner and chase them, they won’t expect that. Luke Skywalker in over his head and probably dying (again? geez…) of hypothermia? Make the decision and go out after him. Tauntaun dies? Looks like a warm place to stash an idiot friend for a while. Whole base is a trap geared for your destruction? Stay flexible, and trap them right back. He’s the only character in the series that actually pulls the trigger on Vader, and he does it more than once. Be like Han, indeed…

That put it in perspective quite well. I always thought of Skywalker as a whiny little bitch. I had never thought about everything Han did though.  Ultimately I’d want to be the bad ass who shoots at Darth Vader.  

If you told Han how much of a bad ass he is.  Han’s only response would be, “I know“.

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