SSCC #465–Fort Worth

During a rash of incidents involving Fort Worth police officers and alcohol, chief of staff Paul Henderson summed up the department’s frustrations when he declared: "We are absolutely fed up with dealing with this off-duty behavior."

That was in April 2010. Eight months later, despite mandatory alcohol awareness training for all police employees, two officers were arrested in a five-day period on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. A year later, another officer faced DWI and gun charges. 

Early Saturday, Henderson himself was arrested on suspicion of DWI when a Department of Public Safety trooper saw him make an unsafe lane change near the Interstate 30/20 split in Parker County, a DPS spokesman said.

Nothing says law enforcement like, “Do as I say not as I do.”  You lead from the front and obviously this individual felt he could lead from the rear.  In retrospect at this point we now see why his officers were drinking and driving.  If their boss does it, why can’t they?

State Sponsored Criminal #465: Paul Henderson

Because in reality you just want the general public to think you care, when in actuality you don’t.

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3 Responses to SSCC #465–Fort Worth

  1. 3boxesofbs says:

    Just heard this morning the police department has placed Henderson on paid leave of absence.

    Now just how exactly does one get to commit a crime (one he is responsible for stopping) and still get paid for not doing his job?

  2. 3boxesofbs says:

    Update #2 — what a punishment.

    He’s been demoted, losing about $11K a year, and relieved of supervisory responsibilities.

  3. Cormac says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever had a negative encounter with a Ft. Worth cop…
    They’ve always been professional, courteous, and polite.
    It’ll be a damn shame to see their reputation ruined by a handful of self-important pricks!