SSCC #299–Harvey

A federal investigation of the Harvey Police Department found officers engaged in “heavy-handed uses of force that were largely avoidable.”

What kind of avoidable though?

“It is apparent that, at best, some of those incidents could have had a better outcome if the officer had employed different tactics. At worst, some of these incidents constitute prosecutable excessive force,” wrote Jonathan Smith, a Justice Department official.

So in other words they ran home to use of force because they could.  It ends up that at least half of the incidents investigated were all for some form of “contempt of cop”.  It appears that the city of Harvey Illinois firmly believes that their officers should behave like Eric Cartman.  The biggest lesson in this though is that usually corruption like this is systemic and spreads through all areas of the department.

More than 200 untested rape kits were discovered and the evidence led to charges against 14 people — including a sheriff’s correctional officer suspected in a 1997 assault of a child.

So as usual, they protected their own.  Still trust the our fearless overlords?  There’s a reason they’re fearless, it’s called qualified immunity.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 299: The Whole Harvey Police Department (If you don’t want to police your own, you’re culpable.)

Because being a cop means everyone must respect your authoritah, even the little kid you want to abuse.

Your Morning WTF Moment

Your Morning WTF Moment is brought to you by Visitor #60965.


I know, Rule #34.  For those uninitiated I give you this:


Still, I was astonished at that search phrase.

Dispatchers Statements are Not Orders

Here’s a prime example of why.

A Denver 911 operator was mistaken when he told a motorist to return to the area where he and his companions had been threatened in a road-rage incident — moments before a fatal shooting, the head of the city’s emergency phone system acknowledged Monday.

The men who called 911 didn’t want to return to the area of the road rage incident but eventually gave in to the “authority” of the dispatcher.  The dispatcher has no authority.  Get this through you head.  Despite what everyone is saying, even with some other recent incidents, just because a dispatcher says do X doesn’t mean you have to.  You are free to make the decision yourself and if you feel it to be bad advice you do not need to follow it.

Secondly, the police are under no obligation to protect you.  The police officers are not going to be dinged for not being there when this man was shot.  The dispatcher, despite his facilitation, will not be charged with murder.  You are responsible for your own defense and most assuredly if for some crazy reason you feel like heading back into a hot AO, carry your damn gun.  Because, most likely, you’re going to need it if people were already threatening you.  And if you’re heading to someplace where you think you’re going to need a gun, you’re breaking the first rule of survival, avoidance.  You carry for the unexpected, when trouble finds you, don’t go looking for trouble.

Quote of the Day – Marko Kloos

That intentionally making yourself weaker in the face of danger and aggression is somehow more civilized, moral, intelligent, or enlightened.

Marko KloosThe Ethics of Going Armed

March 13, 2012

[There are those who think the above is actually the real world.  I do not see an logical reason how the above could be true.  What is civilized about letting a rapist have his way with you?  What is moral about giving a mugger your life?  What is intelligent about letting a home invader have his way with you, your property, and your family?  What is enlightened about letting a criminal break the law?

I cannot fathom or even begin to understand these people.  I value my life, the life of my family, and the things that I spend my time earning.  That time I spend is a part of my life.  When someone threatens force to steal it, they are willing to both end my life, as well as steal the part of it I spent earning it.  What’s moral, civilized, intelligent, or enlightened about that?  What is moral, civilized, intelligent, and enlightened is to defend your family, your property, and yourself.  -B]

SSCC #298 – Houston

This cop needs to seriously calm the hell down.  He attempted to steal someone’s personal property and someone tried to step back.  The officer claims they touched him, even though video shows otherwise.  The officer claims to have authority when in fact he had none.

The reason the cop wanted that camera is because he wants to have total control of the situation, including evidence that could be used against him.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 298: Officer Marty Anthony

Because someone videotaping you is worthy of using physical force, including tasing someone.

Those of You in Arizona Stop Reading my Blog

Seriously.  It appears your state legislature feels that if my blog is offensive it has the right to criminally prosecute me.

The law, which is being pushed under the guise of an anti-bullying
campaign, would mean that anything communicated or published online
that was deemed to be “offensive” by the state, including editorials,
illustrations, and even satire could be criminally punished.

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while will remember that Joe and I earned the title back in January of “Most Offensive” from your counterparts in the anti-rights society.

News flash to the idiots in the Arizona legislature.  Welcome to the internet, if you’re not offending someone you’re doing it wrong.  You cannot have principals or convictions without someone becoming upset because they disagree with you.

