There might be a hiccup

I’ve decided to give Cloud Flare a shot.  My load times are not nearly what I would like them to be so I figured I would see how well it works.

This means a DNS change to point to their cloud services.  If you see anything that broke, let me know.

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3 Responses to There might be a hiccup

  1. Old_NFO says:

    Hadn’t heard of them, but I’ll keep an eye out (and check them out too)!

    •  They attracted my attention because of a post from Linoge.  Upon inspection there is a free class of service which I figured I’d give a try and see how it works.

      It’s a bit steep at 20 bucks for the first site and 5 for each site after that.  But considering google shows my average page load time at over 15 seconds I wanted to try and find something to help improve that.

      I’m note sure if it’s going to work or not but I’m going to watch my analyitics profile to see what happens.  It also does some security in the back end to block harmful traffic. 

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