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A Security Theater and Illegal Aliens

Further evidence that TSA is really A Security Theater.

This month a federal audit reveals that, after nearly a decade, the TSA still can’t guarantee that agents working in “secure” areas of airports don’t pose a risk. That’s because the agency doesn’t always verify the identity of job applicants or even their legal status against a government immigration database.

This means that the TSA can’t account for agency employees with access to secure areas of airports, according to a Homeland Security Inspector General report made public a few days ago.

(Emphasis Mine) These are the same people who are given a free pass to sexually assault law abiding airline passengers, allows pedophiles to screen children, and overall is nothing but a group of individuals whose sole turn on is the abuse and molestation of the American people.

While claiming to act in the necessary methods to ensure security they have let unscreened unsecured persons into their own rank and file.  If I was a terrorist I would become a TSA agent, what better way to hide than in plain sight.  Especially considering these crap shoveling idiots couldn’t catch the clap in a whore house.

The TSA has never caught one single terrorist, not only that but they failed every last red team exercise.  They have however abused the very people who were responsible for stopping terrorist attacks in progress.  A security theater is nothing more than a ploy to make the ignorant and stupid feel safe.  Those of us with brains though carry the brunt of the burden by receiving the largest amount of abuse from agents.  Look how they treat anyone who opts out.

These piss swilling cheeba monkeys are TSA agents because of one of the following three conditions:

  1. They are too stupid to get a job any place else, including McDonald’s.
  2. They get off on
    physically molesting people

  3. They are wanting
    crimes of opportunity for theft


There are no other options.  While one would say maybe they just need a job, the bottom line is they sold their morals down the river and now are molesting people.  They are molesting people cause obviously they’re too stupid to get a job any place else.  If they just needed a job and didn’t like molesting people they would tell their supervisor to go fuck themselves because the molestation is unlawful.

The TSA is pointless though for yet another reason, it’s the equivalent of defensive fortifications.  If you play defensively you are playing a reactionary game.  The offenses goal is to find holes or methods around your defenses.  You are doing nothing to occupy them or distract them from attacking their goal.  It’s a pointless endeavor that will always end in failure.  How many people do you know that can actually win a game of chess by only playing defensively.  At best they can stalemate, however most like they they are going to loose since they will never take a piece from their opponent.

Anyone who claims the TSA is doing a good job is a mumbling imbecile who couldn’t pour piss out of a boot while reading the directions on the heel.  Day after day, month after month, incident after incident is found that shows just how pointless the TSA is.  Seriously, why do we put up with them and those that work for them?  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, ostracize those who work for the TSA, make them feel uncomfortable, and make sure to tell those dough assed shit hooks exactly what they are.  The Brown Shirts of the 21st century.  If you think I’m wrong remember “Terror must be broken by Terror”.  What else would you call their behavior other than terror?

That’s a California politician for ya!

Instead of fixing the issue that has caused people to open carry as a public statement, Lori Saldaña just wants to stop them from making their statement.

To some lawmakers, carrying around an empty gun seems threatening. In a quick response to this perceived but non-threat, AB1934 was drafted to make it a crime to carry an empty firearm in plain view. The bill’s author, Assemblywoman Lori Saldaña, D-San Diego, is quoted as saying, “What I’m concerned about is people, who have no training, can carry a gun for no other purpose than to make a public statement.”

California is a may-issue state. Translation for the uninitiated; do you like kissing ass? Because if you want a license, start kissing your local sheriffs ass. People to protest this have been doing protests legally by carrying unloaded firearms openly. Instead of looking at the flaws in the process, she intends to further restrict and punish law abiding citizens. I find it interesting that some law makers are uncomfortable by firearms being in possession of their constituents, is it because they’re afraid that one day they may be held accountable for their actions?

Three is Two, Two is One, One is None

That is today’s lesson.  We have a special repeater in place for the safety communications.  Can you guess where one became none?

That’s right the repeater crapped out towards the end of the third leg.   We however resulted to other methods and continued communications without serious interruption.

I ended up stepping in a hole that quite literally went to my hip.  From the knee down ended up submerged in water and mud.  Well, I had a spare pair of boots and a pants in my pack.  Two became one.

I had three radios with me, but one proved less than useful given the communications plan.  Three became two.

So yes folk, plan on crap breaking, things going down, and just plain bad things happening.  I got back started working on this blog post while trying to copy the pictures from today.  Well my computer screwed the pooch and attempted to kill the SD card.  It is recovering as I type this.

Last night was interesting in that I had a boat assignment, but no boat.  It was a repeat of last August all over again.  I was not the most enthused.  I got a boat though we got everything hashed out and I was able to meet up on the ramp and get on station.

I lucked out that my station didn’t need to really do any traffic handling since there was a repeater.  Other stations were calling out when boats passed so my life became a simple task of take pictures and track which boats went by.

As we moved towards the third leg the wind picked up and we knew it was going to make it interesting for the boats.  Well it did. The wind almost shoved a boat into a tree stump in the currently very high river.  I do have a nice picture of it but it currently is going through the recovery process.  So no pictures for you tonight.

Lazy Saturday

So the goal was to help some people this morning, then hit up VJs and meet up with Laurel to help her with an issue that she apparently has resolved.

When I showed up to help this morning it appears that there were enough people to show up early that it was already done when I showed up on time. So I decided that with so much time to kill it was time to have an impromptu appreciation day for Starbucks.

No I didn’t take this picture at Starbucks.

I was extremely glad I decided to say thank you by paying into the coffers of a local business that didn’t discriminate against gun owners. The reason I was glad was I stopped off to talk to Charles at Sure Shot in Moscow to tell him how TMW’s new holster is working. Upon arrival I hear the following:

Customer: “What the hell is up with the Moscow Co-Op? Have you seen their sign?”