This law cannot be seen as anything but a blatant violation of the First Amendment.  Here’s an idea to those who are offended by why what other people write, stop reading it. Seriously this isn’t A Clockwork Orange where someone has your eyes pried open and is forcing you to view media.  If you dislike what someone wrote, write a rebuttal and I’m sure the person you directed it at will take some sort of offense at it.

So without further ado, here is a salty profane open letter the the Arizona State Legislature which I will not remove for any reason (click read more to read below the fold, again language warning).

Dear Arizona Legislators and Senators,

Fuck you and the horses you rode in on.  How dare you or any of your self serving minions deem what we as a free people can and cannot write.  I don’t give two flipping shits if you, any of your mentally retarded staff, or puritan constituents dislike me, my blog, or are offended by anything I have to say.  If they don’t like what I said or how I said it the solution is quite simple, stop fucking reading it you ignorant buffoon.

I and no other person am forcing you to read my blog or any other material which I or any other person has written.  Just as I am free to write and say what I think and feel, as guaranteed by the First Amendment, you are just as free to write a disagreement, stop reading, and move on to someplace else.

Why don’t you and your tyrannical bible(not just Christian) thumpers, because honestly it’s religious zealots (this includes those who believe socialism and Communism will solve the nations problems while ignoring the lessons of the 20th century) who support this type of legislation, climb down off your crosses, tear it down, and use the wood to build a bridge to get over yourselves.  It is unsurprising that a bunch of elected power hungry misanthropes would want to limit speech they find to be offensive or critical of them.  Especially given the fact that individuals who differentiate themselves from the “collective” are the first to get a bullet in the back of the neck in a mass grave. They are now needing a way to control those individuals and remove them from the collective. What is surprising though is for one reason or another your electorate is too stupid to see that you and your entire staff are in dire need of an application of tar and feathers.  Doubly surprising is these power hungry fools seem to think we wouldn’t notice or be concerned at their new legislation and its potential for misuse.

You and your cohorts are nothing more that a bunch of fucking check valves attempting to stifle free thought, free speech, and free opinion.  Every last one of you who voted to approve this legislation is not a human being but an animal wishing to dominate over their fellow man.  You feel your constituents are there to serve you and it is not your role to serve them.  Those of you who voted against it though you said no, you obviously didn’t do enough.  For you should have shamed every last individual willing to vote for or abstain on the vote.  You should have offended and shamed them both to prove why what they were doing is wrong by pointing out the fact they’re outlawing dissent and differing opinion.  Lastly every last one of you who abstained in that vote is nothing more than a yellow bellied coward that supported those animals but didn’t have enough of a spine to actually stand up and admit it.

Lastly I am grossly offended by this piece of legislation.  You read that right, your legislation offends me, as it is nothing but an effort to stifle the rights of a free people.  As such I expect should Jan Brewer prove herself to be a power hungry bitch instead of a good person who respects the rights of free people, you shall promptly turn yourselves into your local police departments for prosecution under you new statue.  I’m not sure exactly how that would work under Ex Post Facto, but I’m sure we can work something out.

I suggest you and your shit-hook compatriots just go and leave us the hell alone, if not I’m sure this will not be the only public letter of this nature.  It’s not our fault that you’re all a bunch of lazy dough-assed morons who can’t seem to understand that offending people comes with the territory of having an opinion and having the ability to think for yourself.  If you do understand that then your are some of the most evil people in the world and I’m sure you would be the first to demand that the free thinkers be sent to the gas chambers.

So, in closing.  Fuck you, fuck your family, fuck any of your supporters, and lastly fuck anyone offended by this post.  Because by god if you’re offended by what I wrote, you’re not my friend, you’re my enemy.  Frankly if I’ve offended someone one and they’re my enemy, I take that as a good thing, it means I stood for something in my life.



Interesting, I didn’t make that nearly as much of a straight profanity laced rant I thought it was going to be.

You know, maybe they’re right

You know, after 4 years of pro gun blogging. I was thinking this morning maybe I have had it all wrong.

Maybe the right to keep and bear arms isn’t all that important. Maybe the government should just do everything for us. After all it is the government what reason do we have not to trust them.

Yeah my the State Sponsored Criminal Count shows corruption but deep down you know they really mean well.

So yeah, I think I’ve got it all wrong, I’ve never had to use my firearm so why should anyone else need one.