There might be a hiccup

I’ve decided to give Cloud Flare a shot.  My load times are not nearly what I would like them to be so I figured I would see how well it works.

This means a DNS change to point to their cloud services.  If you see anything that broke, let me know.

SSCC #303-305: New Haven

Here’s one giant bag of unpossible given these are anointed individuals.

Three police officers were arrested on charges of interfering with a police officer, and two of them were charged with unlawfully discharging their guns.

The arrests followed an investigation into a claim that one or more off-duty officers illegally fired guns early Sunday outside a bar. No injuries were reported.

Don’t worry though.  I’m sure even with their gross negligence they will continue to be paid by the taxpayers during the investigation.  Even if they do find something though, don’t fret because I’m sure the punishment will be more training.  Never mind the fact that something ad dumb as this qualifies under the “You Can’t Fix Stupid” clause.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 303: Lawrence Burns

304: Charles Kim

305: Krzystof Ruszczyk

Because guns and alcohol only don’t mix if you’re a civilian.  Just the same it’s only civilians who can always hold their liquor.

SSCC #302–West Virginia

A former Pocahontas County sheriff’s deputy has been indicted for allegedly sexually abusing four children and one adult woman over a period of 10 years.

Yes it is just as bad as it sounds.

The indictment alleges Totten, a former sheriff’s deputy, forced four juvenile girls and one adult woman to have sex while in the line of duty. The adult was allegedly forced to have sex while incarcerated, the indictment says.

None of the victims are relatives or family members.  Even the police have bad eggs, yet they get a free pass to qualified immunity and laws that help restrain victims from fighting back.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 302: Bradley C. Totten

Because the law exists to protect the thugs who decide to commit their crimes while working for the state.  Their only request is you not get caught.

Now I’m 100% Legal…

Laziness has been winning as of late.  The wife’s new license came in yesterday and I’m going to need my wallet one with me for the upcoming jet boat races so I’m finally finished up something in my station.


I’ve had a VHF rig I’ve been borrowing, but my license has been in the filing cabinet.  I even left my wallet one in there too and just had my original call license in my wallet.  I remedied that today and posted both our licenses next to the radio on my desk.  I’m now kosher for the paper pushers.  I also put the updated license in my wallet finally.

There are some things I get very lazy about, dotting my eyes on paperwork or placing papers in a special spot to make people feel good is one of those things*.

*Except if this was a repeater site, I would make sure I had a license on the cabinet with the rest of my contact info.  The desk in my office though, not so much. 

In other news, as recommended by Unc, AirDroid makes life easy.  Grabbing files off the phone is much easier (again lazy wins).

On the Blogger Roll

It’s not because I hate or dislike those on my Blogger Roll.  I’ve actually been meaning to go and update it and add those who have added me recently.

For some reason the filter at my place of employment, which as I have stated will remain nameless, has become a bit aggressive.  The upshot was it alerted me to a issue with a friends site

Going back to the filter though, it blocks sites which contain links to sites it has deemed “malicious”.  So in other words my site is guilty by “association” by linking to their “malicious site”.  The thing is that’s a great way to block a bunch of sites merely because they link to what is normally an honest site but has been hacked. 

Well I have discovered that someone in my blogger roll is also one of those “guilty by association” type links.  I think I have found who it is, and I will email them if it’s confirmed tomorrow.  I have reposted the blogger roll with the potential link disabled, if my blogger roll disappears tomorrow it means my hunch wasn’t successful.

That said, my site is currently off everyone’s radar and I’d rather keep it that way, so I’m not about to email to bitch and cause my site to appear on a radar.  I wish there was a utility with this particular filters site to plug in a url and have it list the offending links.  Instead it just blocks, no feedback, and you’re stuck guessing which site is the bad link.  Which is why I’m not a fan of WebSense.

Someone Needs to Be Fired

A 15-year-old Steilacoom girl is kicked off an amtrak train in the middle of the trip to Portland.

It wasn’t because she misbehaved, but because she was too young to travel without an adult. Her parents are furious at the way Amtrak handled the situation and decided to Get Jesse.

Someone was obviously on a power trip.  Whoever thought that was a good idea obviously is a prime candidate to go work for the TSA.  Now someone may say they were right, I however, thanks to personal experience can call total BS on it.

Summer after 5th grade, when I was only 11 years old I rode the train to stay with my aunt and uncle in Salem.  So I rode the train from Tacoma Washington, to Salem Oregon, the same exact train.  Without my parents or anyone else accompanying me.  I was NOT thrown of the train and the conductor saw my parents saying good bye to me as I got on the train.

I swear there are some people in this world who just have absolutely no ability to think whatsoever.  Even if somehow the rules changed, who thinks it’s a good idea to kick a kid off a train anywhere but her destination.

God I hate stupid people.

Update: A friend pointed me to this, informing me that the policy was changed October 2011.

The new policy establishes 13 as the minimum age of an
unaccompanied minor allowed to travel on its trains, the agency

Emphasis mine.  So she was above the minimum age per policy.  I’m also sure said policy says nothing of dumping an unaccompanied minor in a strange place anywhere other than there destination even if this policy is some how violated.

SSCC #301 – Harrodsburg

A former Harrodsburg police officer who pleaded guilty to 148 counts of sex crimes involving a 14-year-old girl has been sentenced to three years in prison

Sadly, this is another predator preying upon the sheep while pretending to be a sheep dog.

He was an officer who conducted Drug Abuse Resistance Education classes in Mercer County schools. He was suspended without pay after his indictment and turned in his badge and gun.

As horrible as his actions are, they are only worth 3 years, of which he must serve 2.5.  It’s good to know how our laws our enforced evenly across the entire population.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 301: Jason Elder

Because the real reason police officers are stationed around our youth is to provide another access point for predators, right?