Charles: “Yeah, I’m not sure why they put that up there.”

Me: “Okay, what the hell did I just miss?”

So to provide a little bit of background, for the past three years the following has been visible on the sign at Sure Shot traveling from Pullman to Moscow.

Sorry for the tree, it was raining and I didn’t want to run across the street for a better picture. Lazy I know but you can still read it!

So it ends up that the Moscow Co-Op at some point recently decided that was not proper and posted this as a reply.


The Co-Op sells natural foods etc, WTF does their business have to with firearms? Why are they knocking another small business in Moscow they are not even in direct competition with? TMW and I both upon seeing the sign said, “So much for the Co-Op.” Upon arriving at VJ’s I asked Corina and Dan about it, they were both pissed along with Laurel and Mike, were going to be writing a letter, and we then got into a long discussion where we were going to find items that other places just don’t carry. For those out of the area, we can actually get locally raised meat including buffalo and elk. This really angered us because while one might view the Co-Op as mainly the domain of those that have “Make Love Not War” stickers, none of us have ever been hassled for carrying in the store and have always been treated with a high level of courtesy. This though seems like a low ball shot that was unnecessary and just plain rude. Especially since a lot of us used the Co-Op on a regular basis.

I did learn from Charles he got about 10-15 calls today and numerous locals coming in to ask about the Co-Op sign. He does have a response which will be going on the outbound side coming from Moscow to Pullman. Numerous locals came in asking about it, so on the upside it has generated more traffic for Sure Shot. No such thing as bad publicity right? I would also like to point out I made sure to idle my Ford Earthfucker in the parking lot while TMW took a picture of the sign. I needed to offset the SMUG emissions.

After that though the subject turned much lighter, spent a lot of time chatting and took some other pictures as well as helping with some other miscellaneous problems. The pictures will be posted tomorrow after we all get together for dinner and give Abigail her gift. I don’t normally do artsy photos but Corina gave an idea while I was playing with my new camera. Below is the result, the only processing I did was cropping it.

Now to clean the house since people are coming over tomorrow.

SSCC #476 – Berry Hill

A Berry Hill Police Officer has been arrested in Murfreesboro on five counts of sexual exploitation of a minor charges. The 56-year old was arrested on Friday afternoon. Originally when the story first aired, WGNS only told you about one charge of sexual exploitation, it was later confirmed that White faced five counts of sexual exploitation of a minor charges.

Often children are told to trust police officers to the point of unquestioned faith.  People forget that sometimes the most evil monsters find ways to hid in plain sight.

State Sponsored Criminal #476: Robert White

Because there could be no way that evil could hide among the good.


On Carelessness and Curiosity

I previously wrote about an entirely preventable incident.  I didn’t full realize though how much of a classic style incident that was.

Paul said Carlile, 31, was in a rush to get to a wedding with his family on March 10 when he got into the family’s van, put his off-duty handgun in a cupholder between the front seats and drove to Stanwood to drop off business cards at a friend’s store. 

First off, getting a good gun and holster helps prevent this because it should get put on your belt, ankle, whatever and left there for the day.  If in needs to come off, the holster needs to come off with it.

Second is the thing people always seem to forget:

Carlile’s son, Steele, was a curious and active 3-year-old with a fascination with guns and a disdain for car seats, Paul said.

I’m not surprised by this, honestly no one should that’s ever been around kids.  Kids are naturally curious.  The best thing to do is satisfy their curiosity in a safe and controlled environment.  Most certainly though, never leave something around a curious kid that’s dangerous or deadly.

What the father did was careless and negligent given the fact they were leaving their children in the car.  Not to mention the fact he was leaving the firearm in plain sight for anyone walking by the vehicle.  That is otherwise known as a great way to have a weapon stolen.

The worst part about incidents like this is gun owners as a whole get a black eye because this man was “anointed“.  The argument of the banners being, “If he can’t properly handle a firearm, how can anyone else be expected to?”  Never mind the fact that we push education instead of prohibition.  Prohibition in this case probably lead to the accident.  It’s the appeal of the forbidden fruit left within arms reach.  The better option would be to satisfy curiosity whenever possible while reinforcing safety and discipline.

SSCC #147 – Kansas City PD

Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three or more times is enemy action.  Well folks, here’s number three all within a week!

A former Kansas police officer and school board member has pleaded no contest in federal court to attempting to entice a minor for illicit sex.

But he was just a school board member I hear you cry, but wait there’s more.

Duncan was the Lansing, Kan., department’s “Officer of the Year” in 2008 and had served as a DARE officer and coordinator of the Safe Kids program. 

Yet again a predator sat in plain view of the public, put there in a professional capacity to protect them, to find his prey amongst his intended victims.  While he may be getting a severe punishment, the fact of the matter remains that the government has created these types of opportunities for predators.  

State Sponsored Criminal Count #147 – William Brian Duncan

Because predators are wolves and their goal is to not be seen by either their prey, or predators who would protect the prey.  The best option is to appear to be the predator protecting the prey who’s really eating the prey.

SSCC #143 – Bedford Co. VA

A former Bedford County sheriff’s deputy charged with taking indecent liberties with a child has been released on bond.  Ernest William Grubbs was released on a $5,000 bond.  Grubbs is due back in court on November 2nd to advise about his attorney.

Considering he was fired from his job immediately and is currently awaiting trial it is hard for me to call him a full criminal since he’s not going to get away with it.  That was until the following.

Grubbs was a School Resource Officer at Liberty High School.

He was responsible for watching out and protecting those kids.  Yet he was a predator.  A predator put there at the command of the state, provided with the perfect cover to be browsing for victims.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 143 – Ernest William Grubbs

Because what better way to hide as a child predator than in plain sight and have the state put you next to your prey.

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