Some Historical Context…


Most would say that’s just your standard political ploy… And they would be right, mastered through the ages by previous despots.


How important is this principal for this type of political game?  It’s so important that Hitler inscribed it in Mein Kampf:

“The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people.”

-Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler, Publ. Houghton Miflin, 1943, Page 403

While what we have heard today so far on the executive order is by no means life shattering, we must remain ever vigilant as this is by no means a guarantee we’re out of the woods.  Doubly so since he pointed to congress to do more.

As Joe said yesterday, you should be afraid and the hair should be standing up on the back of your neck.

As a buddy of mine said:

The Taliban aren’t the only people who use human shields.

SSCC #499 – Idaho County

This one’s out of my back yard.

An Idaho County sheriff’s deputy has pleaded guilty to felony sexual battery for a sexual relationship he had with a 16-year-old girl last summer. The Lewiston Tribune reports  31-year-old Daniel L. Funderberg of Kamiah pleaded guilty Thursday during a hearing before 2nd District Judge John Stegner. Lewis County

He was placed on administrative leave after the charges were filed and is looking at a three to six-year suspended sentence under the recommendation of the prosecutor.  Nice huh?

State Sponsored Criminal #499: Daniel L. Funderberg

Because cops are some how worthy of more lenient sentences for despicable crimes.

*Worthy of note, Idaho county was where I had this “wonderful” experience!

Alan Gura On Gun Rights and Spreading the Message

This is honestly worth the 10 minutes it takes to watch.

His points are valid and worthy of note.  If you’re a gun owner remember you’re an ambassador and work on educating people outside the circles.  Teaching is selling, and we need to educate the public about modern shooting sports.

H/T Traction Control

Quote of the Day – Joe Huffman (01/15/2013)

This realization should shake the U.S. population to its very core. This should be like the moment you see in the movies when someone realizes that the person standing in front of them is either very evil or very crazy. It should make the hair on the back of your neck stand up and a chill run down your spine.

Joe HuffmanDo you trust your government?
January 15, 2013

[First, go read the whole thing.  It states what many of us have seen from the beginning of this mess but it deserves being stated again.

Secondly if you’re not afraid right now, you damn well should be.  This isn’t a joke and this is down right serious.  How serious?

It’s a little known fact, but almost all shotguns in the United States would be classified as destructive devices except for the fact that most shotguns have been classified by the Attorney General as particularly suitable for sporting purposes. That classification can be changed. The Striker-12 was reclassified along these lines by the Clinton Administration, and is now a destructive device.

So Mr. Fudd, they’re only talking about semi-auto rifles right?  They’re not going to dare touch your pump-action shotguns right?  There’s no way they’re going to touch your sniper rifles hunting rifles right?

The enemies of freedom have made their intentions clear.  They want nothing more than complete disarmament and confiscation.  If you want to keep your firearms, you need to get into this fight and fast.  New York yesterday passed a law that many of us cannot believe passed.

Republicans that you constantly hear pro-freedom people claim as being “on our side” sold us up the river.

This is serious and you damn well should be afraid.  Be very afraid, history proves time and again you should be.  Especially in the light of the way our current government is behaving. -B]

Smart Guns–An Engineers Perspective

So yesterday the “smart gun” meme was fluttering everywhere.  A long debate ensued on twitter.



So I made a couple of comments and it seems that people have no clue how innovation works or how engineering works.  This isn’t surprising because these are the same people who think Steve Jobs just magically gave birth to the iPad and iPhone.  Remember these are the same people who came up with ideas like this.

Laugh if you want, but someone needs to figure out how to harness the energy in earthquakes

Seriously. I’m no engineer so I can’t even begin to think about this in real terms, but just imagine if that energy were somehow able to be captured and stored for use.

Go read the post it’s worth it.  So now on to our current problem, “smart guns”.

There is one serious problem with the concept and idea of smart guns, they are doomed to fail from the start.  Period, end of discussion and I will explain.  The whole premise of a firearm is rooted in one simple undeniable fact:

When you pull the trigger it must go bang.  No exceptions.

Now we all realize that no system is 100% reliable though most guns are exceptional in their reliability and quality.  Here is the Glock 17 Gen4 stress test by Pistol

We will use the round count of 53,526 rounds and 9 stoppages for our calculations.  That gives the Glock 17 Gen 4 a reliability of 99.9831857%

That is a failure rate of 0.0168%.  That’s right folks a MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) of approximately 5947 rounds.  Of note this is a sigma of 1 since we only have the numbers for a single unit of test.  Also of note though is for the most part regarding firearms, this is a must have level of reliability.  For many it is considered a “standard” to meet or exceed.

