Starbucks Appreciation Day take 2


Sebastian, today, called for another Starbucks Appreciation Day.  I have created a public event on Facebook to help get the word out.  Feel free to join and invite more people.

Thank Starbucks for following local laws and not discriminating against citizens exercising a constitutional right.

The National Gun Victim’s Action Council, an anti-rights group, is planning a boycott of Starbucks because the company does not discriminate against gun owners and those who exercise their right to carry a firearm for self defense. Starbucks respects local laws and does not create their own rules to disarm law abiding citizens

The company should be thanked for their continued respect of local laws, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Let Starbucks know we appreciate their stance and they should not bow to the wants of any anti-rights organizations that are truthfully in the minority.

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