Do I Look Like a Maternal Copulating Opossum?

It seems that particular parts of humanity wish to surrender their place on the top of the food chain and force that decision upon others.  Every week there is a new article showing how bad this situation is getting.  Lets start off at the beginning and work our way up to the idiocy which indicates how how we are ensuring our own destruction.

Starting off there is the wolf issue that has been created by a bunch of tree huggers that don’t have to live with the problem.  The wolf is endangered I hear you cry.  Well when you introduce a predator into an area with 0 other predators you end up with a serious problem.  Doubly so when that predator is a non-native species.  They start decimating herds of animals that aren’t used to the new predator, and nothing kills the new predator.  They multiply like rabbits, meaning they need more food to survive, further destroying the local herds of elk and deer.

How bad can it really be though?

In a highly unusual move for wolves, they killed about 120 adult male sheep in one incident on the Rebish/Konen Livestock Ranch south of Dillon last week.

That compares with a total of 111 sheep killed by wolves in Montana in 2008, according to Carolyn Sime, the statewide wolf coordinator for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks

Even with numerous incidents like this going on, you have people and groups who live well outside the area that don’t have to deal with the problem saying the wolves shouldn’t be hunted.  It took multiple federal law suits to finally get the ban on hunting lifted.  The scariest thing about all this though isn’t the effect on live stock, it’s the view that the predator begins to take towards humans.  They no longer view us as a threat.  Don’t believe me, here’s an incident out of Alaska.

Authorities were in an Alaska Peninsula village Tuesday investigating whether a 32-year-old schoolteacher, found dead off a road leading out of town, was killed in a wolf attack, according to state and local officials.

Wild animals are dangerous, yet we have groups screaming  who consist of people like this woman.

The moose was reported to be in the Town Square Park area in Anchorage, and had been seen there all day feeding on the trees. The woman, reported to be in her 20s, was kicked in the chest and shoulder by the moose after attempting to pet it. After she was checked by medics, she amazingly didn’t have to go to the hospital.

Mother nature is not a Disney movie, Bambi isn’t real, and four legged varmints still see you as a possible meal.  Doubly so when you are no longer providing a reason for them to fear us.

How dangerous can wolves really be though.  Yeah they killed the woman in Alaska and they’re problematic for ranchers.  Does that really mean they can easily kill people though?


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That predator is big enough that it can take down a person for a meal, doubly so when it’s running in a pack.  This problem isn’t just restricted to wolves though.

Here is an incident out of St. Louis that is strangely familiar as there is a similar problem here in Washington.

Aldermanic President Lewis Reed is sounding the alarm. “I’ve witnessed packs of dogs, 10 and 15 dogs running together, and I’ve seen all these dogs I’m talking about they don’t have collars, they don’t have tags, these are truly wild dogs,” he said.

Reed says stray dogs are terrorizing the north side. ”It’s obscene that parents have to walk their kids to school, in some parts of the city, with a golf club to fend off wild dogs.”

Think about that for a second.  The animals have been left alone to the point where they are acting predatory to humans.  Instead of actually really doing something about the problem, their solution is to hire a bunch of dog catchers at the cost of a half million.  Arming your current catchers to immediately remove them from the population can help solve the problem.  If the dogs react in fear to humans even if they’re wild the threat is diminished.  For those who say, arm them with what.  You can use an air gun, if they can take a hog they can take a dog.  No serious threat to the public by over penetration either.

The problem is when we let animals view us no longer as a predator, they naturally see us as prey.  Our culture as well as our laws are forcing more people to surrender their status.

In other areas we have people being terrorized by, wait for it, wild turkeys!

Neighbors told Duffy the turkeys have been in the area for years and usually scurry away when folks walk by. They say only recently two turkeys broke off from the flock and are intent on standing guard in their own empty lot.

They don’t see us as a predator anymore.  When you run away, that ingrains that belief that you are weaker further in their brain.  If you’re not willing to fight for your position on the top, or cannot fight and maintain it, you are not the king predator anymore.

From Clayton Cramer and Sebastian we see how crazy this push to remove our status on the top of the food chain is. 

The sign warns you that mountain lions are a problem, and if threatened, you are supposed to not run, do not panic, try to appear larger than you are (which only works for me when I am dieting), and attempt to pick up small children who are with you without bending over or turning away from the mountain lion.

And best of all: firearms are strictly prohibited in the nature preserve.  So, remember, if all else fails, fight the mountain lion in hand-to-hand combat.  Look, I have had house cats that made me regret trying to pick them up, and I’m supposed to fight a 150 pound mountain lion unarmed?

I hate putting all that in here but it just makes the point of how dumb these people are.  They recommend beating the mountain lion with a stick, which is ok if you’re unprepared (which you shouldn’t be).  Clayton goes on to prove why beating a cougar with a stick shouldn’t be a your first line option.

That’s what bugs me.  Just like the anti rights people, these other groups seem intent on making people be prey, whether it be for two legged or four legged predators.  They want to make the decision regarding self defense for everyone else.  Concern is given for the predator completely ignoring the prey.

Which brings us to the biggest piece of idiocy I have seen in a long time.

Via Uncle this morning I found this:

Cuccinelli said D.C.’s new rat law–the Wildlife Protection Act of 2010 (Wildlife Protection Act of 2010.pdf) –is “crazier than fiction” because it requires that rats and other vermin not be killed but captured, preferably in families; no glue or snap traps can be utilized; the rodents must be relocated from where they are captured; and some of these animals may need to be transferred to a “wildlife rehabilitator” as part of their relocation process.

Mice are like rabbits.  No matter how hard you try you can’t kill them all.  Not only that, you’re effort here to save the mice is for what?  Do you want to help spread Bubonic Plague and all the other diseases that rats spread.  Seriously, what in the hell is the problem with killing varmints and vermin that are a detriment to the public health?  Not to mention the damage that they can do.

Seriously the only upside of this is if there was a plague outbreak that wiped out DC to destroy the idiots that passed this dumb ass legislation to begin with.  I know that won’t happen though and it’s doubly annoying since you’ve also got legislation that is preventing the use of effective pesticides.  Just like a ‘yote, the only good mouse is a dead mouse.

So here we have our government joining with a bunch of tree huggers that are throwing rational logical thought out the window.  We have a group of people forcing their morality on others despite the injury and detriment it can have on others.  We have the government aiding in creating victims of 4 legged predators as well as diseases from varmints and vermin.  The worry about extinction to me falls short of killing people. 

If you think that people should die instead of the predators, my only request is you do it first.  Leaders lead by example and if you think someone shouldn’t be allowed to carry a firearm to fend of a wild animal, you need to live in that area and suffer the effects of living there.  If you want to tell someone they can’t kill the mice infesting their house, you need to live in the mouse infested house.  No one has any business forcing their morality on another.

I am not going to play dead for any predator.  Two or four legged and I’m not going to walk around unarmed to make some hippie feel like he’s saving the environment.

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