So now we have a starting point for reliability.  Here’s where we run into a problem.  No matter what you do you cannot improve the reliability, you can only degrade it.

Lets say we could make a device that operated with the same reliability as the firearm but attached to the weapon, what would happen?

We’ve cut our reliability almost exactly in half!  Let me explain.

Rgun = (1-0.016…%)  Rsafety=(1-0.016….%)  Rtotal=Rgun * Rsafety  Rtotal = 99.9663743%

Or a failure rate of 0.03362568%

So how many failures is that in the same 53,526 rounds?   17.9984

But again, we are talking about a device who’s sole purpose is to go bang when you pull the trigger.  A device that must be reliable because the failure of the weapon can result in the loss of life for the operator.

While none of these numbers seem terribly large, this is why you have not seen any company pursue this path.  In order to maintain existing reliability you would have to double the reliability of the weapons well as have an additional safety with equivalent reliability.  This however is impossible because there are many other factors that come into play regarding an additional safety and reliability.

The biggest is ease of use.  You know why police and the general public like Glocks?   Because they are unbelievably simple to operate and maintain.  Any additional safety will increase the complexity of operation, period.  There will be required to be some sort of user interaction with the device.  Say it’s a palm print scanner?  What happens if during a hasty draw you don’t get a solid grip on your weapon?  Normally this wouldn’t matter, it would just be more uncomfortable during recoil.  This safety will fail, it cannot properly identify the user and as it’s design is to prevent the weapon from going bang, it will do it’s job.  Biometrics are unreliable as it is and have been extensively in the realm of high end research for a while.  How does this magically change overnight?

Next up, battery life.  The system will have to be running 24/7 365, actively scanning and giving a pass/fail return to the firing mechanism.  Some could say, “well just use a pressure switch.” Except the level of processing required and initialization lets say you get that down to a half second.  That’s an extra half second before your first shot, it didn’t go bang when you wanted it to.

Don’t forget tin whiskers, humidity, temperature, SEU, electromechanical components failing due to the shock, and I could continue down the list.  The idea you could match the same reliability as a mechanical device is laughable but I used it here because it’s the best possible outcome.

This is why we don’t see the military or law enforcement pursing these types of technologies.  Think about it, Law Enforcement should be all over funding and pushing manufacturers to develop this as a reliable technology.  It is the perfect solution to weapons retention and preventing a criminal from taking an officers duty weapon during a scuffle.

Yet no one does it?  The answer is said plainly above, reliability.  The firearm has one critical function, that is to go bang when told to by the operator.  Anything that is designed to interfere with that function is a massive risk and will increase the probability of failure.  In the event of failure the death of the operator is quite possibly going to occur.  Especially since you pointed a firearm at someone, you have indicated willingness to use lethal force.

So tell me again how science fiction will solve the issues of the real world?  Further comparing safety features on cars to guns is a non-starter.  The reason is simple, no safety features are allowed to conflict with the primary inputs from the driver.  Any feature that might possibly interfere is placed in parallel and designed to fail open.  For example, ABS cannot operate on it’s own, it must occur with a brake signal.  In the event of an ABS system failure, the brakes will still work, but can lock up.

Now it is true that there are features now such as emergency brakes that will improve reaction time.  It is also of note in those vehicles you can override the system again cutting it from the loop.  There are extensive diagnostics testing that system specifically to remove it from the loop in the event of failure.  Why? Because slamming your brakes on the freeway at 60 MPH in the middle of traffic is bad and a liability for the manufacturer and engineer.

Tell me, given the above information, how can you create a gun that will still fire when the safety fails if the safety’s sole job is to keep the gun from firing.  If that’s the case, anyone could just disable the safety so what’s the point?

As an engineer my job is to make things, safer and reliable.  I would refuse to work on a project relating to a “smart gun” because honestly it can not accomplish either of those two things.  Safer in this case applies to the operator, not the target.  When the operator pulls the trigger it must go bang it’s what’s safest for the operator.

In closing if this is such a reliable and fantastic idea, why has it never been implemented anywhere else with extensive reliability?  We do not even see biometric identification in cars?  It would be of no where the inconvenience to have to swipe your thumb again to get your car to start as your firearm not going bang when you need it to.  You would have much more space for the processing equipment, less requirements for shock, overall it’s a better more likely environment, yet we don’t see it implemented.

Again it comes down to reliability, when I turn the key on my truck, I expect my ignition to turn over.  I do not expect it to fail because my truck doesn’t realize I grew a beard and look different.  I do not expect it to fail because I sliced my finger and have to wear a band-aid.  Just the same, I want my gun to go bang even if I’m wearing gloves.

The idea of smart guns is purely science fiction and that is not going to change any time soon.

