SSCC #498 Update–DC

A District Court judge Tuesday ordered a veteran D.C. police officer to remain jailed after a second woman came forward to say he had sexually assaulted her when she was a teenager singing in a church choir he directed.

During a preliminary hearing, D.C. Superior Court Judge Lynn Leibovitz called Wendel Palmer a “danger” who targeted adolescent girls. The hearing was for a charge that he repeatedly sexually abused a girl, beginning when she was 11 years old and lasting nearly three years.

This guy is starting to sound like a wonderfully reputable character to be working in law enforcement in our nations capital.  He was previously noted here.

State Sponsored Criminal #498: Wendel Palmer

Because if your in for a penny you’re in for a pound.

2011 Brady Scores vs. 2011 FBI UCR

I’ve been lazy.  I finally got around to creating a spreadsheet for the 2011 Brady and 2011 UCR data.  I’ve started getting bored with this because it’s always the same.  You can examine the spread sheet yourself, it’s linked at the bottom.

So first up is the overall scores plot.


You will notice the trend is basically flat with an R2 of 0.0014.  It appears yet again the Brady score card criteria has no bearing on how safe or dangerous a state is.  This R2 value is actually a decrease again from the previous comparison with the 2010 data.

Moving forward lets examine just the to 10 scores:


It’s flattened a bit more than the previous comparison.  Again there is absolutely no real correlation.  We’ll pack it down further to just all scores above 50.  The calculated correlation was 0.0159.


A little better R2 value but still non-existent with a correlation of 0.54.  Still showing absolutely no relation between the scores or crime.

Lastly we grabbed all states with a violent crime rate below 300 per 100k.


The average score in those states was 12.35 and again the correlation with scores was 0.38.

Yet again we see that the proposals by those who would deny us our rights have absolutely no bearing on safety or crime despite their claims.  Facts and statistics prove them to be lying.

I am going to add two new graphs onto this plot though I’m going to continue thinking of a better way to plot them.  First up is the Brady Score vs. the UCR trend in a state.


I did the same thing with how  the Brady Scores changed between 2010 and 2012.


Neither had a correlation with each other, though I would like to expand the data set to include multiple years.  I don’t think it’s worth the time though, no matter how you cut it, the Brady Score cards and the laws they argue for with it have no immediate relationship with violent crime rates.

I do like how that second graph helps shoot down the blood in the streets argument since there were numerous states that went to constitutional carry in 2011 as well as states gaining concealed carry.

You can get the spreadsheet here.

Oh Hell!

So last week we lost the last fish in one of our fish tanks.  It was sad but the tank never fully recovered after we got some bad fish and ick ran wild.  That incident crushed the morale for the wife and I on the tanks.  When the last fish died I felt bad because the last fish was a beautiful Plecostomus.  One which we named Gunga Din. So we started disassembling the tank to fully clean it and scrub it down.  The wife and I are wanting to only deal with one tank at this point.

We finish cleaning and scrubbing it down and we get under the other tank and well crap, some food fell over.  I reach in to clean it up, why is my hand wet?  There should be no water here.  Oh !@#$.  I start running my hands around the canister filter and discover a small drip leak out of the return line.

I promptly turn off the pump close the intake and return valves and drain the lines.  Ends up a seal on the return line came loose.  I’m not sure how long the leak was going on but feeling the carpet behind the tank provided an immediate “oh fudge” moment.  Except I didn’t say fudge.

We promptly got the other tank set back up and moved the fish over, we didn’t put any of the stone in the transfer tank since it’s temporary.  We got the fish moved last night and the tank empty so I could move the stand.  Below is what our front entry way looks like now.



Putting the carpet back down is going to be a pain in the ass, but it definitely needed to come up along with the pad.  Re-stapling the pad will be easy since I have an pneumatic stapler.

So, I didn’t really take pictures of it, but you can see my cat sitting on top of the base of the tank.  It’s currently upside down.  Before we put the tank back in place I will be making some modifications to the base.  First up I will be lining the interior of the bottom in plastic.  This way any leak becomes obvious as we go in and out of the cabinet.  Secondly it will prevent it from getting into the carpet.

The other alteration will be putting a back on the cabinet.  One particular cat likes to try and get in where she isn’t supposed to be.  This will help solve that problem.  It’s been on the list of things to do but never had a reason to fully drain the tank.  This also allows us to rearrange the front entry.

Fish tanks are awesome, they’re pretty, and they’re a big pain in the ass.  They do help keep one particular kitty cat entertained and out of trouble… some of the time.

Quote of the Day–Say Uncle(1/17/2012)

But Obama has now asked the CDC to study the link between video games and violence. Personally, I played a lot of Pac-Man and Donkey Kong as a kid so I walk around swallowing pills and swinging a hammer at any gorilla I see.

