SSCC Honorable Mention–Washington State Patrol

Via Ry comes this try out for the IMPD.

State patrol troopers got quite a shock Sunday when the reckless driver they were chasing turned out to be one of their own.

This wasn’t a simple case of weaving and getting pulled over though.

Investigators say Berthofl was driving near Tacoma on Sunday afternoon when he side-swiped a car that had slowed for a traffic jam.

Witnesses say Bertholf went around into the median. They followed him until troopers closed in. Despite the lights and sirens, troopers say Bertholf didn’t stop. When he finally did pull over, the troopers were shocked to learn he was a co-worker.

It gets worse because he an decorated officer specifically for his efforts in stopping drunk driving.  I was glad to see this:

But with Sunday’s arrest, WSP officials say it’s possible his law enforcement career is over.

"There’s a high likelihood," Huss said. "It’s very difficult for somebody, rightfully so, to fulfill a position in law enforcement when you have these types of serious allegations in place."

If he’s convicted and fired I’ll be more than willing to toss this into the accountabilibuddyable pile.  If he escapes firing I wouldn’t be surprised if he pays a call to the IMPD with his impressive service record against drunk driving.

State Sponsored Criminal Honorable Mention: David Bertholf

Because when you’re a cop who enforces drunk driving, you’re obviously special and an exemption to the rule

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