SSCC Honorable Mention – Murray County

According to court documents, on October 8, 2011, Billings, while working in his capacity as a deputy sheriff, physically assaulted the victim, who was handcuffed at the time and not a physical threat to anyone. Billings tackled the victim to the ground, positioned himself over the victim, grabbed the victim by the chin, and began to bang the victim’s head into the floor. In so doing, Billings subjected the victim to unreasonable force, punishing him for verbally offending Billings. As a result, the victim sustained a mild concussion and suffered pain and swelling to his head. Billings knew that he was prohibited from using physical force on a restrained arrestee who is not a physical threat and assaulted the victim anyway.

I should probably be counting this, however he is facing up to 10 yeas in prison.  What does disturbs me is that no one stepped up to defend the victim.  The whole thing is down right despicable and I will try to watch for updates on sentencing.  If the judge is lenient this one’s going on the count.

State Sponsored Crimianl Honorable Mention: Craig Billings

Because when a person in cuffs mouths off, you beat the ever-loving crap out of him.  As a law enforcement officer, you can do as you damn well please right?

Actions have consequences…

So I got a text from my mom last night:

Police reportedly having difficulty buying ammo according to the national news.

To which I replied:

Welcome to the club folks.  Maybe you LEOs should tell your legislators to chill out and stop using tragedies to infringe rights.

Now, it is not a joke, and it’s very real that some departments are having trouble getting ammo.  Is it a surprise?  Which is more profitable for the manufacturers right now?  Hold it for the police or sell it to consumers?

Sult’s department is one of many law enforcement agencies in Georgia that Diamant found with bullets on back order – tens of thousands of rounds each.

“It affects our ability to be prepared,” Sult said. “It affects the potential safety of the officers, because they’re not as proficient as they should be.”

Now for my moment of warm shining insight of connecting some possible consequences not considered by some.

Who currently is buying ammo at a rate previously unheard of?

  • Law-Abiding non-LEO Civilians.

Who currently is conserving ammo as if they will not be able to get more tomorrow?

  • Law-Abiding non-LEO Civilians.

Who must continue to expend ammunition due to legal and department policy requirements?

  • Law Enforcement Officers.

Who will be tasked with enforcement of any new gun laws dreamed up by our elected critters?

  • Law Enforcement Officers.

Who stands to not have enough ammunition to enforce said treasonous laws?

  • Law Enforcement Officers.

Yeah, personally I’m failing to find anything wrong with this situation.  If our elected representatives would like to keep our paid law-enforcement officers plush with ammo, the solution is simple.  “Stop threatening the rights of Americans.”  Creating a bunch of felons overnight with the stroke of a pen will do nothing but result in conflict and additional unnecessary work load for those who honestly work in law-enforcement.  It is worthy of note that the class of individuals I am talking about should not be confused with those who appear on the SSCC.  Though many of that latter group are chomping at the bit, waiting for the order as an excuse to fight their brother.  The badge is merely a method to get away with criminal actions themselves.

Keep the heat on our representatives.  Don’t stop, and honestly even if it looks clear, do not waver.  It is quite possible and probable they may indicate our overwhelming strength early in order to cut down our response.  Look at what happened in Illinois.  The bills would die just to be resurrected again.  They wanted to fight the bear, by god they’ll get it.

I Want to Return This Monday…

It’s apparently defective.

So I wake up this morning earlier than usual, why, because the weather outside is nasty and the wife would rather I drive in with her.  IE she sits in the passenger seat while I drive through the snow.

The drive in is fine, evidently we were not far behind the plow as we caught up with him in Pullman.  So I think, well it’s not going to be that bad today.

Drop the wife off, get to work, and evidently my keys did not actually make it into my pocket.  They’re either hiding in my rig or the 6 inches of powder on the ground.  I’ve gone around the rig many times and haven’t found them so I’m hoping they’re in the rig.  (Strike 1)*

Thankfully the wife has her keys with her so all is not lost.

Get into work, sit down at my desk and move my computer mouse.  Screen doesn’t turn on, odd I left it on over the weekend.  Push the power button, nothing happens.  Unplug and plug it back in, nothing.  Push the PSU reset, nothing.  It appears at this point my PSU is DED dead.  (Strike 2)

And to top it off I get to sit around waiting for the wife to finish her staff meeting tonight instead of just going home.  I have a strange feeling tomorrow, I’m not going to want to get out of bed.  I’m hoping I don’t get a 3rd strike today, it will make it exceptionally miserable.

Update: Found the little bastard in 6 inches of powder.  Wohoo for stepping on them and activating the keyfob.

Update 2: And I get to spend 4 hours in a meeting tomorrow. *Headdesk* Someone please make the bad man stop.  A few of you know the hell that is this type of meeting… You know who you are.