Phishing Fail


Yeah I get lots of spam.  That is only one of 5 digests of the stuff that gets picked off before getting to my inbox.  Some of the stuff in there isn’t totally spam, but there’s no reason for me to actually pull it out.

That little bastard though in the red box is just all sorts of fail.  One I don’t live in NYC.  Two, I wouldn’t live in NYC.  Three if it’s a no reply, why the tacked on gibberish.  Four, the last time I was in NYC I was a minor and had a bus driving my ass around.  Five, how in the name of God did the city of New York get my email address?  If it was a ticket for a vehicle they’d have the registration address, not my email.

The airline tickets in there are also hilarious considering I don’t fly anymore because of the TSA.  The sad thing is they’re sending enough of this garbage out that for some people it get’s through, and the unlucky people who thinks it’s real and click on it.  Don’t click on stuff in random unsolicited emails!

It’s Almost Done

I got an email last night regarding my RO exam, for the RO class I took at the end of March. 

So without further ado.  Here’s the beginning of Kevin’s email.

I have graded your exam and am pleased to report that you scored 94/100.  I have forwarded your application to NROI/USPSA for processing.  Congratulations!

Not as high as I would like, but I won’t complain since I did it while sick as well.    All my screw ups were for missing additional rule or rules depending on the question.  Now to go back and start hunting for them.

At least I passed.

Ry got his scores as well.

SSCC #300–Portland

This works for #300 quite well.

Ron Frashour, the Portland Police officer who was fired from the force in November 2010 after he shot Aaron Campbell in the back with an assault rifle—killing the distraught, unarmed man outside his home in January 2010—may soon be reinstated into the police force.

According to the Oregonian, state arbitrator Jane Wilkinson ruled in favor of the Portland Police Association and that Frashour “should get his job back.”

Doesn’t that just make you all warm and fuzzy inside.  Cop shoots an unarmed man in the back who was surrendering, doesn’t get charged, gets fired for his negligence, and then the department is forced to rehire him.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 300: Ron Frashour

Because shooting an unarmed man in the back is perfectly acceptable behavior if you’re a cop.  It is sponsored and protected by the state so he need not worry about loosing his job or going to prison for killing someone.

Someone didn’t get the memo…

The Latah County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an early Monday shooting of 28-year-old Kayla M. Sedlacek at a rest area 10 miles north of Potlatch.

The Mineral Mountain rest area has been locked down since deputies responded to the shooting reported around 4 a.m. by the victim, who was shot while inside the women’s bathroom there, said Sheriff’s Lt. Brannon Jordan. He said the woman is a Latah County resident, but would not disclose her city of residence or name at this time.

Yeah, did you see what I saw there?  Evidently someone missed that memo from the Sheriff’s office.

Details are sketchy on what happened currently.  This definitely falls under the “It can’t happen here” column since it was out in a sleepy rural area.  Sadly this appears to be a case which the Brady Campaign would latch on to.  It appears that while using the restroom she was attacked and lost weapon retention and was shot with her own weapon.  However while many would think this could be a random case of violence, it appears not.

The Pullman Police Department has an open investigation into a stalking incident reported by Sedlacek.  Detectives from both agencies are collaborating to determine if any similarities between the cases exist.

Sedlacek believes the suspect in both cases is the same person, whose identity is unknown to her.  Based on this information the Latah County Sheriff’s Office does not believe there is a threat to the general public concerning this event.

Remember, while one would always like to maintain distance between you and a threat, it isn’t always an option.  Be prepared to fight for your weapon and be ready to fight like your life depends on it because it most certainly does.

Not the way to begin the month…

So my computer locked up last night which was odd.  It has never actually locked up.  Usually it may reboot itself or give me a BSOD, but never a full blown lock up.

I turned it off and didn’t think much of it.  Crap happens, I figured maybe some stray neutron caused a really weird SEU.  I have high density RAM in here with no ECC (at the time I built the computer I didn’t really think about it) so SEUs happen but normally result in a self reboot, not a total lock up.

So I get home from work today and push the power button… nothing happens.  Power turns on, screens stay off, no post beep, nothing other than the fans and power light.  I start pulling it out and I realize I haven’t cleaned it for 4 months.  Out to the garage I go and use the compressor to clear it out.  It was pretty nasty but all the fans worked as expected.  Inside the case while dusty wasn’t actually the worst I’ve seen.  Outside the case though was pretty bad but again, fans were free and not gummed.

Bring the case back inside, try again.  No go, same exact behavior.  Well, time for a full troubleshooting regime.  First up, yank the second video card and clear the CMOS.  Yeah it’s changing two things but I have to yank the card to clear the CMOS.  Hit the switch, still no joy.  Pull the primary video card and swap it with the first.  Hit the power button.

*Beep* Press F2 for setup.

Turn it back off, awesome it turned on, now to try the other video card again just to make sure.  Insert the card, press the button and… nothing.  Pull the card, press the button, and, *Beep*.

So I’ve at least found the problem.  Got my box back up and running, but am now down a video card and monitor.  Initially when I built this box I planned on doing SLI, then I found out it doesn’t like doing multi-head support.  I do development more than I game so for the most part I had a way over the top second video card.  Though it did make system configuration much easier having the same card.

It also appears that the sound card is also dying.  It is not driving the audio output correctly.  My USB headset still at least is functional.

