Winter has arrived finally on the Palouse

I was beginning to wonder if it would ever actually show up.  Well we’ve got a pretty nice storm right now.  I had wind blowing me around on ice the whole way home.  I’m glad the wife and I got out of work early to get home so we were traveling while it was still daylight.

Here’s what we were greeted with as we went to drop the wife off at work this morning.




The fuel tanker chained up before trying to get out it was too late though.  He slid right in to the curb before he really was able to get going.

On the way home we were greeted with this:IMAG0033



Yes that’s a fire hydrant.  Note the stop sign too as well as the street signs.  I’m not exactly sure what happened because the position of the vehicle with where the road is just doesn’t make sense.  I will say it happened right before we got there because we first saw it and no one was on scene yet.  I parked the car and walked back to take pictures, I like my new phone, and they were arriving on scene.

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3 Responses to Winter has arrived finally on the Palouse

  1. I made it home around 19:00, not a fun drive!

  2. Agirlandhergun says:

    Last year we had 10 snow days for our local schools. This year we have had 10 snow flakes. It’s crazy!

    • I didn’t go into work yesterday.  I kind of wish I hadn’t bothered coming in today.  Highway was mainly ice the whole way in.  Once I got into town, the roads got even worse.

      WSU actually shut down yesterday, when I woke up I havd about 3/16 of an inch worth of ice covering everything.  I said screw it I’m staying home.