Again, I Am Not An Opossum!

As I previously talked about here, it seems there are many who do not actually understand how the food chain works.  Via Weer’d I found another incident to add to the list.

New Hampshire officials say a teenager walking his dog in Hopkinton was attacked by a coyote and is receiving a course of rabies shots as a precaution.

I did a long post regarding this previously but it serves as a reminder.  Wild animals are wild and just by being born a human does not mean you’re exempt from being prey.  If an animal is hungry, guess what, like them, you’re made of meat, and they’ll have you for dinner and not in the good way!

Carry your gun and be prepared to use it, it isn’t just two legged varmints that are problems.  They’ve even seen coyotes in New York City, this is not just a rural problem either.

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