It can happen anywhere, any time…

When I got to work this morning I hear the following story across the news wire (paraphrased because I currently couldn’t it in article form*):

A Moscow mother was told to get in a car by an unknown individual.  The mother had just dropped her child off at daycare when an individual approached and told her to get in his car.  She promptly drove off in her vehicle and notified police. The mother describe the vehicle as a maroon astrovan and there was a Hispanic woman in the front seat.

Now immediately I remembered what Moscow PD advised everyone yesterday after an armed robbery.

One of the radio reports has the cops telling us, after this
incident, not to fight back– to do whatever the criminals tell us to

In two day’s we’ve had two instances of people doing the exact opposite of this advice and the whole situation working out quite better for the victim.  If you’re not willing to fight to survive, so be it, but don’t tell me and mine that it would be better to be violated by a criminal than fight back. 

What if all the criminal wants is your life?  Once you’re handcuffed in the back of the van, your ability to fight back has been removed.  Fight, fight hard, and plan to win.  Fighting back is what the criminal doesn’t expect, that surprise can shift the initiative.  Lastly, if you’re going to die, the least you can do is take the son of a bitch with you, less he prey on some other victim in the future.

Lastly, as can bee seen from the incident, it is not always the expected type of attack.  They reiterated over the radio that is was a mother and not a child who was told to get in the van.  How many parents worry about someone trying to take them while dropping their kid off?  They don’t, they’re worried about the kid. 

(Red team hat, here’s where you all think of me as an evil sadistic bastard).  From an attackers perspective, this actually is a good plan.  The parent will basically be “target fixated” on their child and focused on protecting the child from any threats.  When you’re target fixated though, that’s when the bandits wing man sneaks up on your six and plugs one through your exhaust hole.  While you’re still situationally aware, the parent is likely ignoring things that are not a threat to the child, including the blind spot of the parent.

Red team hat off.  Pay attention, don’t think that your child is the only possible target.  Even if they were the target, take out the parent who may not have noticed you yet.  If you go down, you’re no longer able to help and defend your child.  Lastly, never give the SOB what he wants, give him his tribute in “hot lead” instead.

*I am going to keep my eyes peeled for an actual article.  I just couldn’t let the “give them what they want” slip by.

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  1. McThag says:

    What’s that line?  “Nothing good happens at the secondary crime scene.”