This is Why you Don’t Call the Police

A woman was given $12,000 as a tip.  The waitress ran out and the woman who left the tip told her to keep the money I’m not sure why she would involve the police.  My suspicion is because that’s what we’ve always been told to do.  What is unsurprising is the police departments reaction.

Officers told the woman to wait 90 days in case someone claimed the money. The Forum reports that after three months, police told the woman the cash was being held as drug money.

See, the officers don’t want to loose that money.  Honestly they probably already spent it on hookers and blow.  Then again they can just get the blow from the lock up, so just hookers then.

Ultimately this is yet another example of why you don’t involve the government and police anymore than necessary.  They are more than willing to take property that is not their just because they can.  They take it and keep it using any excuse that fits their fancy, more often than not it’s drugs.

I don’t like drugs, I wouldn’t do drugs even if they’re legal.  That said they should be legal for no other reason than I’m sick of people trampling my rights, freedom, and liberty because someone wants to do something in the privacy of their own home.  Let’s cut the BS about accidents, DUI is already illegal, and as harsh as I sound an overdose is just Darwin doing some spring weeding in the gene pool.  The “War on Nouns” is nothing more than an excuse to violate the rights of people for victimless crimes.  If someone wants to destroy themselves that’s their business.

Look at the CATO map which is nothing more than a graphic display of the innocents who are casualties in this “War on Nouns”.  Remember, when someone talks about outlawing drugs they’re either trying to secure their cash flow or they want to further the police state.  

Earworm Wednesday (4/4/2012)

This one I’m not entirely sure why it got stuck in my ear, but I have a feeling it was because of the chorus.

“They wanna see blood, they wanna see hate…” – Deuce – America

If I can finally bring myself to compose a post on it I will.  I missed the height of the incident as I was sick and couldn’t really focus well on writing a coherent post.  I have a large pile of posts from different bloggers on the subject.  I need to spend some time stitching everything together.  Time however is not my friend.  Boomershoot is coming up fast, and I’m going to be gone for a week (including both weekends) for the worlds jet boat races.

In Which I Revert To Auto Pilot

Went to the USPSA match on Sunday.  It was the first match I actually did as a USPSA member and I screwed the pooch hard.  Thankfully this pooch wasn’t the classifier.

I drew the short straw and got to start off the match as the lead shooter on the first stage.  Had a nasty failure that current suspicion is a failing mag.  The round went vertical and didn’t feed properly.  I promptly racked the slide, nothing happened. did it again, looked, said a couple expletives, dumped the mag, reloaded and was off again.  Then to add further annoyance I ended up shooting through a target and hitting the steel target behind it.  I finished the stage and then said, “Wait isn’t that a range equipment failure?”  To which Adam replied, “Yes it was, would you like a reshoot”.  To which I replied, “YES!”  It wasn’t intentional but it was for the best given my failure, in more ways than one with a no shoot taking a bullet to the face.  Reshot the stage clean other than one miss thanks to a barrel which caught the round.  I missed the fact the barrel moved, which was a tip I got after I completed the stage.  The RO saw the barrel move and mentioned to look for it next time.

Then we went and shot a Virginia count that I went all Ry on as I switched to auto pilot for some reason.   We were supposed to draw, engage each target once freestyle, mandatory reload, then engage again strong hand only.  Then we would holster and repeat this process where we would use our weak hand instead of strong hand.  Your humble host for one reason or another hit all 6 targets, dropped his mag, inserted a fresh mag, and then went right back into it… with both hands.  I didn’t think about the strong hand only.  So after I holster the RO says, “Your brain work?”  To which I replied, “Usually, I think it just did a halt though.”  To which he replies to me and the score keeper, “I’d say so… 6 Procedurals”.  At this point I’ve screwed the stage.  That’s –60 points and at best if I aced the first 6 hits, and ace the last 12 I can only score a 30 on the stage.  I run the stage remember to go weak hand, but I didn’t ace all the hits in the first string.  Yeah, I didn’t look, but I’m reasonably sure that was a big fat goose egg.

Then we did the classifier which was El Strong & Weak Pres.  I actually rocked the first half.  No misses, no hits on the no shoot, decently fast (for me).  Then I shot the second string weak hand.  Missed one shot on T1, drilled T2 both shots, drilled T3 on the first shot, and then the inevitable happened.  As I squeezed the trigger weak hand I felt the break.  Mid recoil I knew what I had just done.  I dumped around in the no shoot.  Without missing a beat a noun form of a particular 4 letter word escaped my mouth to which Adam started laughing.  Then I saw the target, sure enough there was a nice .45 caliber hole through the no-shoot on his left side.  Had the no shoot not been there it would have still been in the A zone of the target, but that doesn’t matter, I hit the white guy.

Then I ran the last stage, which was one of my favorite types, a hall with targets on both sides.  Prior to going down the hall you needed to engage 4 targets through two different windows on opposite sides of the hall.  I started off fast, then it happened.  The same exact failure as before.  A round went vertical in the mag well.  Dump the mag, reload and continue.  I didn’t mark which mag that was, I should have.  I know two are excluded from worry, but that leaves three.  The other option is I didn’t ride the recoil well during a second shot since I was double tapping targets at close distance.  I wasn’t looking for a super tight sight picture on the follow up shots.

The good news was I didn’t screw the classifier, other than the clip on the no-shoot, which is more than enough to kill me.  Lesson, I need to practice more weak hand.