Busy Today

I’m busy today, and probably the rest of the weekend on a pet project.  Talk amongst yourselves.

It’s a project we’ve been trying to bootstrap for a bit and we got a kick start from some friends.  The wife is finishing up the project we’re doing for them in the mean time I’m bootstrapping the website.

Hopefully all will be up and running beginning of July.

So instead, here’s a couple pictures from the Jet Boat Races…


The following is a boat that was sunk the day before.  Yes that’s duct tape!


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2 Responses to Busy Today

  1. Old_NFO says:

    Must be Northern boys, Southerners would have done it with bubble gum and bailing wire, it twern’t sunk THAT bad… 🙂

    • It was bad enough it wasn’t a “hazard to the race course”.  I did a short write up on the recovery here.

      I’ve got video of them pulling the boat back off the beach after recovery but I’m not sure I’ve posted it.  Most of the hull damage was from the current pounding it into some rocks.  They dunked it at an angle approaching vertical so the second it dunked it swamped.

      The one that was sunk bad was this one…  Except he never sunk, interesting that.  😉  Just massive structural damage and flamed out the turbine.