Say UncleNRA v. Obama

January 17th, 2012

[I laughed when I read both of those sentences.  First yet another example of a point made by the NRA and fearless leader has turned around to follow it.  Again, when I read it I heard exactly this in my head:

I know they will never come out like that and say it, but I can keep wishing right?

Except I don’t really think the NRA is right on this one though.  Our Narcissist and Chief hates the First Amendment until it is politically convenient and beneficial for him, otherwise he hates it like he does the second.  I am pissed at the NRA because I honestly feel like they threw video games and the First Amendment under the bus.

I grew up on Mario, last I checked I’m not running down the street eating mushrooms and jumping on Goombas

I played Duck Hunt and have yet to actually go duck hunting or even bird hunting in general.

I played Excitebike and I didn’t go into the extreme sports.

I played Super Off-Road, again I don’t find myself taking my truck into crazy off road courses*.

I played Doom, last I checked I haven’t had an urge to go to Mars and start killing hell spawned aliens because they killed my pet bunny.

I played Command and Conquer, the whole series, and I have yet to end up as a general in some war over Tiberium

I played Duke Nukem 3D and I still haven’t found myself running around saying “It’s time to kick ass and chew bubble gum and I’m all out of gum” while killing alien invaders.

I played Quake III Arena and have yet to find myself wanting to create a real arena death match and kill everyone else inside. 

I played Unreal Tournament in many modes with Capture the Flag and Football being my favorites.  I have yet to feel the urge to actually shoot someone during a game of capture the flag or football.

I played Rainbow Six and have yet to find myself wanting to run around shooting people thinking they’re terrorists who’re intent on bio-warfare.

I played Ghost Recon and have yet to run around killing people thinking they’re ultra nationalists planning on rebuilding the Soviet Union.

I played Soldier of Fortune and have yet to run around shooting the limbs off of people.

I played Call of Duty and have yet to feel the urge to run around killing people while dressed as a soldier.

So can someone please explain to me given all the different games I played, note that’s not even all of them, and my countless time spent playing them I somehow didn’t end up screwed up but it’s responsible for screwing up a bunch of other people?  Many of those games listed above were controversial at the time and used as a crutch to explain evil deeds done by evil people.

I’m sorry, but video games aren’t the problem.  I still play new games, hell I spent my Thanksgiving killing virtual people in new and creative ways, still don’t have the urge to do it for real.  I guess I’m defective. –B]

*That isn’t to say I haven’t gotten it stuck.

That locked door…

It’s protection works both ways.

As I’ve said numerous times in debates, if don’t want me to shoot you, the solution is simple, don’t bring violence or harm to me and mine. 

That locked door doesn’t just merely exist for my safety but yours.  Enter it without my permission at your own damn risk.  There is a monster that lives within these walls and you might just let him out of his cage.

I do have another post I need to do since we’re on the topic of Gunny.  Maybe I’ll get to that today since I’m stuck at home. More on that later.

h/t Joe.

Ear Worm Wednesday–1/16/2013

Limp Bizkit – Behind Blue Eyes.

I much prefer the Limp Bizkit cover to the original, don’t ask me why I just do.   So you know what I’m talking about, here’s the original by The Who.

Quote of the Day – Farm Dad (1/16/2013)

what you heard today was the sound of liberal ass sucking swampwater as it was pitched under the bus

Farm DadGun Blogger Conspiracy Chat

January 16th, 2013

[With the information that has come out thus far, I agree with this 10 fold.  I like these two assessments of Obama’s executive orders and feel no need to repeat it over again.

I do love this though.

18. Provide incentives for schools to hire school resource officers.

What was that? I couldn’t hear you.  Here’s how you should do that next time:

There was a lot that Obama could have done and run with but there would have been considerable political backlash.  The more this goes on I honestly feel like we’re in a “Wag the Dog” type scenario.  This by no means indicates that we can slack or that we have escaped the woods, it does indicate that the investment from the White House may not be as deep as they put on.

That said, the same talking heads as always are out in front and we know they’re not playing.  Reid has said the Senate will pursue action but has given no time-table.  Keep up the fight folks, we’re not out of the woods, but today was not the crushing blow we were all expecting.

That is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.  Sadly we need to hope that is the end and not a train coming for us. -B]

State Sponsored Criminal #500–Orlando

A former Orlando police officer accused of raping a woman while on duty has formally entered a not-guilty plea in Orange County Circuit Court.

Records show defense attorney Robert Nesmith entered a written plea on behalf of his client, Roderick Johnson, who is accused of raping a 22-year-old woman at a police substation on Oct. 16.

Johnson arrested the woman after he learned the car she was driving was reported stolen.

The woman said Johnson took her to a substation on Orange Center Boulevard, had unprotected sex with her on a desk, and gave her $40 before taking her to jail.

No Comment.

State Sponsored Criminal #500: Robert Nesmith

Because by all means, rape a woman you arrest and then pay her as a prostitute.  You’re a cop right!