SSCC #541 – Markham

Just a month after a bank robber compared him to the corrupt cop played by Denzel Washington in the movie “Training Day,” Markham’s former deputy police chief has been accused by the feds of sexual abuse.

But the attorney representing controversial cop Tony DeBois says the charge smells like political payback from dirty officers DeBois blew the whistle on.

With that second section I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.  Then I saw the following.

During a 17-year law enforcement career with the Chicago Housing Authority police, Harvey Police and Markham, he has been named in at least 15 civil lawsuits that allege he used excessive force or illegal means while on the job. Many have been settled.

Where I’m from we call that type of record a clue.  It’s been shown over and over again that rarely are offenders like this one off instances.  They show a long pattern of abuse.

State Sponsored Criminal #541: Deputy Police Chief Tony DeBois

Because when someone keeps having charges filed against him alleging abuse and resulting in settlements costing taxpayers dollars, that means the tax payers are just getting their due.

Quote of the Day – Lynda Kay Duke (3/11/2013)

But my thinking changed that day. I had to recognize that him committing suicide wasn’t the gun’s fault. I had to recognize that maybe me getting a gun as a teenager and holding it on someone may have saved me and my friend from a very bad situation. All those years I dwelled on the, “what if’s” and thinking “what if I had shot him.”  But now I think, “what if I saved us?” Another event comes to mind. Just in the last year I was walking out of a store and a truck with three men in it started following me in the parking lot. They blocked my daughter’s van and I had to jump in through back doors.

Lynda Kay Duke – Giveaway Entry Letter

March 11, 2013

[There is definitely a different thought process between those on this side of the debate and those on the other side.  First go read Lynda’s story.

Back?  Who else was lost and confused about why she would be afraid of a gun after using one in self-defense?  Anyone?  Bueller?

Why someone would look at a tool and be fearful of it after using it in a manner as to protect yourself?  It took her a long time before she switched the pattern of thinking from “what if I hurt that guy” to “what if I saved us?”  That alters the context beyond measure.

A firearm is merely a tool which performs the functions intended by the operator. No more, no less, it does not magically do anything on its own without input from an external entity.

I’m glad she’s noticed this fact and sees what a valuable tool it can be.  Now if only those on the other side of the fence were actually capable of understanding that. -B]


ICHH–San Francisco

A woman who works as a receptionist at Suchada Traditional Thai Massage, which is two doors down from the shooting, heard what she later realized was a single gunshot.

“I just got up to look… I was very surprised,” said the woman who did not want to be identified. “I thought, ‘It couldn’t be a gunshot, it can’t be around here.’”

No area gets a free pass exempting them the realities of crime and violence.  While some places may be more likely to encounter it, such as Detroit, the idea that you are some how exempt from the realities of the real world is a false one.

h/t New Shooter Podcast

Quote of the Day–Joe Huffman (3/8/2013)

I want to see the day, perhaps 20 years from now, when people are brought to trial for the crimes they are committing today. By the advocating the infringement of the specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms they caused the foreseeable, needless, injuries and deaths of tens of thousands and they should be brought to justice for that.

Joe HuffmanConspiracy to Infringe

March 7th, 2013

[I’m glad I’m not the only one with that line of thinking or that dream.

It becomes increasingly more and more obvious that many of those who clamor for “mandatory training requirements” often don’t want training to be provided in schools.  It’s obvious they aren’t actually interested in educating people but creating a method to infringe on the rights of others.  For that reason anyone who argues for “training requirements” to exercise a right should have their advocacy used against them at their trial.  –B]

SSCC #539-#540: Miami

Malinsky Bazile, a young Miami police officer, pocketed about $140,000 over the past two years — but not in salary for his patrol duties, authorities say.

While on duty, Bazile ran the names of more than 1,000 people in the state driver’s license database, according to a criminal complaint. Then he took their personal information and filed bogus federal income-tax returns, all to score stolen refunds.

Remember though they need all that information to do their job and it couldn’t possibly be used for wrong.  Seriously those two took identity theft to a whole new level where honestly there’s no way to stop it.

Welcome to the world of the police state.  Where the police can ruin your life whenever they want and you are left to clean up the mess.

State Sponsored Criminal #539: Malinsky Bazile

#540: Vital Frederick

Because ultimately being a police officer means that you can rob and ruin the life of whoever you want merely because of the information available at your fingertips.*

*If you don’t know what I’m talking about.  The IRS has ruined the lives of victims of this type of identity theft.

It’s a Weird Feeling

Through my online travels I’ve ended up meeting and getting to know a lot of people in digital space.  Most of these people I would have never met otherwise and due to the nature of the online relationship I know more about them than many people I do know in meat-space.

So it’s a weird feeling thinking of someone as a friend that honestly I’ve never actually met in meat-space.  I’ve got plenty of them, including a bunch I have also met in meat-space, but the saddest most helpless feeling is seeing one of my friends in trouble, with not a damn thing I can do.  Especially when it drags on in a manner that doesn’t seem to end.

As another one of my friends said:

She’s going to be just fine. I mean really, whose side do you want to be on? Tam’s or cancer’s?

I betting on Tam.

Jennifer is right, Tam will be fine.  It did however remind me of something that has been discussed before.  The wonder that is the internet and the expansion and alterations to the boundaries of our “tribes”.

There are many who wouldn’t have moved into my circle of friends if it hadn’t been for this invention known as the internet.  It’s nice having it here though because even in the middle of this whole mess I’m reminded of why I love this community and why I’m so glad to be a part of it.

Go give Tam some words of support.  One of these day’s I’ll finally get to meet her, I’ve got some other friends who have met her and have had nothing but nice things to say about her personality in meat-space.

SSCC #538 – Charlotte

A Charlotte probation officer is being accused of sexually assaulting one of his probationers at an office building last Thursday.

According to police, David Francis, 48, met with the victim last Thursday at his office in the 5700 block of Executive Center Drive. The victim told authorities that Francis sexually assaulted her there. Francis met with investigators after the accusation was made and following the interview was arrested by CMPD.

How’s that for working the system.  Give me what I want or I send you back to prison   Luckily she had the balls to speak up, how many others could he get to cower?

State Sponsored Criminal #538: David Francis

Because sometimes your position just naturally makes it so the girl just can’t say no, that is unless she wants to go back to jail.

h/t Sean

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